Wednesday, 18 July 2018


This is what a journalist looks like

The press in the UK are a bunch of lickspittle courtiers to the new Versailles. Someone with whom I went to university, when I compared The Guardian to The Beano - unfair to The Beano - said that that failing newspaper was still the most objective read in the UK. I don't even want to talk with someone who believes that, as I get nothing from the transaction, and I am at the age where people are either useful or useless to me.
Fortunately, there is a dissident media, and Rebel Media is the only company in the world I yearn to work for. If you don't know Ezra Levant, above, he is one of the leading lights of the organization, and is currently in London following Tommy Robinson's appeal at The Royal Courts of Justice.
Like Mark Steyn, Levant has been in trouble in his native Canada for, you know, speaking truth to power, something the MSM stopped doing long ago when they took the candy bar. He is erudite and efficient. He is also the only journalist you can see outside Britain's most famous courtroom in this short video. 
What is so great about the video is the guy called James Godard, who Ezra interviews. Not only is Godard prepared to stand in front of a camera and give a succinct summation of everything that is wrong with modern Britain, he gives his name. There are so many cowards in the virtual world. Not James.
And not me. I don't wear a mask. I have been fired from more than one job for my online activities.
On a related subject, the prick who posts comments here as 'Unknown'. Do you have the cojones to put down your real name? Thought not.

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