Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Free. For now

Tommy Robinson has been released on bail, pending a final review of his appeal. I have had cause to write about Tommy Robinson on many occasions because I believe him to be the canary in the Islamic coalmine. Many people are waiting to see what happens to him. I am convinced that the Leftist, pro-Islam establishment want him dead, both to remove him from the picture and pour encourager les autres. News of Tommy being beaten to death by Muslims on A Wing while warders turn a blind eye will dramatically reduce many people’s zeal for criticising the West’s new pet, Islam. Robinson is also the canary in the adage of the cat and the canary, with the state being the feline waiting to pounce.
It was instructive – it always is – to see the staunch figure of Ezra Levant outside The Royal Courts of Justice covering Tommy’s case. This time, after Robinson’s release on bail, he baited the Antifa crowd who had turned up by noting how white they were. They had their placards, the must-have accessory for every Antifa member because it doubles as a weapon, and they almost all bore the word ‘fascist’. Is Robinson a fascist?
Fascist’, like ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobe’, ‘homophobe’ - although this is waning in popularity as Islam gains traction – are all of course part of the Leftist lexicon designed to defame, decry and denounce when argument becomes too taxing, which is always. There is little point in tracing its origins back to the fasces and Mussolini, or trotting out the tiresome line that Hitler was a National Socialist. The type of people yelling the word don’t do history. Rather, they are attempting to undo it. Etymologists of the future will simply define ‘fascist’ as ‘a person who thinks and says the wrong things’. And that will be that.
Fascist or otherwise, Robinson has highlighted the so-called ‘grooming gangs’, something he achieved while with the EDL, equivalent to the KKK for the Leftist media, who never fail to note that Robinson was the founder of that street-fighting organisation. He has highlighted the Islamisation of his home town of Luton. He has documented his struggle in the very readable Enemy of the State, and has co-written a book examining the Koran. No wonder he is so reviled by the Left.
The hatred of Robinson is not confined to the Left, although on the Right of centre it presents as distaste, the same way measles presents as little red spots. I call them the Douglas Murray brigade. Much as I like Murray, he lets you know before any mention of Robinson that he doesn’t agree with him. But you do, Doug. Really, you do. You are just posher, and thereby hangs a tale.
This is a class thing. Robinson is the canary in the coalmine because he is not one of us, don’t you know. He’s a lout, demonstrably a football hooligan, he reports from outside Westminster and pronounces it ‘Westminister’ - as he himself joked – he says ‘what was you doing?’, he commits many solecisms that make the Douglas Murray brigade wince. The football element, incidentally, was something I predicted years ago. If it was a hundred coppers with transgender flashes on their cheeks up against a hundred nutters from Millwall and QPR and Sheffield United and Leeds, who would you put your money on? And the establishment can’t bet on the army, which is why they are trying to pansify them too.
As Orwell wrote in 1984 – sorry to bring it up again – the only hope lies with the proles. The reason Robinson is not just hated by the Left but disliked by the Right is because he is an exemplary prole. He might be neutered now, but the canary in the coalmine may have sung his song to perfection.

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