Friday, 19 July 2019


The worm Ouroboros

I have something of a confession to make. Despite my sneering, impudent tone towards those individuals who have elected to get tattoos, I have two of my own. They are discreet, being on either shoulder-blade, and small, unseen unless I have my shirt off, and you should pray to your God you don’t see that. The later tat is the name of my old canal-boat, Dorothea, inked in a sort of 19th-century cursive script. I got it done in Anchorage, Alaska. The first, however, is Ouroboros, the mythical serpent devouring its own tail.
I’m not going to cut and paste. I hate Wikijournalism. You can smell the writer sneaking over to Google to bone up on something and then returning with that swell flick of the quill which says, I am so connected with this sort of stuff. It’s a lie and a cheat and I bet it goes on all the time. We have all the information there is, but we ought not to pretend we had it to begin with.
So I am not going over to Wikipedia or some Pagan website to crib. All I have ever known about Ouroboros is that it is some – possibly Norse – symbol of eternity, and that in some Indian language its name is Ungud. The serpent devouring itself. How can this be?
Whatever the ultimate symbolic meaning of Ouroboros, it would fit perfectly as a new logo for America’s Democrat Party. They are not just eating themselves, they have just asked the jump-jockey for the special sauce.
It has something to do with the inexorable occurrence of an inevitable event which must eventually hole the Left’s armour. I have noted previously that intersectionality is a concept with some serious internal contradictions which must eventually shift from potential to actual. That is, what happens when the Left’s arsenal of privileged identity groups clash? It is happening at the moment in the UK, where Muslims are demonstrating outside a school who wish to teach their children – down to age four – about the wonders of the LGBTQ ‘community’.
Just now, in the USA, it’s good ol’ racism again, that seasoned show-pony always ready to prance and jump through hoops. Racism is finally giving the Left the runaround, finally proving intersectionality to be a reductio ad absurdum. Having finally admitted that impeaching Trump is as likely as Emily Maitlis giving a fair and unbiased interview to anyone even slightly to the Right of Pol Pot, the Left are turning to Trump’s boiler-room language.
This time, using social media as always, Donald has told some bunch of bimbos – the ‘squad’ - to go home if they don’t like America, help fix their countries, and then come back and tell him how it’s done. The Left erupted in a predictable hurricane of rage, confirming once again that we are dealing here with the pathology of a spiteful, spoilt child. You expect politics to be a dirty fight, you just don’t expect that fight to take place in a fucking sandpit.
Now, slowly, glacially, I am warming to Donald Trump. America is a brutish thug of a country. Why not have a brutish thug of a president? His – or his people’s – wheeze of using social media not just for airy platitudes but to make presidential announcements that once took place in the sacred grove of the MSM, by virtue of a sort of solemn lèse majesté. Now, any trailer trash, tornado bait hilly-billy boy can read what the Prez has to say just the same time everyone else does! That is a masterstroke of social levelling the Left have never forgiven Trump for.
He is also leading the charge on another front, the battle against what is still coyly labelled ‘political correctness’. This tyranny over language is only political in that the word ‘political’ shares the same Ancient Greek root as the word ‘police’ (polis). And it is only ‘correct’ in the way that, for Winston Smith at the end of 1984, 2 + 2 = 5 is correct.
The small arsenal of charged smear-words the Left have mentally on speed-dial has got to be defused, has to have its powder wettened and its flintlock removed. And this has to be done by the Right. These words have become magical, not just in the delusional minds of the Left, but by the range of their effects, in the way that the alchemists dreamt of being able to perform actio in distans – action over a distance. Ignoring political correctness is itself a highly political act in these pre-revolutionary times.
But Trump goes further than just playing with the raging fire of race; he talks about the Democrats’ use of the word in terms of their ultimate aims. Incidentally, he is saying something I have said for years. Perhaps he is catching up.
Takimag’s Steve Sailer, always worth reading, pins down another bunfight of the type inevitable when one favoured group has heterodox opinions about another favoured group. This one involves an LGBTQ Native American – naturally – who has voiced her doubts about the wisdom of immigration. Well, her folk should know. The rest of the Left don’t like it, but Trump can’t tell her to go home. She is home, and she doesn’t want it flooded with mestizos. But Sailer also quotes from one of Trump’s compound Tweets;

Nothing they say on the subject of race is sincere. It’s all the hustle designed to get them what they want.

