Friday, 19 January 2018


Look carefully. You'll see the nuance.

Barbarism begins at home.


One of the sock-puppets put up by the increasingly feeble and/or malevolent British polices forces – ‘force’ is a misnomer here – has said that female genital mutilation (FGM) is a crime with ‘many nuances’, and that these perky nuances are the reason that, despite thousands and thousands of reported cases of FGM since this act of barbarism was outlawed 33 years ago, not one person has gone to jail in the UK.


This is the range of nuances pertaining to FGM.

A small girl is set on a table, her legs forced apart, and her clitoris shaved away with a razor blade.


Did you see the nuance? No, neither did I.

The reason is obvious. In Islam, sexual gratification is for men, not for women. Don’t hear too much from the feminists about this one. Too busy whining about ‘mansplaining’.
If you have not read Infidel, one of a trilogy of books by the woman who should be a heroine to and yet is despised by feminists, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, make sure you have strong liquor available when you reach her description of her own clitoridectomy. A book before bedtime it ain’t.

‘Honour-based abuse’, opines Britain’s national disgrace The Guardian, ‘is a complex problem’. Anyone remember what I said about the Socialist stratagem of pretending that very, very simple concepts are complex, in order that they can then obfuscate them and sweep them under the carpet of multiculturalism?

Pakistani heritage girls date non-Muslims, or Muslims from a different sect than their parents’, or, worse, refuse to marry the stinking, leering old man – probably a cosanguinous relative – they have taken her out of school in the UK to see in Pakistan. They are either killed or, by their own choice, kill themselves, usually by drinking bleach.

What is ‘complex’ about this? Where is ‘nuance’ amid this disgusting display of low-IQ, evolution-resistant mentality?

Yes, of course there are lovely Muslims running your newspaper shop, sitting a desk away at work, and playing for your soccer team. But they are the ones who imitate non-Muslims, in the same way that successfully integrated blacks are the ones who, when you close your eyes and hear them talk, sound like white people. At least, they sound like the white people not already imitating blacks. Intelligent and able white people.

There are two choices, and only two. You won’t find any complexity or nuance here. One either admits that some cultures are better than others by virtue of being less cruel, or one says that all cultures are equal, despite all the tiny flaps of carved skin lying like crippled oysters on the dirty floors of makeshift, front-room operating theatres, despite all the screaming little girls who don’t understand why the pain is coming from those they thought loved them, despite all the lying pieces of shit in authority who will not protect those little girls, but will protect their elders from you if, as a non-Muslim, you send a nasty Tweet about Islam.

I am ashamed of the world the Socialists have made. To protect this barbarism is to be complicit in it. No nuance. No complexity. No evil, either. I don’t do evil.

Just wickedness. Just the Devil’s work where there is no Devil.

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