Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Just a shot away

Charlottesville has been called the Alt Right’s Altamont. Battles of one sort or another are often used as a metaphor for a defining moment in the life of a person, nation or movement. You can face your Waterloo, a blitz, a Dunkirk situation. But what are you facing if you face your Altamont?
Altamont, of course, marked the end of the Love Decade. Fittingly, too, as the 1960s were the years in which the seeds of the West’s present predicament were sown. But blame for the carnage at Altamont – always amplified by the white Liberal media because the most prominent of the dead was gun-wielding thug Meredith Hunter, who was a black man – has to reside at the feet of their Satanic majesties, The Rolling Stones.
If, on its publication in 1966, Mick Jagger had read Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, he might have reconsidered his band’s ill-advised hiring of the Angels as security at Altamont. But he would have been too busy.
Charlottesville was supposed to have security too. They were called the police. What in fact happened was the reverse of Altamont. The police stood down, as they often do both in the US and across Europe and Britain, and the precise strategy behind their failure to keep the peace will have been a deep-state command to endanger, incriminate and effectively frame the Right-wing, white north Americans wanting to make their feelings known about the removal and vandalization of treasured monuments. This lack of engagement emboldens and provokes the Left into ever more violence, which is then blamed on the Right by a partisan and shameless media.
Now that the Leftist/media narrative has been grafted in place, and the truth reversed as it always is in these cases, the Charlottesville conflict is more like the Reichstag fire than Altamont. Unite the Right was always a poorly chosen escapade, acting as a red rag for the punks of Antifa and the odious Black Lives Matter. This organization, in passing, really ought to be given its full title; Black Lives Matter to White Liberals but Not to Other Blacks. But it will take more than a few protests against the removal of Confederate statues to unite the Right.
From memory, what appalled George Orwell most about his experience fighting Franco – as outlined in Homage to Catalonia – was not the poor state of the rifles, the disgusting state of the trenches, or even the plague of lice which made his life agony. What disgusted him most was the lack of unity and cohesion among supposedly allied forces. Essentially, he had wandered into a Life of Brian-style Judean People’s Front situation, and this is much where the Alt. Right finds itself now.
My advice is to allow the Leftist, liberal, progressive, open borders, feminist, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, LGBTQ, Muslim hordes to win. Once ordinary people begin to scent what a world run by these freaks will be like, statues will begin to be put back into place.
Charlottesville wasn’t Altamont for Alt. Right. It was more like the Charge of the Light Brigade. In the wrong direction.