A theme of mine in the past, just in case you had forgotten in the space of a few lines. But why aren’t the Alt. Right presses grinding to a halt for a late edition? Trump is absolutely right, in a way I haven’t heard from any other Western politician. The chorus of globalist, Leftist, progressive, hard Leftists who can always be relied on to hit the high notes when it comes to the various -isms and -phobias could not give, not to put too fine a point on it, a fiddler’s fuck about the ‘victim’ groups they claim to champion and defend. The canonisation of nonwhite skin colour is a sham. Non-whites are the tools, dupes and pets of the white hard Left.
Do you think the cultural crumbs from the Liberal white woman’s table are going to help genuinely disadvantaged blacks and whatever other colours of the new rainbow of hope? All the fast-track Oscars for black actors, all the diversity quotas for companies and just about anything else, all the arrests for ‘racist’ comments, all the ring-fencing of the concept of racism which dictates that non-whites can’t be guilty of it because they lack power, all the bleating about ‘white privilege’, all the movies where black people save the day and likely history too, all the browning of Europe’s history by the EU historical revisionists, all the black newsreaders, all the smiling ethnic faces politicians use to decorate their backdrop at photo opportunities, all the words the rest of us can’t use, all the offers of reparations, all the razzmatazz and fireworks and bullshit isn’t going to do a thing for one messed-up fucking black kid in Detroit. They’re all just props in a play.
So, if the Democrats want to exit Clownworld, they need to start by laying off the buzz-words, put down the identity politics, ditch the policing of language, 86 the offence archaeology and all the rest of the meaningless, Machiavellian paraphernalia. And that will never happen. So the Right need to take the fight to the Left. It’s time to take the weapons from the wall.

Thursday, 18 July 2019


Small businessman? Making money?
Got the wrong ideas? Bye.

It’s their ways to detain,
Their ways to disgrace,
Their knee in your balls
And their fist in your face.
Oh yes, and long live the state
By whomever it’s made.
Sir, I didn’t see nothing.
I was just getting home late.

Leonard Cohen, A Singer Must Die

Soon, we’ll be needing all our jails for political prisoners.

Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

I just watched a short video from recently de-monetised dissident YouTuber Gavin McInnes. With its sombre beginning and maudlin piano music, I assumed we were being set up for a McInnes gag, but this was not so.
McInnes has been grounded. That is, a man making legitimate money from a private company has had his revenue removed in full by the same company, who have the power to exercise their vague in-house rules in a way that suits their political agenda, or rather that of their own ideological paymasters in the deep state, nothing more. This is one of the small, individual instances of Sovietisation which, when compounded, are beginning to make the West look like a Communist project, which perhaps it always was.
I have just finished Diana West’s book, American Betrayal. I hope to review it soon, and it certainly caused a storm when it first came out. I seem to remember Conrad Black getting involved. The book’s theme is the Communist infiltration of America during World War 2, and how this infiltration has continued to have after-effects much desired by the Soviet Union, or Russia as it has re-branded itself. It is as though the removal of the Berlin Wall did not allow Western values to enter the former Soviet bloc, but rather allowed Communism to escape, and to seek whom it may devour.
If Communism was not brought to an end by the fall of the Berlin Wall, and instead relocated geographically to Western Europe and the USA – where West claims it has been covertly active for decades, with World War 2 effectively having been fought for the sake of the Soviets – then the world is doing a first-rate impression of the opposite state of affairs.
Westerners, the indigenous ones despite all the contention surrounding that word, are under surveillance as never before. Their words, written and spoken, are scrutinised and matched against an acceptable lexicon which came into being neither by electoral mandate nor precedent, as did the British system of Roman law, for example. The opinions they hold are firmly policed. Their habitual religion is traduced and victimised, while a religion wholly alien to the European way of life is boosted and championed by the elites. A joke can get you jail time, as it did with Solzhenitsyn. To re-heat and serve an old gag of mine, the UK is becoming the USSR with Harrods.
Add to this the punitive taxes on the middle class, in order to transfer wealth from the productive strata of society to the unproductive, the host body to the parasites, and you have a malevolent Socialism. It is unlikely that a future government will force and allow millions of Britons to starve to death as Stalin did to the kulaks, and Strangeways Prison is probably not as chilly as Siberia, but Britain becomes more like Bolshevik Russia with every new constriction upon the ordinary person, the person not fortunate enough to work for the government, be an immigrant, particularly a Muslim one, or be a member of the political class.
There is, in Britain, in the USA, in Europe, and as I have said many times before, a cold civil war. The state, represented by the political class and backed by the media and the police – still not sure about the armed forces – is becoming ever more overt about its attempts to control the populace and actively silence or imprison dissidents. The dissidents are, well, dissident. No longer simply acceptable voices in the wilderness, these maquis fighters are now the enemy. And what do enemies do? Or what ought they to do?
They fight. Towards the end of the short video, McInnes talks about what is left for him to do. ‘It’s just,’ he says, ‘about fighting’. I believe this. McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Jonaya English, Tommy Robinson, Dr. Steve Turley, Ramzpaul, Red Ice TV, Crimebodge, Katie Hopkins and every other YouTuber prepared to stick their head above the lip of the trench, prepared to lose friends, prepared to be hassled and even imprisoned by an ideologically corrupt police force, prepared to say the unsayable, prepared to go against the cancerous growth that is the modern Western state, all of these people are fighting, and if you think that’s hyperbole, I hope you have your kit bag ready and your gun clean and oiled, because you may be fighting soon too, only in a slightly different sense of the word.
I’m lucky if this weblog gets 100 readers a day but, for me, it’s my little corner of the redoubt. I came 7,000 miles to get away from London, for a break, to get away from it all. While I was here, in the third world, apparently, I came to realise what ‘it all’ was and is. That’s why, visits aside, I’m not going back. That’s my fight.
Get on to YouTube. Listen to the voices that are still left. Subscribe. Make it a daily ritual to listen to these people’s news from nowhere. Soon, all you will have to listen to is Emily Maitlis’s voice coming out of loudspeakers on every blighted British street corner, telling you to check your white privilege and be sure to let Muslims go in front of you in the food queue, which might have got a bit longer by then.
And hate your enemy. Single them out and have your own little daily two-minute hate. Every politician, every teacher, every copper, every BBC presenter, every Leftist print journalist (if you find a Right-wing one, say hello, would you?), every smug work colleague bleating about Farage being a Nazi, everyone who wants to help build the nightmare that is coming down the pike, hate them. Fight them. Kick against the pricks.* You might not take what is happening in the West seriously, but you can bet that those who now run the West do not feel the same way about you.

* I was surprised to find that this phrase, at least in the King James translation, originates in the New Testament, Acts 9:5.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019


Black-listed by Amazon, so to speak

Greg Johnson is the editor of the political and cultural website Counter Currents. Actually, full disclosure. He is therefore technically also my editor, as I have now written three pieces for the site. He is a prolific writer, one of the leading names in the disparate Alt. Right ‘movement’, and a white nationalist.
White nationalist’, ‘white separatist’, ‘white supremacisist’; the three epithets seem interchangeable, and certainly are used as such by the MSM. To me, they seem obviously different, they mean different things and attitudes and beliefs. But the Left are not interested in the meaning of language, merely in co-opting it and investing certain words and phrases with occult powers. White nationalists, in Johnson’s telling of the phrase, means just that. He and others like him wish for whites – the most intellectually and pragmatically able whites – to set up and inhabit their own nation states. This means separation from non-whites. Personally, I believe such ethno-states to be inevitable, and eastern Europe and parts of America seem the most likely spots for ethnic relocation. But white nationalism, Johnson writes, is not merely a geographical location. White nationalism also has its own epistemology;

In what sense do we stand for truth? White nationalists tell the truth about the difference between the races, the sexes, and national identities. We tell the truth about the differences between the normal and the abnormal, the healthy and the sick, the good and the evil, the just and the unjust. The rest of the political spectrum, however, is premised on telling lies about these distinctions or ignoring them completely. Political correctness is just a species of lying: lying about fundamental human differences’.

