Monday, 11 December 2017


An authority figure. Literally Hitler.

The Progressive SJW Left has a lexicon. There are various words which act as though they were magical spells, and can paralyse their opponents merely by their utterance, much as Oberon enchants humans and fairies alike in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. These talismanic words will be familiar to you. Racism. Sexism, White privilege. Islamophobia. Fascist. Toxic masculinity. Micro-aggression. The list goes on. I am sure someone somewhere has produced a glossary.

Politicians too have their list of catchphrases and metaphors and platitudinous, bland stock terms. Management, as I have had much cause to note, always uses a curious bestiary of odd phrases and terms, and they expect you to use them too, if you are an employee. And here is where we inch closer to a truth.

The use of what we might call a co-axial language, a language within a language, is always used both to regulate argument in order to prevent debate, and also to humiliate the person forced to listen to the terminology. As is absolutely axiomatic, to be called racist is simultaneously to be transported to pariah status, and thus humiliated, and also to be made to understand that the accuser – who holds the book of spells – is right and you are wrong. One of the most dread of these words of power from the Leftist grimoire is a curious one; Oppression.

Let us suppose that we are watching a post-match interview with a soccer manager. His team have been humbled 6-0. At home. Now, nothing that a soccer manager ever says is of any interest whatsoever, and they are another tribe with its own dictionary of clich├ęs although, it must be said, they are not using them to try to get anyone sent to prison for defying them.

Now, what is our man likely to say for himself and his wretched team? Suppose that the interviewer has asked him to explain his team’s woeful performance. Something like this as a reply would be typical;

“We just didn’t have it today. They turned up and we didn’t. The early penalty didn’t help, and it might have swung the game, but basically there are no excuses. We’ve got to turn it around before the derby. Simple as that.”

And so on. Anodyne stuff in which the interviewer’s only interest is whether a revelation or ‘gaffe’ is made. I am assuming, incidentally, that there are still English soccer managers. Now imagine, as before, he is asked to explain his lads’ crushing defeat, and replies simply, as follows;

“We were oppressed”.

‘Oppression’, as used in the Leftist playbook, is simply what white people have always done to non-whites and are still doing today, everywhere and at all times. It is a constant, like Newton’s laws of thermodynamics or prime numbers. But what could oppression be? As Marcus Aurelius writes; Ask of each thing, what is it? What is its nature?

A definition does not always help these days, as the world’s famous dictionary publishers gradually wheel round like an old flotilla of ships to follow the tides of political correctness. But I have a sentimental attachment to the Oxford English Dictionary. When we get to ‘oppression’, however, I am afraid, as Jeeves might say to Bertie Wooster, I have disturbing news. Two of the three definitions given need not concern us, but the first has implications which should very much worry us;

Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or…

Yes? Or what?

…exercise of authority.

Excuse me? Come again? Prolonged exercise of authority is oppression? Can you see the panoramic vistas opening up for the SJW? To return to our football thought experiment, perhaps it was the referee who was oppressing both teams.

If ‘oppression’ has come to mean the prolonged exercise of authority, then the only world which would be free of oppression would be one in which there was no authority. And that world, gentle reader, would be like some unholy hybrid of Lesotho, a fight between rival football fans, and a Glasgow boozer. Authority is the slowly crumbling brick wall between order and anarchy. If you are a conservative, I am sure you would agree.

To equate oppression with prolonged authority is to make a very definite ideological statement, one which, if carried through, undoes civilization like a shoelace. It means that a legally sanctioned ability and duty to impose order on disorder is something not to be desired. As Carson Wells, shortly before his death, says to psychopath Anton Chigurgh in No Country for Old Men;

“Do you have any idea how fucking crazy you are?”

It is very difficult to deny that the OED definition is utterly accurate when applied to the modern West. The anomaly is that it is not the perceived oppressed who are actually oppressed – this is a fine time to be black in the West, if you play your cards right, and a jackpot era for Muslims - it is the perceived oppressors. As we have so often seen, the world has been turned upside-down, and we are through the looking-glass.

Those currently being subjected to oppression, by the OED definition at least, are being subjected to prolonged periods of authority. However, instead of the authority being of the type to strengthen a personality or to curb that which deleterious in that personality, this new authority is exemplified the diktats of the Progressive apparatchiks, the marionettes and martinets who ride and watch the picket fences of acceptable discourse, the people who decide what you can and can’t say and, by extension, what you can and can’t think.

One hesitates to bring up Orwell yet again, but he did see this coming. Control language, and you have all the authority. Oppression is constantly presented as non-whites crushed behind the iron heel of white supremacy. In fact, oppression now is those non-whites, aided and abetted by their white enablers, who are oppressing the dissident voices of those who are noticing what is going on around them, and who will speak out about it.

The difference between the two sides is a simple one. Where the Left sees oppression as productive of a necessary state of victimhood, shared as it is between select identitarian groups favoured by the self-loathing Left, the dissident Right sees it as a challenge. One thing I admire about the new Right is that they – perhaps we – will not crawl into the foetal position and become victims. The fight is there for the taking. It’s time to take the weapons from the wall.

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