Wednesday, 4 May 2016


You let them in.

And now they’re everywhere.

Shriekback, Hammerheads


Imperialistic house of prayer.

Conquistadors who want their share.

Joy Division, Dead Souls


As both my readers will be aware, I recently quit the city – and indeed the country - of my birth for the small Central American state of Costa Rica. The choice of destination was serendipitous, the reasons for leaving had been in place for some time. My self-imposed exile was to have been to the Kent coast. Fate decreed otherwise.

I have only a visitor’s status here, and am setting in motion the process by which I eventually hope to gain permanent residency. Apart from visits to see family and friends, and to tie up loose ends, I am not going back. I have no wish to live in England, and would never, ever choose to live again in London. I have no sentimental attachment to a city alien to me. I am, then, a would-be immigrant, or ‘migrant’ as Guardian readers self-righteously term the current wave of opportunist invaders of a Europe that has successfully resisted the Muslim menace for 1400 years. Until now.

Were I, say, a Syrian Muslim tough-nut bored with pushing my wives around, burning the flag of the USA for the benefit of my friends – filming the event on their American-made and invented smart phones – screeching about the Koran, and throwing gay people from high buildings, and had decided I liked the look of Swedish women or the German welfare system, which I had seen on my Western-made television, I could simply have hopped in a George Soros-funded boat and idled across Europe, staggered by the ease of transit speeding my way. Central American countries, and indeed most nation states outside Europe, are not so stupid. There is legitimate work to do to come and live here, more than just tossing your passport in the ocean and preparing a list of demands and grievances for your adoptive hosts.

But back to the leaving of London. I knew a year ago that Sadiq Khan was going to become Mayor of London. One thing about Muslims; they vote. Their wives vote too, often the only time they will be allowed out of the house. And, unlike the kufr, they vote overwhelmingly in their own interests and not that of the community. The ummah trumps everything, which is something London’s limp-wristed elites fail to grasp. Those same elites are also desperate for a Muslim in power. Cameron has said he wants a Muslim PM. I never thought anyone could be more dangerous to England than Blair. I was wrong.

Khan is a very nasty man. Have a look at this Breitbart piece for his track record. A journalist acquaintance of mine has a story I can’t repeat here that proves his eye for the kufr. A lot of scores will be settled when he takes over City Hall and the budget that goes with it. Expect a good deal of that money to end up with his bearded friends in the east. The east end, that is.

On Friday morning, London will wake up as a micro-caliphate. A Muslim will have control of a £16bn budget and the Metropolitan Police. You can see what’s coming, I would assume. More Muslims needed in the force. Islamic demonstrations dealt with via a hands-off approach, EDL demonstrations – or any dissenting group – hit and hit hard. Little friends of Khan’s will begin to gain positions of power, with their own budgetary streams. Educational revision to accommodate Koranic studies. Planning permission for Islamic ‘cultural centres’ – de facto mosques – rushed through with no questions asked. Mobilisation of forces should someone like Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Lars Hedegaard or Lutz Bachmann ever decide to pay a visit to Britains’ capital. Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders and Jean-Marie Le Pen shouldn’t even waste their time booking tickets. Hints, suggestions, offers that can’t be refused.

There will be dancing on the streets of Tower Hamlets and Hounslow on Friday, and it won’t be a dance to which you will be invited, if you are the infidel. Muslims of whom Khan’s friends do not approve will soon be experiencing what it was like to be a Jew on Kristallnacht.

You let this happen, London. The next time I visit, it won’t be as a native, it will be as a tourist. And I won’t be staying long.


  1. We can be grateful that you won't be staying long. EDL as a dissenting voice?
    You deserve a 4th Dan in understatement.
    Costa Rica's loss is our gain.

  2. Hello Mark, and thank you for your comment. I'm assuming you are British. All I can say is good luck with everything, and I hope you are childless. I don't know what a 4th Dan is but, if you are ever to write seriously, you must pay attention to syntax. All the best, Mark.

  3. it will be as a tourist.

    I've often wondered if when discussing the economic impact of this mass migration any consideration is given to the effect on the tourism industry. Who in the hell will want to visit London or Paris in a few years. If you've seen one third-world dump you've seen them all.