The above is from Truth, Justice and a Nice White Country, a collection of essays originally published in Counter Currents which I am re-reading.
It is easy and facile to dismiss Johnson as some tiresome old Nazi like Andrew Anglin, or a stern Aryan outrider like Richard Spencer. This is because the citizenry of the West, augmented as it is daily by ‘new citizens’ of the type to which Johnson is opposed, have been at first taught and later commanded to think in these categories.
Johnson is not monomaniacal about white separatism, but it does stake its claim to being thematic in the essays in this volume, be their ostensible concerns Ukraine, Islam, gay marriage, Scottish independence, debt repudiation, globalisation or the core project of white separatism itself. Another theme never far from Johnson’s writing is Jewry.
Johnson is unapologetically anti-Semitic. His animus is not the usual braying of the Jew-hater, it is sophisticated and does not invite violence or calumny. Indeed, Johnson fervently wishes for a successful, expansionist Israel, if only so that all the Jews of the world can go and live there.
My attitude towards the Jews remains unsettled, unclear. They run a disproportionate amount of the world’s media as well as the entertainment, itself fast becoming a subsidiary media outlet for propaganda. On the other hand, they are the only democracy in the Middle East, and should – although they don’t, really -provide a taming influence on the hopeless and belligerent Muslim enclaves that surround them. Yes, the holocaust happened, but the card has been overplayed. In addition to which, those other victims, the mentally handicapped, blacks, eastern Europeans, gypsies, even Freemasons who went to the gas are just a footnote in history’s black almanac.
My father taught me to be respectful of Jews. Growing up in the part of London he did – Willesden, for any Londoners reading this – he was familiar with Jews, went on to work in a film industry rife with Jews, and emphasised that what he liked about them was their ability to laugh at themselves. I was born in a Jewish Orthodox Hospital, but that is incidental. It was the closest hospital with a maternity unit the old man could reach with his motorcycle and sidecar.
But, as I say, my final verdict is far from being in. Let’s just said that the supposed united front of Jewry does not really exist. Too many of the Soros-type superjews (® Lennie Bruce) are only too happy to throw their co-religionists – or co-conspirators – under the Muslim express. Witness Europe, and the mini-diaspora taking many Jews back to Israel. But back to Johnson. Being hyper-critical to Hebrews does not, as it does with the Western Left, mean cosying up to Islam, of which he is rightly dismissive. Muslims are simply being used for the ‘slow, cold genocide’ Johnson opposes to the ‘fast, hot’ version.
Johnson also does what many on the Right fail to do; he sees the Left as an enemy to be feared. The vast majority of the British electorate have absolutely no idea what the course of their lives is going to become in the years to come if the Left continues its long march, a troop movement which has so far met with little resistance from the Right, many of whom were fifth columnists to begin with. As for your children, O blithe and unworried ones, you have brought them into a world for which they are not going to thank you.
The resistance, of course, should have come from white men, but they have been duped and spayed, marginalised and quasi-criminalised;

The rules of democratic politics are simple: every group can appeal to its particular interests except whites, particularly straight white males. Whites have no collective interests, only collective guilt for the sufferings of the rest of humanity. Any hint of positive white self-awareness, much less organised white-interest politics, is stigmatised as racism, nativism, even national Socialism – and we know where that leads’.

