Sunday, 7 January 2018


Problem or solution?

The British government has admitted that it does not know where hundreds of ‘British’ Muslims who have fought for ISIS are currently residing. I should look at council housing, if I were you. But what do I know? Muslim fifth columnist, and a major cog in Muslim high command in Britain, Sadiq Khan, was humiliated on television last year when he admitted it was impossible to track all the jihadis in London, the city of which he is mayor. But inside himself he will have countered this humiliation with the warm glow of success. He knows where they are, alright. He just doesn’t want the security services, the ones still loyal to their people, to know. That would spoil things.

Old Traumavillians will have heard this gag before. If I were of the Mohameddan persuasion, and decided it was time to whack some kufr in the name of Allah the Merciful, boy could I get a kill list. Back to London, round to my mate’s office, couple of good-quality shooters, Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, and target practice. So this whole riff about impending danger from 2,000 Islamist cells is just piss-water. There is no such thing. But, no bogeyman, no Traumaville. Keep ‘em scared, and make it look as though only the government can save you. Balls.

There will be another ‘terrorist’ attack in London when Sadiq Khan and his handlers sign one off, and not before. These wraith-like jihadis are largely mythical. And that needs to change. Let me tell you about my perfect weekend.

Friday night. Four bombs detonate, more or less simultaneously, on the Parisian Metro. Dozens of fatalities, hundreds of wounded and maimed. As security services rush to the scenes, a phalanx of Muslim youth, taking time off from torching their neighbours’ cars, wade through the banlieues wielding machetes, cutting down anyone deemed non-Muslim. While the news networks are still trying to cover and come up with excuses, we switch to Rome.

A few hours later, a dirty bomb detonates just outside Vatican City. Rome is evacuated, and surrounding provincial hospitals are choked with Italians who are themselves choking.

An hour later, in Malmö, Sweden, a veritable army kills everyone who is not Muslim. Native Swedes are forced to their knees and told to recite at least one sura from the Koran. If they cannot, their heads are cut off. Grenades are hurled through windows, as are smoke bombs. When the Swedes inside run from their homes to escape the carnage inside, they are cut down as the Koran instructs.

At the same time, in Berlin, a school parade is decimated by Muslims bearing automatic weapons.

Simultaneously, in London, a man posing as the caretaker of a block of flats takes twenty hostages. After a forty-hour standoff with police, he kills them all, and then kills himself.

There. Would that be enough? You cannot seriously tell me that this is not a possible outcome of decent and competent co-ordination. We are constantly told, by the linemen who patrol the picket fences of Traumaville, that returning Muslims have had military training, are lethal and organised killing machines. Then these cretins attempt a terrorist attack with a kitchen knife and end up stabbing themselves or tripping on their own shoe-laces. It’s all eyewash, pure apple sauce, to quote Bertie Wooster once more.

But I wish it were not.

If the men – the real men – of Europe are to get their arses off the sofa, get off the X-Box, stop watching the soccer, get out of the hip bars, stop mountain-biking, leave the porn alone, forget about management bonding exercises and rise up and drive European Islam into the ground like a tent-peg, I fear it would take something like the above set of scenarios to achieve it. Even then, I think some of them would wait until half-time.

Muslim high command, and even the lowliest sandman with access to SKY News, must be open-mouthed with amazement that European men have not risen up and flushed them out with a farewell boot up the arse. What does it take? Can you imagine if the West tried to colonise Arabia? The blood would literally flow in the streets. There would not be a rock left in the Levant. I hate to bang the drum until the skin cracks, but we would do well to remember Nietzsche’s comment concerning Islam, that it at least assumes that it is dealing with men.

So, welcome ISIS. Please come back. We need your aggression and violence. We require slaughter. You follow a death cult, so please come and practice what your imam preaches. Hack away, shoot into crowds, particularly at children. Heads must roll and homosexuals must fly from buildings. Women, and particularly young girls, must be raped sore. We want you here. Refugees, welcome.

There is, of course, a counter-movement in Europe. The counter-jihadis are active. This does not register on the MSM, naturally, and if it is absolutely imperative to mention it, the phrase ‘far Right’ will never be far away. A million Poles recently prayed along the borders of their country. Their country. The Poles suffered just as much as any Jew in the Second World War. Poland is Polish, as it should be. The occasion of this mass pray-in was the anniversary of a victory against the forces of Islam. The MSM called this display of nationalism and Christian religion ‘a worrying expression of Islamophobia’. It made me want to be Polish.

But we know the only factor that will make Western men – not Western women, who are largely a waste of time – rise up against the invading hordes of Reconquista will be complete economic breakdown. This is profoundly to be wished for. If the money runs out, several things will happen.

Firstly, the benefits system in Europe, which draws so many Mohammedans like moths to the proverbial flame, will no longer be able to function.

Next, mass unemployment will incentivise the indigenous people to flush out the toxins from the European body.

Also, the elites will have run out of time. I can see revolution following from a great depression.

In the meantime, let as many violent Islamists into Europe as you can. Once the killing starts, I may even buy a television.

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