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The state of Welsh Leftist theatre

British readers will be familiar with the name Katie Hopkins, and likely with the woman herself. A funny, sassy blonde, Hopkins has made something of a name for herself by putting her head above the parapet on the subject of Islam. North American readers will probably not know of her, and may not know just how dangerous it is to criticise – which generally means to tell the truth about – the Religion of Peace™ in Britain. This speech will give you an excellent idea of where Katie Hopkins stands.
This is somewhat more frivolous, a collage of her more snarky moments, but it made me laugh, and that is a rare thing in these unamusing, Leftist times. 

Hopkins was originally a reality TV star on a programme called The Apprentice, in which contestants would seek to impress a panel of business-people with their proposed commercial plans. As they fell by the wayside, they were fired by the panel. I believe Donald Trump was a panelist in the concomitant US programme. Hopkins was unpopular on the programme, despite her articulacy, because she voiced controversial views. The cultural orthodoxy runs deep in Britain.

She went on to be an equally controversial columnist on a local paper, then secured work at The Sun and The Mail Online, both big-selling titles even in this era of the decline of the print media. She also hosted a show on LBC, London’s main talk radio station. All her contracts have either been terminated or not renewed, and almost always because of comments concerning Islam. She has, in short, been fired more times than I have, which is saying something.

Now, Hopkins is the subject of a musical. So far, so bizarre. What is the title of this toe-tapper?

The Assassination of Katie Hopkins.

Now, this is deliberately provocative. This is not art in and of itself, it is a vicious PR exercise whose aim is to fulfil exactly the promise of the title. The producers of this tawdry exercise would like nothing more than for Hopkins to be killed. We are in a situation where the Left are edging towards outright death threats. Twitter allows this, of course, while banning those who make the slightest of remarks against a preferred victim group. There are so many #KillAllWhiteMen hashtags, or something similar, that it is becoming a bore. All I can say is, bring it, bitches. And don’t bring a pussy hat to a gunfight.

The Left is actively pushing for the death of critics of both itself and its best new friend, Islam. They regularly make online death threats which, had they been made by a Right-winger, would have produced apoplectic responses from the malevolent Left.  Do you recall failing comedienne Kathy Griffin, and the picture of her, grim-faced and apparently holding up the bloodied head of Donald Trump? These people know perfectly well that these images have an excellent chance of triggering at least one of the mentally unstable hordes that have flocked to the Left because to do otherwise is to be one of the Wrongfolk. As for Muslims, well. They don’t exactly need provocation. In the UK, there is a phrase for a person in a bad mood. We say that they ‘got out the wrong side of bed this morning’. Muslim beds do not have a right side. It’s rage all the way down.

Here is a thought experiment. Imagine that Trump is gunned down tomorrow. Can you picture the glee on the Left? Can you see, in your mind’s eye, the romping in the fields of Twitter and Facebook, the sheer joy of the malevolent Left? Why, incidentally, is it the mind’s eye? We generally have two eyes. H G Wells writes that, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. But I digress.

Do you remember the jigs and reels the Left danced when Margaret Thatcher died? I don’t hold a torch for Thatcher, but that is not the point. These are genuinely nasty people, and this phenomenon does not exist, to any meaningful extent, on the Right. If Tommy Robinson were to be killed tomorrow – and it is amazing that he is still alive – the joy on Twitter would be unconfined.

The company producing this musical is Theatr Clwyd, Taffs as the name suggests. Their website is here.
If you wish, you can go and see the show, of course, although under Islamic rule it would not even be producible, as music is haram. Also, if you so wish, you can email the artistic director, Tamara Harvey. Her email address is here.
Here is my email to her;


How responsible do you think it is to advertise your musical The Assassination of Katie Hopkins on the London underground, or indeed anywhere else? How artistically valid do you think it is even to have produced it? You know perfectly well the effect that the promotion of this tawdry piece is going to have on certain members of Britain's 'community'. If anything happens to Ms. Hopkins, I would consider the blood to be on your hands. People like yourself are genuinely disgusting. There is nothing worse than a virtue-signaling luvvie. I sincerely hope that your production fails miserably. You may well find that it does. You may read The Guardian, but not many other people do.

I hope this email finds you well.


Mark Gullick PhD

If you visit their website, look at Theatr Clwyd’s board of governors. Councillors and lords. Did none of them have the courage to say that this whole project is childish and dangerous? No. Why is that? The reason is simple. They don’t have the guts. Many of them will have thought, in that part of themselves where, to paraphrase Graham Greene, we think what we really mean, that they realise just how petty and disgusting this enterprise is. But, in these progressive times, to object even to the most revolting show of solidarity with the wreckers, the pro-Islamists, the SJWs, the Leftists, the Progressives and the Orwellian hordes who will not allow truth to be spoken to power or indeed to anyone else is to risk losing employment and reputation.

A play entitled The Assassination of Barack Obama? Or Diane Abbott? Or Lily Allen? Or Nick Clegg? Or any of the other dangerous idiots ruining the modern West? Jail time, I should imagine. As Hopkins herself pointed out, this poster was banned from the London underground.
(Apologies. I am unable to publish the poster in question. It is the famous one that has the woman in a bikini and whose caption reads, Are You Beach Body Ready?)
Sadiq Khan had it pulled as a show of Muslim ascendant power. The poster advertising a call to kill a journalist is, however, perfectly permissible. How long before someone is killed because of this type of artistic baby-talk? We shall see.

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