Johnson’s website Counter Currents should already be on your list of favoured blogs if it isn’t already. But then, I would say that, being one of its (minor) contributors. Even if you have no time at all for white separatism – and, as I say, I think it is only a matter of time and expediency – this collection of essays is so wide-ranging it detains the interest if only for its breadth of subject matter. Johnson is forthright, and the Right desperately needs some authentic moral self-belief. We are all tired of the Left having all the strong cards in that respect.
If you are white – and I have no way of knowing the ethnic readership of my currently dwindling readership - then be honest. Would you want to live in a nice white country? Not the way I have seen some whites behave, either as hooligans, psychopaths or incompetent dullards. I would prefer to live in a nice, intelligent country, with a population just as miscegenated as it wanted to be, provided superior social capital was there as breeding stock.
At the very least, Johnson will broaden the dimensions of what it is that drives the enemy, the Left, and I will leave the last word to him;

My hypothesis is that Leftists are physiologically addicted to righteous indignation, which they arouse by adopting simple and absolute values as the focus of moral fanaticism’.

Monday, 15 July 2019


The fairer sex

Oh Anne, don’t you cry.
Don’t you cry Anne.

Pavement, Ann

It’s all these cursed women!’, muttered Grimsby: ‘they’re the very bane of the world! They bring trouble and discomfort wherever they come, with their false, fair faces and their deceitful tongues’.

Anne Brontë, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

It was the women!

Nietzsche, from private correspondence

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about feminism. There isn’t time, not to think about feminism. At most, it is entertainment, a neurotic carnival for the enjoyment of me and others like me. Watch them tumble! Laugh at their outlandish costumes and funny make-up! Admire their tattoos. This is what a feminist looks like.
It is customary, at this point, for many of us, we men, to say, well, you know, of course women’s rights had to be fought for. Who says they were? Category mistake, old son. Just because something was fought for does not imply that it had to be fought for. Women got their emancipation at exactly the pace nature had set for them, no more and no less.
Civilisation, in the last few hundreds of years, has improved the lot of the vast majority of people on the planet, even if there are powerful factions who do not wish this, and so work against civilisation, ‘revolt against’ it, to quote Lothrop Stoddard again, a man I intend to read next.
This radical improvement of the lot of mankind included womankind, although you wouldn’t know it to loiter even briefly in some circles. Therein, masculinity is toxic, all men are potential rapists, all women who claim to have been raped back when there was still only black-and-white TV are to believed, little boys must be made to think they are little girls, or turned into homosexuals, televisual and cinematic art, along with advertising, have put into place policies and practice to belittle men. What happened to ‘thank you’?
Now, a big part of the feminist playground is critical theory. This fucking discipline has done untold harm both to the serious academic study of literature, and to the future enjoyment of literature by anyone unfortunate to have been drugged up to the eyeballs with this time-wasting, intellectually negligible codswallop.
