Saturday, 6 January 2018


He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy

Social media is a blessing and a curse. It allows contact between friends in an entirely novel way, although it has undoubtedly killed the art of letter writing. It can be a source of information, although not always the exact information the poster intended. And it is a conduit for opinion. In internet terms, it is the coin of the realm. But there is an obverse to every coin.

I keep off Facebook now except to promote my music. I deactivated my old personal account months ago, losing contact with the vast majority of my friends as I did so. The reason was politics. I had long noticed that politics was entirely permissible on Facebook, provided it was utterly conformist. This conformity is instituted in two ways.

Firstly, and as is now well known, Facebook and Twitter, the giants in the field, are not even bothering to hide the fact that they are agents of the deep state. Zuckerberg in particular is what P G Wodehouse would term an oily little tic. It is now commonplace for Facebook accounts that do not conform to the new orthodoxy to be removed, while questionable accounts remain as long as they march in lockstep, or are approved by the social media gauleiters as disruptive of and harmful to anyone who is even a fraction of an inch outside of what is acceptable to the Progressive neo-Marxists who now run culture.

Secondly, I became disgusted by the attitudes and remarks of many people I knew, some since school. I was confronted with ‘friends’ who had never, ever said one word to make me think they had even an entry-level knowledge either of politics or of Islam. Then, suddenly and miraculously, after Trump and Brexit, they were all experts. I was interested to learn that I could drop contact with 90% of the people I knew with no personal qualms at all. Politics and culture, the decaying state of the modern world, are far more important than mere friendship, I’m afraid. So goodbye all.

Twitter has banned many people, including the present writer, for Wrongthink. The latest example is Bosch Fawstin, ex-Muslim, cartoonist, and winner of the Draw Mohammed competition. He had said nothing offensive or which broke any of Twitter’s house rules. He simply criticised Islam.

What are these market leaders trying to prove? There is an argument that it would be commercial suicide for them to go up against the deep state. If Merkel wants Zuckerberg to ‘do more’ to combat ‘hate speech’ - that chimerical construction which is helping our enemies control the field of battle – and he refuses to do so, then I imagine that the German, and therefore the European, authorities could make it tough for him in business terms. Facebook regularly bans accounts critical of Islam, and Islam’s hostility to Jews is axiomatic. Zuckerberg, as his name suggests, is a Jew. It seems odd, but Jews who are willing to throw their co-religionists under the bus of state, or to the wolves of Islam and its SJW supporters, are nothing new.

There are, of course, alternative platforms to the big two. But many of them are facile echo-chambers, and the significance of the creeping censorship of viewpoints inimical to the globalists is that it is the big boys who are helping the bigger boys.

Social media is also providing police forces across Europe with a new and effortless way to improve their solved crime statistics. And how much more agreeable to kick in the door of an armchair Tweeter than to go up against a knife-wielding thug! The age of the political prisoner is here, and the imprisonment of individuals for the crime of Tweeting unapproved messages also helps to explain the laxity with which those who commit genuine crimes are treated. As Anthony Burgess has the politician say in A Clockwork Orange, soon we will be needing our jails for political prisoners.

So social media is increasingly a tool of the state. As soon as the elites require the closing down of free speech, the big platforms can’t jump high enough. Using the spurious notion of ‘fake news’, which is what the elites call Wrongthink, it will be possible to mute any dissenting voices at crucial periods. Elections, for example. Bland French Socialist glove-puppet Emanuel Macron has just suggested that certain websites be blocked completely during elections. And so the frog in the pan slowly boils.

One is entitled to ask; what have we done? Placed under surveillance, fired from gainful employment, imprisoned for a few words on a social media platform, ostracised by the good-thinkers, banned, no-platformed, hated and shunned. For dissent? Remind you of anything? Soviet Russia, perhaps, or Communist China, or Cuba, or North Korea, or Iran, or any of the other hellholes of repression that have always befouled the world? If the proclaimers of certain points of view are massed against to the extent that this is happening in the 21st century, one feels entitled to feel one is on the right track.

As I said with reference to the media, leave social media. Oh, you are not exactly going to sting them or harm their advertising revenue, but it may consolidate your own position in your own eyes. I was constantly told to ‘just be nice’ on social media, but the world is not a nice place. The demands of authenticity insist that you call the world as you see it, and what I see disgusts and revolts me.

Again, the perennial question simply will not stop pulling on my coat.


Why do the elites want to import hundreds of thousands of unskilled Muslims into their countries, knowing full well that they will depress wages for the black working class they previously venerated? Why are they trying to warp the minds of innocent children with a grotesque carnival of sexual perversion and illness? Why are they trying to destroy white people and everything they have achieved? Why are they determined to wipe out freedom of thought and speech? Why are they determined that culture reflect the basest of intellectual requirement? Why are they destroying education? What is the guiding principle? The modern world is run by elites and their cohorts who represent the very worst type of nihilism, but I do not understand the reason why.

I can live without Facebook and I can live without Twitter. But I can’t live without the answer to the question as to what we have done that is so wrong.

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