Monday, 9 July 2018


5% of England is black or mixed-race,
but only a disappointing 38% of the
England football squad. Racist!


England have reached the semi-finals of the World Cup, and the news has come as a bit of a micro-aggression to a lot of millennial snowflakes. Many of them saw the victory over Colombia as racist, and believe that an England victory in the tournament would be equivalent to the Holocaust meeting Jim Crow laws mixed with colonisation of every country which used to comprise the British Empire. They will have had some consolation in that the Swedish team were all white males, and almost certainly heterosexual.

Along with the BBC, the media and the government, millennials despise Britain, and England in particular. It would be wonderful to see the tears flow if the English were prancing around with the world’s greatest footie prize in a week’s time.


According to Britain’s hard-Left newspaper The Independent, the ‘Trump baby blimp’ concerning which I wrote the other day is ‘the ultimate symbol of Britain’s commitment to free speech’. As stagehands everywhere in the UK continuing assembling the set for the biggest-ever production of Alice Through the Looking-Glass, free speech is not usually important to the cultural commissars. Would a huge balloon depicting Mohammed be permitted to fly over London? Gentle reader, it would not. My brother is actually an expert archer – he really is – and I am thinking of asking him what he is doing next week. Free speech Robin Hood style, methinks.


Continuing the Trump visit theme, the British media have been telling its sheep-like readers exactly when and where they can demonstrate against the man who is Hiterally Litler. Sorry, fire that sub-editor. I mean literally Hitler. Donald Trump has been offered several golden opportunities for humour here. Firstly, it is customary for visiting dignitaries to come bearing gifts. Obama famously gave Gordon Brown a set of videos that would not play on a British format. Trump should grin broadly as he hands Theresa May a gold-embossed copy of Mein Kampf. Also, he should have his Russian colluders hack into the software that controls the hideous and Blade-Runner-like electronic advertising hoardings that infest the centre of London, and play a hillbilly jug band performing the Horst Wessel Song. All Trump’s aides should wear Hitler masks. He should, at all times and meetings, wear one of his MAGA baseball caps simply reading; Final solution. The possibilities are endless, and I freely offer my services as PR man for the visit.


Russia has offered to take up to 15,000 Boer farmers fleeing the ethnic cleansing in South Africa. England, the EU countries, and even Holland, have offered to take none, as in none, and the media won’t even report on what is happening there because it involves blacks killing whites, and that ain’t the way it is supposed to be. Aren’t Russia supposed to be the bad guys? This is how immigration is supposed to operate. People under genuine threat of death and persecution people allowed to enter a country. The Boers in question are also expert farmers, unlike the black rabble who have dispossessed them and will destroy the farms just as they did in Zimbabwe. There is talk of them farming in Southern Russia. So, the Russian economy will grow stronger as farm output increases due to productive immigrants, while Europe continues to bleed out in the wake of hundreds of thousands of idle, angry Muslims. Sounds like a plan. But whose?


Don’t say we at Traumaville didn’t want you when we pronounced that Brexit would never be allowed to happen. The deep state immediately implemented what Socialists always do when things go against them when they are in power; Over-complication. Management uses the same strategy. In the last job I was fired from – that does read correctly, I have been fired from more than one – as soon as the management realized I was going to be good at the job, thereby making them look increasingly redundant, they began to complicate my life with utterly needless paperwork and training meetings, all of which the poor saps who paid them were needlessly coughing up for. I tried to oust them, and was given my marching orders. I marched all the way to Central America, but that is another tale for another fine day.

Too many Socialist cronies have got too many vested interests in staying in the EU. Also, whatever deal the West has done with Islam relies on Schengen to keep bringing in these hordes who so despise us. And let’s not forget the depth of the hatred the new Leftist Establishment has for the white working class, who formed the core of the Leave vote.

Personally, I don’t mind if Brexit fails to materialize. I have long believed that complete financial collapse is the only cure for the UK and, shackled to the corpse that the EU will soon become, this day can only be hastened in its arrival.


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