The intention of critical theory is blameless. It is the application of its principles that is at fault. Instead of the valid project of understanding a text rather than simply consuming it and enjoying it – or not – critical theory prepares categories of oppression ready for the interpretation of any given text to be allotted to, particularly if it is a text by a white author. So it is that a text will be examined under the terms of critical theory, but its status has been decided in advance. The only results critical theory wishes to show in the white canon is that one or other book is racist, colonialist, sexist, homophobic and so on. There is probably some snowflake struggling somewhere right now in an attempt to prove that Galsworthy is transphobic.
When I first began to read pre-20th century literature, I see now – for this was many years ago – that I was not prepared for it. I was still under the heady spell of philosophy, and the strange brew of post-modernism and Derridean deconstruction. I have a different relationship with these works now. Sometimes, with faddish cults like critical theory, it can take a long time to shake the dust and begin again to indulge in what Roland Barthes called ‘the pleasure of the text’. Reading should be a part of the ongoing education everyone owes to themselves, not, or not merely, a means to strip a text down and see how it ticks.
For Anne Brontë’s characters in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, reading is a lazy pastime to wile away the hours. I knew very little about the Brontës prior to this reading, except that there were three of them published and that brother Bramwell (Branwell?) sounds like my kinda guy, big with the laudanum and the brandy. I read Wuthering Heights but, as I say, I was not yet ready for that which came before the thrills and spills of modernism and beyond. I was probably puzzled that Kate Bush wasn’t in it.
Anne’s novel is enjoyable if psychologically a little robotic, though masterful – mistressful? Her prose is spare and precise, but this emphasises the occasional incorporation of nature, usually as motif and obviously the descriptions are not in Hardy’s class, to illustrate Anne’s deceptively delicate style. One aspect of the novel, however, may well be a tributary flowing into the muddy river of contemporary feminism.
Every male character in the novel is a tapestry of failure, malice and deceit. The tale, which becomes a tale within a tale, somewhat in the manner of Conrad, changes sex as the female voice of Helen Huntingdon takes over from the male narrator, Gilbert Markham. But at every turn the verdict is the same; men are viewed as at best weak, lacking vital spark, and generally slow and stupid, or they are pompous, philandering, duplicitous piss-artists. Even their falling for Helen – which most of them do – is portrayed as a lack of emotional fortitude.
The bilious view Anne Brontë has of blokes is not fully a precursor to the modern Bacchae of the university departments, however. In modern feminist terms, men are to be despised and dispossessed because of their strength, because they were able to oppress women and so did, because their might was ‘toxic’ and responsible for a Pandora’s jar (it was never a box. Mistranslation) of box-fresh modern evils.
Bronte’s men are anything but strong. It is their weakness which so appalls the distressed anti-heroine Helen. So, we have two different feminisms, one which criticises men for their weaknesses, flaws and foibles, another which goes way beyond hatred in its condemnation of, essentially, men’s strength.
This is merely to point out that of course men are susceptible to criticism, both individual men for their actions, and men in general, in certain cultures for certain traits. And so are women. Feminism is one of the luxury conditions of the West, like being allergic to gluten. Without men, where do we women think they would be marching in their vulgar attire and stupid hats and ugly scarifications and facial ornamentation? Up some turnip-strewn cess-pit, is where, and they wouldn’t be marching anyway, they would be working to live. But, fortunately for them, they live in a time created by the greatest labour-saving device these ungrateful bitches could ever conceive of; men.

