Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Cellphones charged? Charge!

An eagle-eyed journalist friend in London alerts me to this specious piece in The Washington Post by the man Peter Hitchens refers to as ‘the Blair creature’. Tony Blair is, in many ways, the man most responsible for the current blight afflicting Britain, and even hardened Leftists balk at his behaviour over the Second Gulf War. This piece, however, has to do with his globalist, open borders agenda. It is a piece which exactly represents the man who wrote it: wily, underhanded, cliché-ridden, thoroughly dishonest and dangerous.

Like all journalism written by politicians, it is painfully trite, with no original sentence construction, a constant flow of approved state-speak, and leavened with cliché. Now, politicians like to repeat certain focus group-endorsed phrases as a way of hypnotising their audience, and this rhetorical method borrows heavily from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a cultish technique with personality manipulation as its goal. One such buzzword, or buzzphrase if you like, is repeated by Blair:

“Of course, politicians of all persuasions have an obligation to call out prejudice and fight attempts to use immigration as a means of exploiting fears in order to sow division.

“This (a paper being prepared by Blair’s sinister institute) is needed to reduce the space for populists to use immigration as a tool to exploit people’s legitimate fears, sow division and delegitimize liberal democratic institutions.” (Italics added)

Populism is, of course, the new racism, as that hackneyed phrase rides into the sunset, its job done. But Blair’s equation requires that we pause for thought and look at the associations he is making.

Blair is singing a popular globalist hymn. The undeniable division that exists between two rapidly polarizing factions of Western societies is, for the globalist Sorosistas, entirely a creation of ‘populist’ politicians. There is no space in the Progressivist curriculum for the notion that ordinary people – that class so despised by the elites – might have examined the facts and consequences of mass immigration, and divided themselves from the ruinous consensus. This goes to the heart of the elite worldview; small folk never arrive at a conclusion themselves, but are always guided and manipulated by those in a position to do so. Of course, this must be organized and engineered by the technocratic elites, who always know best, and never by those who champion the notion that their country has a sovereign right to exist unmolested by the demands of bankers, globalists, and careerist politicos. The concept is exactly consistent with the prevailing – and long-standing - Leftist belief that people are not free agents, but automata to be engineered and regulated by experts. The machine metaphor has never been far from Socialist thought.

What is true, though, is that division exists, and that it most certainly has been ‘sown’. Working on the thoroughly accurate principle that you can reverse anything that the likes of Blair say and you will be closer to the truth than you were before, the guiding question is who has been doing the sowing, and what it is that will be reaped.

The main division is a cultural one, and brings to mind the late Andrew Breitbart’s maxim that politics is downstream from culture. Never has opinion not only been so divided, but had that division codified and rigidly applied, with serious consequences for one side of the resultant divide. The orthodoxy is not merely an attitudinal one, or a result of sober debate. It is a series of diktats which grows longer by the week, and whose table of the law is rigidly maintained and policed. With ‘fascism’ as the end result of every Leftist flow-chart which pertains to those who do not agree with them, correct opinion – Orwellian Goodthink - is, in the eyes of the Left, as immutable as Newton’s three laws of thermodynamics.

Mildly concerned about mass immigration and its possible effects on you, your family and your community? You’re a fascist. Unsure as to whether your very small children should be lectured in their schoolrooms by transgender pantomime dames? You’re a fascist. Without being a Trump supporter, you believe that at least he should have a chance to govern a country in deep financial and social trouble? You’re a fascist. See Brexit, agree with it or not, as the legitimate will of the people mandated by a democratic vote? You’re a fascist. Skeptical about the wisdom of importing hundreds of thousands of adherents to a religion about which you have your doubts? Well, to quote John Fogarty, I guess y’all know that tune.

Essentially, if you don’t tick every single box on the cultural Marxist handbill, you are literally Hitler. It is amusing to see the occasional Leftist pundit step out of line, and to watch the resultant feeding frenzy as his erstwhile colleagues writhe and contort in an epileptoid seizure of righteous and zealous rage. And, as you might expect since the world went through the looking-glass, the truth is exactly the opposite.

We now live in a world in which self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ behave exactly like the goons employed by Mussolini, Hitler and Sir Oswald Mosley. Charlotesville was a peaceful demonstration which quickly descended into violence when Antifa psychotics attacked the protesters. And more. What was particularly frightening about that day was that the police, who are supposed to be present to keep order, allowed violent disorder by standing back and letting the attacks commence. There are increasing instances of the police standing down, but only when demonstrators from the dissident right are coming under attack. The same phenomenon is seen in Europe at PEGIDA demonstrations, which are routinely peaceful but come attack from the hard Left.

So then, Mr Blair. It is not populist governments or politicians – meaning governments and politicians who are actually popular with their own people – who are to blame for ‘sowing division’. It is the globalist elites, the mass media, the insane and warped world of academia, the police, and the provisional wing of the new world order, broadly known as Antifa, who are sowing division. Ordinary, real people don’t want your weaselly concept of managed migration. They want to get on with their lives without being labelled as racist simply because they object to their children being taught about Mohammed and sent on a compulsory visit to a cosmetically treated mosque.

The world is polarising, sharply and quickly. There is already much talk of a ‘cold civil war’ in the USA, and Europe is edging towards civil strife as the battle lines are drawn, the tents pitched, the swords sharpened. People like Blair, of course, desire and thrive on this division. To believe otherwise is to sow division in your very self.

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