Wednesday, 10 January 2018


How low can you go?

Down down.

Deeper and down.

Status Quo

The twin political upsets of Trump’s election and the vote in favour of the UK leaving the European Union are producing a tremendous rearguard action by the establishments on both sides of the herring pond. Neither victory will, de facto, be allowed to take place. Trump is being opposed by all the artillery the Left can muster – it has been noted that the north American media are effectively the opposition party - and Brexit is being sabotaged by the familiar ruse of Socialist complication, and aided and abetted by a Prime Minister and governing party who have absolutely no intention of letting their pension pots slip away by leaving Europe.

What, however, is the nature of this new establishment? In pre-1970s Britain, the establishment was easily recognised. It was the rich and the powerful, cloaked as they were in the raiments of ‘the great and the good’. They were, of course, nothing of the sort, but they have been displaced by an upstart class, and the original ruling aristocracy, for all their faults, now look like choirboys in the context of those that have taken their place.

Now, in Britain certainly and seemingly in the US, the establishment has been made far more egalitarian, one area in which this chimerical and ostensible goal of the Progressive Left has succeeded beyond their most fabulous dreams. The enemies of ordinary people are no longer the landed gentry with their country mansions and their gentlemen’s clubs in Chelsea in London. The enemy now work in the social services. They are police officers. They are teachers. They are NHS managers. They are journalists. They work a desk away from you and, if you are not thinking what they are thinking, they are watching you.

They do not, of course, all believe in what they are promulgating, but the deep state – and it is a good enough phrase – has made certain that inauthenticity has become common currency. There is now a set of protocols which are not the subject of individual choice, but are increasingly mandatory on pain of unemployment, social ostracisation and even prison. The policemen and women, for example, who harass and hound Tommy Robinson in England will largely agree with what he has to say about Islam. But to give voice to this agreement will render them unemployed and unemployable at a stroke. Things are changing quickly. Every day in the UK is a small October Revolution and, even if there are Mensheviks, they had better look, speak and act like Bolsheviks, otherwise it is the social gulag for them.

As for the éminences grises behind this heart of darkness, arguments have been raging on the dissident Right for some time. Is it the Jews? Is it the bankers? The globalists? The Progressive Left? The Illuminati? Space Lizards? Some curious Venn sector where all or some of these intersect? It scarcely matters.

What does matter is that a malevolent part of humanity seeks ultimate power over the rest, over the little people, over me and you. And they will not stop and it does not look as though they can be stopped.

This is a problem with which you can wrangle until those genetically modified cows come home, or until the hell in which the West no longer believes freezes over in defiance of theories of global warming. It cannot simply be money, unless the acquisition of sheer wealth is a competition over-riding all others. We recall the scene in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho in which Stephen Bateman, the insane and extremely wealthy protagonist, is incensed because a rival has a more expensive and classy business card than he does. I suppose it happens. I am rich, but he is that little bit richer than me. Therefore I need more money, and I don’t give a fish’s tit how I get it.

Materialism, I suppose, breeds these species like malevolent hothouse plants, the flowers of evil. It is difficult for me to understand the lure of money because I am not materialistic, at least not in terms of consumption. I have been dirt-poor. I haven’t got a pot to piss in now, but I am alive and reveling in it. But we must always resist the natural temptation to view the world refracted through the prism of our own individual selves as the only world available for inspection, the cell in which we are and will remain securely locked as the only cell. I am not you, nor can I ever be, and I would not expect you to share my value system. Christ, I hope for your sake and that of your loved ones that you don’t.

As I wrote to a friend the other day, the other option is that some men – and it is mostly men, which reflects history – simply like to use their wealth in order to see and treat the world as a gigantic chess board. And it must be tempting, to have the financial leverage and the political reputation to be able to trickle human beings through your splayed fingers as though they were so many grains of sand. There has been much speculation as to whether the world’s leaders are psychopathic, have under-developed amygdalas, lack all notion of conscience in the same way as serial killers do, and so on. Modern politicians certainly display a quasi-autistic lack of empathic vitality which indicates something along those lines. But I am no expert.

A lack of empathy is something I recognise. The suffering of humans has never particularly bothered me. The suffering of animals, however, even in films, is something I cannot contemplate. Working at the animal sanctuary here in Costa Rica can be very difficult. That natural empathic link that humans are supposed to feel for one another is not entirely absent in me, but it is severely diminished. Perhaps, at the end of the line on which I am a way station, there are those people who could, in another era, knit under a guillotine.

Certainly, to be a Stalin or a Mao or a Pol Pot, to allow one’s own people to die in their millions, must take either a dysfunction or a hideous strength unknown to most mortals. If the elites, the stygian commanders of this newly discovered deep state, have that, heaven help us all.

But regardless of the psychological condition of its members, the deep state is here, and it is an enemy to be feared. The coming battles will decide whether or not its dreams become reality. If so, it is not a world in which anyone reading this will enjoy living, breathing, and having their being.

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