Monday, 4 July 2016


Anybody who has ever met a student activist, a muckraking journalist, or a reformist politician will notice the important role that boredom and impatience play in the impulse to ‘remake the world.’

Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism


“I AM real”, cried Alice, and burst into tears.

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


The Leave campaign did not win the recent UK referendum on membership of the EU; the Remain campaign lost it. It will, of course, be a Pyrrhic victory for Brexit, as every stubbed toe, broken shoelace and hangover the average Leftist suffers in the next five years will be blamed on the vote. If there is one defining trait of the political Left in the UK, it is the abdication of responsibility. Everything is the fault of the political Right, if everything is defined as that which is not in accordance with the phantasmagorical notions of the political Left.

And yet it could have been very different had the Remainers not allowed their arguments to be led by that faction of the Left who have low impulse control, limited intelligence, and lack the political literacy to make coherent arguments which appeal to those outside of their strange wonderland. For the spokespeople for the Remain campaign were not reasoned, mature people able to make a case for remaining in the EU – and there was a strong case – but what used to be called the ‘Loony Left’, a variant of what Orwell, in a phrase which would surely now see him no-platformed by the phalanx of ninnies who run British universities, called the ‘Pansy Left’.

It was inevitable that the referendum would reduce to a Left/Right spat although, as I am fond of repeating, Left and Right are terms as irrelevant now as Coleridge’s dictum that men are born either Platonist or Aristotelean. And there was a formidable input from a self-interested political class. But these people need no explanation. If Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown wish you to vote a certain way, you ought to know which way to vote. But the Remain camp’s real enemies were within. The referendum was really a run-off between emotivist scaremongering and a set of undeniable facts about an anti-Caucasian, ademocratic bureaucratic monster. And therein lies the problem, and the reason for the result.

The modern British Left lacks maturity. The mass of Leftists in Britain could never accept that there might be any argument but their own. They also lack intelligence, which is why they gravitate to simplistic, easy-to-digest topics for their noise-making. The average Leftist is far more likely to march around Trafalgar Square yelling about transgender toilets than, perchance, pick up and read Roger Scruton to see what Conservatism might be like and whether it has any valid points to make for the betterment of humanity.

Mind you, Conservatism is so rare now in the UK that it brings with it a wave of antiquarian nostalgia when spotted, like seeing a horse-drawn carriage at an East End funeral. Peter Hitchens may well be the last Conservative in Europe. For me, the greatest sin committed by Cameron is that he calls himself Conservative, and so the braying Left take him at his word. Cameron is not a Conservative. He is a liberal, pro-immigration, high tax and spend, pro-Muslim, pro-big government, pro-bloated public sector Blairite. He is as much a Conservative as I am Amish. But to return to the tragedy of the Left.

When I was young, I was a creature of the Left. In 1979, dressed in PVC snakeskin trousers and a Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirt, I went to the polling station at the local deaf school – they had those then - to vote Labour, and spent the next few years dutifully hating Thatcher and all her works. But when I got to university in 1981, and began to see the Leftist young, I began to wonder what it might be to be a Leftist. Of course, that was the end of a golden era of universities, before today’s millennial snowflakes came along and started yelling about safe spaces, trigger warnings and removing the work of white men from the syllabus. Good luck with that, by the way, although it will free up a lot of time to campaign against Islamophobia, because there won’t be much worth your while left to read.

It took a while to realise what it was about the Left I disliked so intensely, but I got there eventually; religious zeal unanchored by actual religion. A sort of free-floating obsession without a referent, the type of rootlessness I suppose was bound to rush to fill the vacuum left by the slow withdrawal of Christianity in the West. Leftists didn’t argue a point of view, or arrive at it using the trusty toolkit of Enlightenment reason, they just took it because that was what was expected of them by their moral peer group. And once they had taken it, and all were quacking in unison, you had better take it too. If not you were, perforce, a racist and a fascist. And we didn’t like racism and fascism. Joe Strummer had told us not to.

Now, this larval dogmatism has blown up into full intellectual lockstep, although the word ‘intellectual’ sits uneasily here. The Left as it stands has no conception of debating, assessing the grounds of disagreement, or reasoned difference of opinion. Instead, closing down debate, no-platforming, a demonstrable war on freedom of speech, censorship and demonisation of those who deviate in their opinions are all hallmarks of the contemporary Left. So, here are some suggestions for the Left to revive itself in the UK:

1.   Ditch the students. Today’s undergraduates are the stupidest generation. Associating with people who have no knowledge of classics, but who are stuffed to the beak like fois gras geese with utterly worthless non-knowledge will not help your cause. Snowflakes studying Queer Studies, Media Studies, Women’s Studies, Black Studies and Critical Theory will never be able to work through the cognitive due process which authentic argument requires. Charlie Gilmour and his friends are going to alienate ordinary people, not draw them along.

2.  Ditch the luvvies. Does anyone who voted Remain think that people approved of the essentially talentless Bob Geldof throwing insults, V-signs and masturbatory gestures at British fishermen and Nigel Farage on the Thames? Do you think, O Leftists and Remainers, that this spectacle without dignity made British voters warm to the cause? Do you believe that Emma Thompson and Benedict Cumberbatch are experts on the environment and immigration? If so, you are in a great deal of trouble.

