Sunday, 24 December 2017


Don't worry, Daddy's here

Break up the family

And let’s begin to live our lives.


I have noticed something curious about Costa Rica, and it has nothing to do with Costa Ricans. All the intelligent conversation I have had here concerning politics have been conducted with Europeans. The Yankees down here are, as I have had cause to mention before, utterly politically illiterate. They mostly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. One told me that Trump could be impeached because he was ‘incompetent’. Fucking stroll on.

But the Euros are a revelation. I met a Dutchman who voted for Geert Wilders and didn’t care who knew it. I met a charming English girl who writes science-fantasy novels and publishes on Kindle. I read one and it is accomplished. She was a classic Conservative, much like your humble scribe. There is a very smart Ukrainian – not strictly EU, I know – who runs an excellent takeaway food restaurant, and has informed opinions, as long as you profess to hating Russia, as all Ukrainians do. And, at the other night’s gig, I met a Swiss family, of whom I neglected to ask whether their surname was Robinson. One of the men in the party was impressed with a song that I played, a great number by Counting Crows called Round Here, and we fell easily into conversation.

The subject of our conversation was whether the politicians who are currently destroying Europe, Merkel, Macron, May and the rest of the gang, are malevolent or incompetent. He was absolutely of the opinion that they are bad rather than mad, and I have to say I agree. It is simply not possible that these people are simply incompetent. They know exactly what they are doing. He agreed, and was even more vehement about it than I was. I told him the great Orwell line from, I think, The Lion and the Unicorn;

“England is a family with the wrong members in control.”

For me, the burning question of the day is, why? Why are the political elites hell-bent on destroying the West? Is it really that bad? My Swiss partner in crime believes that it is simply power, and I think I have to agree. It can’t be money. Richard Branson is a front-of-the-queue dick, and was clearly lying when he made this statement, but he once said, how many jumpers can I buy? How many meals can I eat? It can’t be money.

I imagine power really is the aphrodisiac that we know from cliché. Dr. Johnson, one of England’s finest writers, said that;

“Two men will not be together for half an hour, but one will try to get the better of the other.”

And the interesting thing is that he is not talking about some bumboy, Women in Love-style wrestling match, or a duel, or playing chess. No. I have seen it a thousand times. Christ, I’ve been involved in it a thousand times. It might be humour. It might be recounting your exploits. It might be a question of one’s material worth. But men do this. It is worth remembering that nations, cities, states, and any other collective resemble – indeed are the analogue of – the individual. We must never forget that Plato’s famous Republic began as a disquisition on an individual man, before Plato – via Socrates – changed it to the study of a city-state, the res publica, the public thing or entity.

The dots are being joined, and those who are joining them are the new pariahs, the new scapegoats, the new pharmakoi who must be cast out of the city, cast out of the family like the mad old aunt in the attic or the wretched drunken son. The globalists, bankers and arms dealers who are using both Islam and the far Left to destroy Western civilization – or at least change it so much it may as well be destroyed – are the malevolent arm of the family. The whole point of the current promotion of extreme homosexuality, transgenderism and gender fluidity, the reason the nuclear family is being anathematized, is to weaken European and north American men for the coming conquest. If the rest of the family does not step up at the funeral, the West is dead. Eastern Europe is the last redoubt, in many ways, and it is no coincidence that family values and family ties are stronger than in the rest of the pansy West. It’s time to break up the family.

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