Tuesday, 23 October 2018


White working class? Those days are over, mate

Shut up, you talk too loud
You don't fit in with the crowd

Motorhead, No Class

Another week, another appearance in court for Tommy Robinson, who the press refer to as ‘Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League and whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’ in the same way that The Queen automatically has ‘Her Majesty’ appended to her title.
This time, Robinson’s case has been referred to the Attorney General for a thorough review, but it will not be simply legal considerations which will be exercising the highest legal minds in the land.
This has long been a political trial, and the extent to which it has become the British state versus the white English working class has been at the heart of the affair all along.
The white working class has been the lost tribe of Britain for some time now. In this age of an inventory of -isms which the genteel and correct citizen is expected to avoid, and which is policed by ordinary people as well as cultural commissars, classism, to coin an ugly phrase, is thriving like flies on a shit pile.
Someone contacted me on Facebook after my last post on Tommy Robinson. Firstly, he suggested I was ‘bonkers’ - a word only the posh would use, and this fellow has a cut-glass public school accent – and secondly was of the opinion that Tommy Robinson ‘is a racist scumbag’. Now, this is both a person whose previous occupation would have required an acute attention paid to the meanings of words, and one of many amateurish and emotive political commentators on Facebook who have never said word one to convince me that they know the first thing about politics. I pointed out, wearily, that Islam is not a race, but the meaning of words does not matter to the Left, merely the expediency of using language as a malleable tool to serve their ignorant, malevolent and ill-educated ends.
The disclaimer which always attends discourse concerning Tommy emanating from the middle and upper-middle classes is a sine qua non for polite speech. I call these people the Douglas Murray Brigade. I have a lot of respect for Murray and his calm assessment of our current ills, but he always feels the need to qualify his stance concerning Robinson whenever Tommy is mentioned. He is also the possessor of a polished, high-end middle-class accent. And this is not irrelevant.
One of the reasons Tommy is a pariah to some and a hero to others is that he is a working-class rough diamond. His founding of the EDL never fails to make an appearance in any legacy media description. These journalists never mention the fact that the EDL was set up as a protest to the disgusting behaviour of Muslims to troops returning from action. They also fail to note that the current round of grooming gang trials was made possible in part because of people like Robinson, together with Peter McLoughlin and the EDL, who would not let the matter drop while the media and the social services and the police deliberately looked the other way. No, Tommy is a chav and that’s enough to damn him. You don’t see too many white working-class journalists on the TV or in the dead-wood media in the UK, by the way. They are too difficult to indoctrinate in the subtle arts of political correctness. They tend to think for themselves, not a practice to be encouraged.
Finally, it is not just Tommy and the white working class who are victimised by the British state. Jonaya English is a feisty half-cast girl who crusades against Islamism, and has been repeatedly harassed by the police. Well, now her mother has been dragged into the affair, having her door taken off its hinges and her house wrecked by the transgender-loving, Islam-championing fascists who pass for the UK police force. This happened, as Jonaya points out, at the exact time of Tommy’s hearing, when the police might have expected Jonaya to be at the court live-streaming. The video in which Jonaya explains it all is here. 
The state will be deciding what to do with Tommy Robinson, but they will not be led, or nor primarily led, by legal considerations. They will be more than mindful of how far they can go in persecuting a working-class lad who wants the best future for his kids and considers that Islam plays no role in that future. There are plenty of other working-class lads who want the same. A lot of them are in the army, another hornets’ nest recently given an ill-advised kick by the British state. If it comes to the DFLA and renegade squaddies coming up against a limp-wristed police force, I know where my money sits.
So, watch this trial with interest, if you are nor already doing so. Tommy is obviously a canary in a coalmine, and it remains to be seen whether there is a rich seam of truth to be mined, or whether the roof supports are too weak to prevent a collapse.

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