Sunday, 14 July 2019


Yes, 1980s Arsenal hard man Stevie Williams
is relevant to this post, actually

One way or another I’m gonna getcha.
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha!
One way or another…

Blondie, One Way or Another

The heroic Millwall football supporter who fought a man armed with a machete during the London Bridge Muslim terrorist attack, sustaining serious injury and shouting ‘fuck off, I’m Millwall’, has been placed on a terror watch list by the police.
The student who was ejected from class for saying there were only two genders was later suspended from the Scottish school. He was then expelled. He set up a Gofundme account to raise money. It was closed down by the company.
Sir Roger Scruton was quietly apologised to by the publication which caused him to be sacked from a government position which would have improved the quality of British people’s lives. This was done long after the white heat of the initial interview and resultant offence archaeology, had done nothing to restore Sir Roger’s reputation among the chattering classes of the Left, and has not led to his reinstatement.
A teacher had his YouTube videos taken down for showing images of Hitler. The man was a teacher, and the pictures were part of a teaching module.
Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned again for same crime, and sent to a prison housing some of the most dangerous Muslims in the prison community.
A woman who complained to police about Muslims praying in Hyde Park, when as she correctly pointed out this was against the rules covering London’s parks, she was told by an officer that the police had been told to ignore it, as some laws are ‘discretionary’. The officers took the elderly woman’s details. Later in the week, she answered the door to police officers and was dragged out of her home and arrested. One of the officers was yelling, DO NOT RESIST US! I have been unable to find what happened to her next.
For the state and its media enforcers, it is not what happens, it’s what happens next to the person who made it happen. Smears are no longer confined to the world of politics. Ordinary people are smeared, traduced, rubbished and harassed in the UK for doing that which you must not do, which is, to borrow from journalist Steve Sailer, noticing. If you notice what the state has instructed you to ignore, you face the consequences, newly instituted as they may be. Dr. Anthony Napoleon PhD and Yevgeni Yevtushenkov,, authors of A Look Inside the Playbook: How Marxists Plan to Destroy America, write that ‘Marxists always work in stealth mode to effectuate their revolution’.
When I used to go and watch Arsenal play in the 1980s, they had a bit of a hooligan in the midfield name of Steve Williams. Now, Steve was always in the thick of things and liked to mix it up. Arsenal have long been known as, shall we say, a fiery team. In the 90s, while working behind a bar in Chelsea, I asked a friendly professional football referee who happened to be dining at the restaurant to name the team it was most difficult to referee. He answered unhesitatingly; Arsenal.
Any road up, If an Arsenal player got clattered by a member of the opposing team, and was not booked for the perceived offence, a chant would begin among the Arsenal fans, a low murmur at first, then a rhythmic mantra which bloomed into the berserker rap of a football crowd;
Stevie’s gonna getcha. Stevie’s gonna GETCHA! STEVIE’S GONNA GETCHA! STEVIE’S GONNA GETCHA!’
It would probably be incitement to violence now, but the point is that the state have much the same expectant attitude towards perceived wrongdoers. We’re gonna getcha.
Tommy Robinson is a test. He isn’t even a canary in a coalmine because the state is already aware that poisonous gas is present in the atmosphere and it knows this to a certainty because it created that atmosphere. I have long been of the opinion that the states across Europe – how the elites would love it if I had to write ‘the state of Europe’! - are quite deliberately fomenting civil war because then they are justified, in their own all-seeing eyes, in going full totalitarian.
I wonder if any studies have been made of the very first arrests made under various totalitarian regimes, arrests that ended in the death of the convicted man. How long was it after the first that others followed? At what point does the state know it can act with impunity? Thousands of people are already being arrested in the UK for ‘hate speech’ crimes, and this at a time in which violent crime in London – to take just one example – is increasing, little by little, week on week. This tells you the state’s priorities.
In Paris, hundreds of members of the Gilets noirs – a play on the Gilets Jaunes or yellow vests but this time with illegal African immigrants – just invaded the Pantheon, waving their demands for citizenship papers and chanting. They filled the hall. The police arrived and stood at the back in a line. You know, of course, why they were there. They were there in case any real Parisians turned up to take issue with the invaders, in more senses than simply invading a public space. The Gilets Noirs were heard chanting that ‘France is not for the French’.
Then who is France for? Islam, obviously. But stating that most obvious of facts on social media will earn you the state’s reward, if not now then later, particularly if your case gets anywhere near the MSM. The state can wait.
This all feels Cromwellian to me, like civil war really is coming. I read a biography of Cromwell and came away none the wiser. I think I had better redouble my efforts. The state and a section of the British people are in very serious disagreement. In any serious dispute, the key would lie with the rest of the great mass Of British people concerned for their future. Where would they place their allegiance? So the future may lie, as Orwell wrote, with the proles.

