Saturday, 24 March 2018


It's gone 9. Any black boys dead yet?

Sadiq Khan is an odious little man in a world of odious little men. Trumpeted by the BBC and other Leftist shills as London’s first Muslim mayor, he has proceeded to show exactly what that type of dysfunction means in practice. What the Left fails to grasp is that Muslims aren’t very good at doing anything except ranting, complaining, and demanding, and Khan instantiates this axiomatic truth.
He spent taxpayer money on a jolly to the USA to campaign for Hillary Clinton or, more precisely, to campaign against the man who beat her. He whines about the ‘Tory’ government cutting back police resources, then spends his budget setting up online ‘hate-crime hubs’. He seems to have no money to prevent London’s spiralling crime wave, but his friends in the mosques are always taken care of. He informs the London populace that terrorism – butcherings, car attacks, bombs, you know – are ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city. Like Tokyo, or Budapest, or Krakow, or any other big city that has the common sense not to let Muslims in.
As I say, an odious little man.
He has recently called an ex-Muslim woman who Tweeted about the obvious wickedness of female genital mutilation a ‘hate preacher’. This is the level of human being we are dealing with here.
But is it possible that, aside from being a Muslim fifth columnist, a pompous little prig, and an incompetent mayor, Khan is also a racist?
Everyone who knows London knows the source of the vast majority of the crime committed there, particularly the violent crime. Young black men. Don’t give me your fucking sociological lectures. I have walked the mean streets of south London and I have seen the score. Supposedly the greatest city in the world, parts of London are fucking Mau-Mau Land, and don’t try to tell me otherwise.
Khan has made a point of reducing what the British police call ‘stop and search’, a confrontation in which a police officer can search an individual he, she, or it suspects of carrying a weapon or any other illegal object or substance. The result of this amendment to the law has been a huge rise in knife and gun crime. I believe that eight people have been killed in London in seven days. Is this bigger than the allied death toll in Afghanistan?
It is a fact well known to Londoners who don’t work for the BBC that Muslims and blacks hate one another. This is curious, as most young Muslims talk in that lisping ebonic gibberish that blacks use, but there we are. There is a lot of animosity there.
I wonder whether Khan is hiding a secret smile when he reads the statistics of dead black boys.
As far as Khan’s relationship with the caliphate is concerned, it could be all part of the service.

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