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The Leftist media, earlier today

Raheem Kassam is editor of Breitbart, former senior adviser to Nigel Farage, and is now, according to the Communist publication The Guardian, ‘the new face of the hard Right’. As far as the present writer is concerned, the last epithet alone is sufficient to clothe the man in imperial purple and wind laurels around his head.

Kassam, dapper and rugged in equal measure, has the type of impeccable ethnic minority credentials that would usually have the Left sniffing round him like a dog with his owner’s aniseed-coated leg. On the other hand, he disqualified himself from the attention of the Left, in any but a hostile way, by making a major faux pas. Born to Tanzanian Gujarati immigrants, Kassam was raised in the Ishmaili sect of Shia Islam. But he is an apostate, having been enlightened by Christopher Hitchens and become an atheist. Having left Islam, of course, already guarantees him a sentence of death from that most tolerant of religions.

The equally tolerant Guardian has bestowed on Kassam the role of figurehead to the new Right after an interview on SKY news with a news anchor who perfectly encapsulates the personality type that runs through the modern British media like a candied name through a stick of rock. The interview can be found here, and I discovered it on YouTube after the Breitbart version was disappointingly run with the audio track only.

The first thing you notice is the petulant tone of the interviewer. Anyone who has seen Jon Snow interviewing Jacob Rees-Mogg will already have had a masterclass in Left-wing media petulance. It is the ‘shambles’ interview here. The other character, incidentally, is Keir Starmer, a particularly oily specimen of the political class, and a disgrace to his old school, Reigate Grammar, where he was a year below me, along with Quentin Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim.

And so I watched the blacked-out video wondering what the lisping, stroppy, sarcastic interviewer looked like. I pictured one of those pasty, whey-faced little SJWs who infest the TV media. I was wrong. When I discovered the YouTube version, I saw that he was, as my nan would have said, as black as your hat. This, of course, goes some way to explaining the grievance-soaked, uppity tone he adopts while talking to Kassam.

When the audio link goes, this stuttering, fey little jackanape says ‘what a crying shame’ and, when sound is restored, says it is ‘smashing’ with ill-disguised sarcasm. He also has a dreadful speaking voice for a news anchor. Every time he tries to say ‘President Trump’ it sounds like ‘prescient Trump’, and in this at least he may be correct. But as for his childish tone, what type of news service thinks that this is good interview technique? It just makes the whole station look like what it is, a moody exercise in infantile Left-wing activism, lacking in intelligence but high on petulant foot-stamping. Kassam, in contrast, is suave and calm as he builds up to the payoff line.

The interviewer relishes using the word ‘shithole’ when relaying Trump’s now-famous quip. In fact, the Leftist media all did the same, CNN repeating the term 36 times on Thursday. Kassam’s inquisitor, Kamal something or other, repeats the word four times in five and a half minutes. The interview is quickly wound up, however, when Kassam does the same thing, and for an easily recognisable reason. After embarrassing little Kamal with his knowledge of crime statistics in the capital, Kassam describes Sadiq Khan’s London as a ‘shithole’. Well, that is enough for the aggrieved ethnic minoritarian, and the interview is over.

I have said many times that Left-wing thinking and behavior in the modern West displays a definite psychopathology, but I may have missed the obvious. Perhaps the psychopathology is actually a condition all of us have suffered from at one time, the same way you get measles or the mumps. Perhaps the psychopathology of the Left simply reduces to childishness.

It would be possible to respect the Left and, by extension, the media, if they didn’t act like angry and frustrated children. It is exactly the same in the USA. But childishness, and its attendant lack of sophistication, is the new cultural marque in the West.

Selwyn Duke makes a good point in a piece for American Thinker;

‘It’s the Left that, mainly via entertainment, has coarsened society, defining deviancy downwards and normalising vulgarity. This is why the younger generations now use profanity, publicly, as a matter of course.’

This is undeniably true. Diana West’s The Death of the Grown Up thematises this whole shift from society as a functional expression of maturity and adulthood to an increasingly juvenile and, following on from that, infantile society. As West writes;

‘Chucking maturity for eternal youth may have created the culture of perpetual adolescence, but it should now become apparent that it isn’t the same thing as achieving cultural longevity. The question is, what if turns out that forever young is fatal?’

There is a cult of youth in the West, and particularly in the USA. Argument is now childish, plastic surgery is a boom industry, older people increasingly dress as big children, floppy T-shirts, coloured play shoes, shorts. I wear shorts here in Costa Rica because the daytime is blazingly hot. In the evening, however, I would no more wear shorts than I would wear a pink pussy hat. The cool of the evening, however, doesn’t dissuade the north Americans from donning their big-boy shorts.

Kassam’s calm under fire shows what adulthood is. One can only hope that his example will be adhered to by the dissident Right, who are not without their own toy-throwing temper tantrums. But the Left are setting the pace when it comes to pathetic, lip-trembling, infantile shows of petulance and incoherent rage. Please do us all a favour, SKY, the BBC, and just about every other media outlet in the Western world. The grown-ups are talking and, if you can’t behave, you will have to sit at the special table.

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