Sunday, 7 July 2019


Why does my country want this man dead?
Oh, I remember. Brand Islam.

Tommy Robinson has been reconvicted for contempt of court. His sentencing hearing will be some time next week, apparently, to allow time for a health report to be prepared. The last time he was incarcerated, Tommy’s daily diet was a can of tuna fish and a piece of fresh fruit. The reason for this was that he dared not eat the food from the prison kitchen, run exclusively as it was by Muslims. He was given a solitary confinement cell directly en route between a heavily Muslim cell block and the mosque. Robinson had to keep the only cell window shut – during a heatwave - to stop saliva and excrement coming through it. The prison he was in was very heavily Muslim, having been moved from a jail with a rare low Muslim head-count. On his release he looked gaunt and on edge. He had lost 40lb in three months, about what the average Venezuelan adult has lost in the last year.
That the British deep state wants Robinson dead is now so obvious that it scarcely needs trotting out again. My biggest fear is not that he will be executed – he told me once over the telephone that he fully expected to die in prison – but that he will be executed and no one will do anything. The Left will erupt in an orgy of gloating, the MSM will sigh and blame Tommy for his own death, and the dissident Right will grumble and cry, but no heads will be knocked together, no weapons taken from the wall.
I was dimly aware that the day before yesterday’s court case was imminent, but have not been following Tommy closely in recent weeks and so it caught me by surprise. It was by coincidence, then, that I had started his book the previous day, Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam. Co-written with Peter McLoughlin, the book is partly a concise analysis of the Islamic problem which leads into a rendering of the Koran – using a famous and noted translation – which is not novel but, as the authors make clear, is a rendering not encouraged either by Muslims or by their allies in the British deep state.
McLoughlin, incidentally, is the author of Easy Meat, a harrowing account of the Muslim rape gangs – the reason for Tommy’s ongoing legal harassment - that the non-Muslim establishment permitted to pursue their wickedness. It is a tough read but, if you are in any way committed to fighting Islam, no matter in how small a way, it is essential reading.
I am a third of the way through the book, which I bought some time ago before it was removed from Amazon’s sales list. I am just starting the Koran section itself, which has been re-arranged in reverse chronological order for a very specific reason. The pre-Koran sections cover the following topics and make the following claims:

  • The Koran is best understood by presenting it in reverse chronological order. The book refers to the regular order of the Koran as ‘encrypted’. What seems jumbled and incoherent is in fact very clear about the Muslim duty to kill, enslave, and dominate.
  • Knowledge concerning Islam was rife and robust before the late 20th century, after which the elites shut down debate, ignored historical fact and presented their own air-brushed version of Islam.
  • The elites promulgate what the book calls The Grand Lie; that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • Not only is Islam not a religion of peace, it is explicitly and statedly a religion of war, invasion and domination.
  • Islam will not stop. It cannot be negotiated, accommodated or integrated into Western societies. Its purpose is usurpation, domination, and conversion.

In passing, the first thing I would note in reading the Koran is difficult to render in any sophisticated way. It’s shit. It is bombastic, childish, repetitive, violent, petty, psychopathic and boring. To compare it to Mein Kampf is insulting to the latter book, which is a far superior read.
But the book will have to wait. One of the authors may be about to find out exactly why Muslims kill for Islam. The British deep state has Tommy Robinson in its clutches again, and this time it may not let go.
As Rebel Media journalist and champion of Tommy’s cause Ezra Levant points out, the process is the punishment for Tommy R, who we might rename after Josef K, the baffled hero of Kafka’s The Trial, which in its original German is titled Der Prozess.
The state is – or it should be – playing a dangerous game. If Robinson is imprisoned and dies there, there may be repercussions, particularly when the celebrations start in earnest on the Left and among the micro-caliphates of Europe. What concerns me is that there won’t be.
Robinson is of that most hated class for the British far Left, the white working-class male who has dared to draw attention to something they have been at pains to hide away. For Britain is being Islamised. Of this there can be no serious doubt. And the man who attempts to expose the truth, like Plato’s prisoner escaping the cave, seeing the sun, and reporting back to his fellow detainees below, or little Toto pulling back the curtain to reveal that mighty Oz is just a frail old man, is from that moment forward a marked man.
Whether the MSM in Britain realise it or not, regardless of whether they want to face the world and look it in the eye, the Robinson case is about to become a watershed in 21st-century British history. If this man is sent to jail to be killed, and his accusers do this in the full knowledge of the peril in which Robinson is to be placed, then Britain has officially become too frightening a place to live for people like me and, I should imagine, most of you reading this.
It is the establishment’s move. They might be wise to think through it carefully. The wrong decision may fill the streets with a million Tommy Robinsons. This is a disgrace. I am ashamed of my country. Ashamed. The blatancy of the desire to see Robinson dead, a desire so strong that the law of the land cannot stand in its way, is morbid and wicked.
If Tommy Robinson dies in jail, and the dissident section of the British people just sit back and take it, the country is finished. If there is a martyrdom coming, and there are no avengers, you deserve Islam because, as Nietzsche writes, at least Islam assumes it is dealing with men.


  1. Thanks Mark. Perfectly enunciated yet again. Worrying times indeed. I fear for the future of my three year old son. Great blog, by the way. I read it regularly

    1. Thank you. People rarely comment. I imagine a lot of people must be concerned for their children's futures. More collateral damage caused by clownworld. Well, good day to you.