Saturday, 13 July 2019


Mark his words. The Diceman gets the gig

For many on the Alt. Right, the god-emperor Donald Trump has failed to deliver. He is like Zeus having a bad day at the office, having failed to get laid by changing into some animal, having no thunder-bolts because Hephaestus is behind on his work schedule, and the other gods of Olympus are all creating.
Now, in his defence, Trump faces a seriously deranged Democrat Party, a beyond-batshit media, and most of his own party, who are elephants in donkey’s clothing. Or is it the other way around? I get confused. It’s like looking at one of those electoral maps of the USA and mentally having to flip blue to red and vice versa, red in the UK being the colour of the Socialist Labour Party and blue that of the Conservative Party, although actual conservatives in their ranks are as rare as rubber Johnny machines in Vatican City.
Now, Trump has a chance to redeem himself in front of a chorus of the censored, the unheard, the gagged; a social media summit at the White House. But this is not a jolly for the big boys. Facebook and Twitter aren’t invited, which at least means we don’t have to look at that dweeby little tit Zuckerberg.
No, Trump will be preaching to the disaffected, the conservative voices who are being stifled on social media by a Silicon Valley that is beginning to resemble the Kremlin. Only the prettiest special snowflake or the wiliest spin doctor could claim that there is not wholesale social media censorship of voices coming from anywhere even vaguely Right wing. It is not even up for debate. The social science is settled.
Apart from Charlie Kirk and Tim Pool, I don’t recognise any of the attendees whose names I heard, and I keep my ear to the ground pretty assiduously with dissident content providers. As Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) says, Tim Pool is hardly a ‘Right-wing provocateur’, which is what Britain’s hard Left Guardian newspaper branded those present. Charlie Kirk is a fairly straightforward Conservative and working pal of Candace Owens, but all these people are being treated by the Left as though this were at the very least a Klan meeting and at worst a Nuremburg rally.
Actually, and as we pride ourselves here at The Traumaville Examiner on rolling news, I have just been informed that Mark Dice – the Diceman, to me – was also in attendance. Actually, I saw that on one of his videos, but I am glad he got the nod. As I have said in his favour before, his videos are funny, incisive and short. He describes the summit as ‘the start of the pushback’. I hope so. Someone needs to start it before we are all forced to paint our faces with rainbows or face punishment beatings by burqa-clad trans-women.
In response to the summit, the Leftist media have gone into that type of rictus that afflicts them any time they suspect that Right-wing voices are being heard from anywhere but the defendant’s dock in a courtroom. Now, the Left don’t really like the internet very much. For them, it is either an echo-chamber in which they can have their infantile certainties confirmed by others just like them, parsimonious of imagination, charmless, angry and ungrateful, or it is an arena in which they always lose. They can’t debate, they can’t meme, they lack erudition and they don’t have a sense of humour These are all entry-level kit requirements for an adult political animal before going anywhere the internet. One of the best things about Facebook is the knockabout banter. No Leftist is capable of humour that doesn’t deprecate someone better than they are. The internet, for the Left, is as though they have ridden a bicycle in a wobbly circle round the playground, only to see another boy take the same bicycle and astonish the other kids with a repertoire of BMX tricks.
And so they default to the classic Leftist stratagem; censorship. Incidentally, do you know how you can tell which political ‘side’ runs a country, regardless of which party is ‘in power’? The side allowed to censor. Tattoo that on your arm.
Censorship is an interesting concept. I don’t know the original German, but Freud writes about the censor, operating between the unconscious and the ego of everyday life, only allowing certain thoughts up out of the basement. But that is another thread. Censorship in the West is approaching Stalinist or Maoist levels.
And censorship is not merely of who you may or may not watch on the internet. It is not simply aimed at de-monetising hobbyist content providers. It is not only algorithms. There is censorship in the real world, only the stakes are higher than a view count.
Censorship is one of the reasons Tommy Robinson has been sent back to prison, apparently in HMP Belmarsh, described somewhere – can’t remember where – as a ‘Jihadi training camp’. Censorship is not just concerned with staunching certain sources of information – and boosting others – but also with signals, messages, the organisation of a system of semiotics that makes it clear to those flirting with dissident ideas; Don’t do it.
And for all the strength which the ability to censor implies, fear and insecurity are the sub-strata beneath the Left’s obsession with silencing absolutely any voice which speaks, or even considers the possibility of speaking, against them. Imagine an internet which was, to coin a phrase, a level playing field. There is now no censorship, and the whole of the web is effectively covered by America’s First Amendment. Hands up – not like that, Hans – who thinks that this new, liberated internet is the portal to jack-boots, kristallnacht and Zyklon-B? Thought not. The Left, ultimately, don’t care about outcomes. They are nihilists. All they are concerned with is power now.
If a Kestrel seizes a vole on a motorway embankment, he is not censoring the little creature, he is killing it to eat. It has the same effect as censorship, though. The world shall hear no more from the tiny rodent.
History shows that when the hegemons – as we will call those in power for now – realise they can censor a certain amount of speech or text, they won’t stop there. The thrill of seeing how far you can go is too impelling. The Left, as they accrue more power across Europe and America despite being outnumbered and out-gunned, will not stop with punking some kid on YouTube with 50,000 subscribers. They will go the extra mile for you, if they get to the levers of power and play Oz for a day. The extra mile to the gulag.