Sunday, 10 September 2017


 But I thought you said we were all equal

Racism. If you live in the Anglophone world, you will be keenly aware that there is no greater evil. The racist used to be – in a world where lexical definition once existed unmolested – a person who believed that there were differences between races which served to differentiate them in a way other than skin colour and physical characteristics. There was a time when, if told you that you were about to meet a Swede, a Nigerian, and a Tibetan, you would have been allowed to assume that this trio would probably exhibit different personality types.

Nowadays, a curious thing has taken place. You are no longer legitimately permitted to make the assumption of our ingenu. It still exists, of course. Our three chums above will still be very different. Tibet is not Sweden and Sweden is not Nigeria. Do shout out if reality becomes too troublesome for you. But it is not the reality which interests the Leftist anti-racist. She is far more interested in the expression of that reality, and the strict censorship and policing of that reality.

Of course different nationalities, different races, have different traits, natures and abilities. It is one of the few things, in my modest opinion, that make many people in any way interesting. Although the elites would like it if all humans were identikit clones, believing the same things and enjoying the same things and failing to think in exactly the same way, but there is stalwart reality which, as Philip K Dick reminds us, is that stratum of the world which does not go away just because you stop believing in it.

But ‘racism’ has fallen foul of the reallocation of semantic meaning which has become such a virus this century. It no longer means the recognition that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest mean IQ in the world. It no longer means the fact that black men run faster than white men because of the narrowness of their pelvic girdles and the concomitantly greater efficiency of lines of force. It no longer means that the country that evolutionary biologists and geneticists investigate when they want an example of the purest DNA on the planet is Iceland. No. It means that someone white voiced doubts about immigration, or objected to the behaviour of urban blacks, or stated that perhaps the Confederate South in the USA can keep its monuments because morality changes over time and the ethical standards of the present day may not legitimately be applied to the past.

Of course, ‘racism’ is in danger of being superceded as the ultimate sin by ‘white supremacy’, as the real target of the post-modern Left comes into focus between the cross-hairs. But it will have had a sensational run. Here is a short list of the features of contemporary racism:

·        Only whites can be racist. As the Left irritably reiterates, as though explaining the properties of a triangle for the twentieth time to a particularly stupid student, blacks lack power, and only those with power can be racist. They neglect to tackle the fact that, as the USA undergoes increasing and steady Detroitisation, blacks are gaining a great deal of power. Will they soon be allowed to be racists too, or is racism like a golf club in the Hamptons?

·        All whites are racist. This is, of course, the Biblical doctrine of original sin, re-branded and colour-coded so that it can be easily located in the morality dime-store in which the Leftist shops.

·        Many things, objects, gestures, events and so on, are racist. Milk, the ‘okay’ sign made by circling the thumb and index finger, hurricanes, Christmas, sombreros (if worn by white people); the list is already a long one, and ‘Liberals’ – another word which has changed markedly in meaning – are always looking to add more.

·        Racism is not confined to white adults, but can begin in the cradle. There have already been incidents in the UK of very young children being interviewed by the police for making racist remarks in the playground. The playground.

·        A charge of racism is now a rather dangerous thing, if you have any aspirations to earning a living, particularly in the public sector. Years ago, I used to scoff at the ubiquitous phrase ‘for fear of being called racist’ which appeared in so many stories featuring authorities too sheepish to act on ethnic crime. Now, a public accusation of racism in Europe will remain with you like a swarm of bees. And should you refuse to allow your child to go on a visit to a mosque, their name will forever be tainted with the odour of racism.

And the reason this quasi-religious inquisition has been allowed to coalesce, as I have consistently pointed out, is that while the Left run the West de facto, and base their success largely on a demonisation of any white person foolish enough to be critical of non-whites, they are utterly uninterested in non-whites per se. The Left uses blacks to impose ideology every bit as much as slave owners – who still exist in the moneyed and largely Arabic-owned enclaves of London such as Kensington and Chelsea every much as they did in the plantations of Louisiana – to do their job for them. Then, it was picking cotton. Now, it is enabling Orwellian thought control and a fascistic conformity.

Finally, this witch-finding has been instrumental in creating the dissident and Alt. Right. If a group of people are called ‘racist’ long and unanswerably enough, one can hardly be surprise if they accept the appellation and begin being racist together. Of course, there are blowhards such as Andrew Anglin, of the currently unavailable Daily Stormer, whose constant use of ‘kikes’, ‘niggers’, ‘shitskins’, and a whole colourful lexicon makes one weary. But a lot of other people – myself included - became interested in such topics as comparative IQ, race-norming, affirmative action and so on partly because the Left seemed so determined to place a cordon sanitaire around those topics.

As a guiding principle, the more the Left screams and cries and accuses concerning one of its various -isms and -phobias, the more likely investigation into those areas is to yield fruit to the patient observer. And now, if you will excuse me, I have some racism to attend to.

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