Sunday, 18 November 2018


Um, massah? Is dis de people's vote? Much oblige!
Voting in Virginia, 1871, from a sketch by William L. Sheppard

I wrote at the time of the EU referendum on Britain’s future in the EU that, if the vote was to leave, it would never be implemented as Britain’s version of the deep state simply would not allow that to happen. In the same way that Trump was never going to be allowed to govern as president in any meaningful sense, too many powerful and Machiavellian forces were at work to keep Britain in the European Union in perpetuity. But is that necessarily a bad thing?
Imagine a second referendum, the so-called ‘people’s vote’ - this is a clear nod to Tony Blair’s ‘people’s princess’, anti-monarchist jibe - as though the voters in the first referendum were automata or inanimate objects. God knows that in the globalist vision of the world, both categories figure large. Since we are the omniscient author, let’s reverse the figures, and make the score 52-48% in favour of those who wish to remain in the European Union.
Joy would, of course, be unconfined among those who wished to hold tightly on to nurse for fear of finding something worse. We told you, they would crow, acting like the crazed martinets they are. For a while, the United Kingdom would be under the control of the malevolently autistic. The people who voted leave in the first referendum would, according to their various skills at deciphering where the modern world is heading, be left to ponder about democracy, which is now clearly ‘controlled democracy’, a situation in which all the trappings of democracy are present absent the ability of the will of the people to obtain a result not desired by the elites. ‘mandate’ is now a meaningless word, perhaps because it contains the hated word ‘man’.The ex-Communists who run the EU will also have cause for jubilation. They will have humiliated not just Britain – a long-standing goal for Germany and France, who should both be enemies rather than allies – but the people of Europe. The clear message – and how the modern elites and their media catamites love their ‘messages’ - will be that we are the masters now. Vote all you want, we always count the pebbles in the urn.
Then what?
Ideally, a total collapse of the European Union. Even though the UK is not a part of the euro financially speaking, the collapse – which is surely being fended off, perhaps with the covert help of Saudi Arabia – would in all probability trigger a concomitant recession, and perhaps even depression, in the UK. As I have long said, this is much to be desired. As well as providing a nail in the coffin of globalism, it would also force the UK to straiten itself financially. Then we might see some much-needed austerity, real austerity, not the type the Left lie about with regard to the ‘Tories’, who in reality are no such thing.
So, bring on the people’s vote. Win or lose, the ultimate victor could be Britain.

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