3.  Ditch Islam. I am fully aware that you gravitate towards Muslims because, like yourselves, they have no freedom of thought. But they are not going to tolerate you when Britain’s micro-caliphates start linking arms. Also, as you have signally failed to criticise Islam for some of its disgusting attitudes towards women and gays, as well as FGM, burkas, terrorism and all the other negative social capital that Islam brings in its wake, you should hang your heads in shame.

4.  Ditch the Antifa. There are no fascists to be anti. These are products of your fevered imagination. The PEGIDA marches across Europe, peaceful in intent, that are regularly and violently attacked do not contain the people behaving like Mosley’s boot-boys. The Antifa are post-modern football hooligans and you should call them out rather than applaud them. Arrests at these demonstrations are almost entirely of creatures who identify as Left-wing. Cut yourselves adrift from them.

5.  Ditch the multiculturalism, the egalitarianism and the cultural relativism. Contrary to what you might have heard from the Founding Fathers, all men are not created equal and, as Shakespeare’s Hamlet might have added, nor women neither. All cultures are not equal. Some are better than others, more civilised and more capable. There are large IQ differences between races, and screeching about racism in the light of these facts is the equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and shouting ‘can’t hear you!’ FGM and throwing gays from tall buildings is not okay because brown people do it, and Texas is not a racist state because it has a disproportionate number of blacks on death row.

6.  Ditch the pretence of media impartiality. The UK media is hopelessly skewed towards the Left. Real people are beginning to realise this, thanks to the internet. This is one of many reasons the elite will be coming for the internet sometime soon. The truth is actually important, however malleable Leftists believe it to be. Just as in Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale, the truth will out because of the smell of lies. If you believe that there is a Right-wing media bias, you should not be allowed to own a computer.

7.  Ditch the belief that there is any difference between the two main parties in the UK. There is none. They desire the same things. Read Peter Oborne’s The Triumph of the Political Class, and more or less anything by the surviving Hitchens brother. If you believe that the illusory division between ‘Labour’ and the ‘Conservatives’ is anything but chimerical, again, you should be on an X-box somewhere shooting zombies, not talking while the grown-ups are trying to have a conversation.

8.  Ditch the pretence that you are not anti-Semitic. The UK Labour Party is one of the most openly antagonised by Zionism in recent decades. Why bother to squirm and issue inaccurate denial? As a matter of fact, you will find many allies to the Right, particularly among the Alt. Right. Not everyone who wishes for an expansionist Israel wishes to see a punished Palestine. Many would like to see as many Jews as space permits go back to live there.

9.  Ditch the identity politics. Many of the identities for whom you believe you are fighting do not exist, at least anywhere in the real world. There are no women trapped in men’s bodies, or blacks trapped in white bodies, or blacks traumatised by slavery. There are just chancers who can surf the system. Fight for the working-class, by all means, but not for ethnic minorities who are undermining the wage-earning potential of that working class. And please don’t pretend that immigration is necessary in Europe. This is one of the largest and most injurious lies in a handsome stable of competition.

10.      Ditch the faux morality. Politics is not a battle between good and evil, or right and wrong, or any other comic-book opposition. It is a kinetic conflict. There is no ‘right side of history’, no moral high ground among whose pastures you believe you graze, so stop virtue-signalling. If you knew your Nietzsche – a writer at whom many Leftists sneer because he is too difficult for them, in addition to being a dead white male – you would be able to situate historical conflict – a reality – in the context of morality – at best a heuristic principle – and understand your struggles accordingly, instead of beaming with a smug and entirely unmerited sense of self-worth. If you suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder – and many of the Left unquestionably do - then I’m sure your pharmacist has something for it. Polly Toynbee once famously declared, at some bourgeois book festival, that Left-wingers were ‘just better people.’ If you want to indulge in this type of poster-paint, sandbox value system, then take better care of your children. For it is their moral architecture you share and which will be your bequest.

In short, give up your struggle against reality. By denying plain facts, it is as if you are trying to disprove gravity by jumping in the air. You would have won the referendum if you had recognised that not everything that comes out of the mouths of those people whose use of reason has led them gently into the territory of the political Right is racist bile, at least as you would define it. The social media has been rife this last week with comments suggesting that old people in the UK are now a problem because they probably voted leave. Old people are wiser than the young. Re-acquaint yourself with Plato. I particularly enjoyed the placard in east London, with its wobbly, special-needs, hand-written font, which read; Old white people please die. Should the person holding that placard be alive? Well, should they?

You did not lose the vote because of people concerned about who in the UK is being granted asylum. You lost because the lunatics have taken over yours.


  1. Beautifully penned portrait of the Left that transcends geography. Nearly every description of the UK Left fits the US Progressive Pansies. I hope I'm correct in my belief that their stupidity will ultimately be their undoing.

    Keep fighting the Good Fight, Mark.

  2. Beautifully penned portrait of the Left that transcends geography. Nearly every description of the UK Left fits the US Progressive Pansies. I hope I'm correct in my belief that their stupidity will ultimately be their undoing.

    Keep fighting the Good Fight, Mark.

  3. It's wonderful that someone has finally put into words, what so many of us are thinking.

    1. Thank you. I believe that a sea-change is imminent. Good day to you.