Saturday, 15 July 2017


I believe so sir. Uh, Miss.

In the most high and palmy state of Rome,

A little ere the mightiest Julius fell,

The graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead

Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets.

Shakespeare, Hamlet

Baby maybe you’re wrong

But you know it’s alright.

Aerosmith, Dude Looks Like a Lady

Things are changing quickly as the Western empire reaches its final stages of decadence, ruin and collapse. While economies become ever more sclerotic, while Europe imports its own destruction in the form of Islamic hordes who despise even the rags and tatters of what is left of European values, while the north American deep state ties its democratically elected president’s hands together, while the establishment media present an alternative universe while screeching about ‘fake news’, while the Left closes down free speech with all the zeal of a Tower Hamlets imam, while the goaded and gelded indigenous populations of the West seethe ever more obviously, while fascists calling themselves anti-fascists roam the streets, while blacks are encouraged to kill whites, and while the vast majority of mainstream media outlets lie blatantly concerning all of the above, we are asked the important question as to whether we are prepared to have the correct attitude towards mentally ill people who believe they were ‘assigned’ the wrong gender at birth.

One of the truly depressing aspects of the current culture wars – which my side is losing heavily – is how few people will be positively affected by the outcome when the Left declare victory. Wars are always about control, whether that be of territory or thought, and it must be conceded that the Left have been extraordinarily inventive of late with regards to new ways to make the rest of us conform. Transgenderism is the latest in a series of incredible victories for those who wish to subvert civilization by hobbling the white man.

Look closely at the photograph at the top of this page, because it is your future. We have recently seen both the British police and armed forces making commitments to the LGBTQ ‘community’, as well as flying the rainbow flag. Does that make you feel safe and secure? Even Sadiq Khan, a Muslim fifth columnist Londoners foolishly voted to be their mayor, had to bite his lip and praise the new set of perversions the Left have foisted on us. He will be given a pass by his Mohammedan handlers however, as they recognise skillful and strategic taqiyya when they hear it.

Up until a short while ago, it was still possible to believe what was almost certainly true, that Britain’s top cops, for example, would believe in secret that transgenderism and ‘gender neutral’ terminology is nonsense, Leftist thought’s latest perversion of reality. Now, though, looking at Cressida Dick’s credentials, even that surety has gone. I imagine the army’s generals have a bitter laugh about it over drinks, but even they will be wary of informers now that Britain approaches Communist levels of spying and other intrusions.

The most interesting aspect of both transgenderism and homosexuality is that championing them sets up an imminent conflict with two of the Left’s most cherished victim groups, Muslims and blacks. I don’t imagine the Gay Pride march in London passed through Tower Hamlets, for example, or Peckham. It will be an interesting reckoning, when it comes as it surely will, and gays and transsexuals and transvestites will be dismayed to find themselves thrown under the pink bus when it is realised that brown victim groups trump rainbow-coloured ones. Thanks to the wonders of cognitive dissonance, however, the Pansy Left will be able to accept the contradictions and absurdities of the coming fracasse.

It’s that awkward moment that gives the modern SJW cold sweats. You’ve spent the previous evening nodding furiously as your gay/transgender/genderqueer friend complains about homophobia or transphobia or, well, genderqueerphobia, if that is the construction I want. That, of course, is all as it should be. You know these things exist because your peer group, as well as the redoubtable Guardian and Laurie Penny, have told you that they are a ‘thing’. But they are not an Islamic thing, or a black thing, but can be pinned on the universal scapegoat, the straight white man.

It’s the next day that the problems start for our snowflake moral content provider. The thing is, a few of the Muslim brothers turn up at the demo and starting talking – and laughing! – about poofs and trannies and cocksuckers. It’s the type of stuff Lennie Bruce used to riff on, and it sure offended folk in 1959. So did the ‘nigger’ bits Lennie used to perform, and when the Muslim fellow travellers start referring to blacks as niggers, the SJW is falling ever further down the rabbit-hole. Then they start talking about wimmin…

But, as noted, the Leftist will have no problem accepting both homosexual/transgender rights and the concomitant Muslim denial of those same rights because of the twin intellectual prosthetics of cognitive dissonance and a visceral hatred of straight white men. And, before we leave this subject, a note to those straight white men.

You had better start fighting back. Europe has already been homosexualised, feminised, neutered and ideologically cuckolded. The more you allow the elites and their enforcers to tell you that people suffering from body dysmorphia – which is what transgenderism is – must compulsorily be honoured, respected and applauded, the more you will simply vanish. The Left want to do away with heterosexual white men primarily as breeders. If you agree with that, it is right that you should vanish but, if you do not, Tweets will not save you.

This is a war and, as Leonard Cohen sang, it is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say that there isn’t. And it is a war being fought, by our enemies, not by us, across different types of terrain. Take the case of Transport for London. The aforementioned mole Sadiq Khan is on record as saying there are too many white men in control of the trains. That this pipsqueak can even make that kind of statement is testament to just how many white men have been turned into social castrati. Oxford Circus and, I assume, other stations, have just started putting up rainbow station signs. When Khan’s longed-for brown men start taking over the underground system – making terrorism easier, to begin with – I wonder how long those signs will stay rainbow coloured.

If you accept the Left’s tyranny of thought, you deserve everything that is coming to you. Reject it. Live right, damn it. The Left do not, incidentally, care a fig about transgender people, nor blacks, nor Muslims, nor any of the other approved victim groups that they champion. But their hatred of straight white men is now so rabid, they will use any means necessary to try to expunge him, us. It doesn’t matter how many children are psychologically warped by the whole artifice of transgenderism, it doesn’t matter how decadent it makes a country look to perpetually enraged Muslims, it doesn’t matter how much it undermines the authority of the police force and the armed forces, it doesn’t matter how much lost time and money it costs companies and the public sector to implement new LGBTQ protocols, and it doesn’t matter how many good workers lose their jobs due to each new sub-species of Wrongthink. As long as the Left gain a measure of control, the sacrifice is always worth it.

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  1. Bravely and accurately observed. I've gained several transgirl friends, lately. Most of these few, I believed are victims of UNESCO doctrines (whose aim is to curtail an otherwise burgeoning, strong & healthy western population) and an overdose of estrogen mimickers that are baked into our foods and dumped into the water supply. These few, I keep as friends. The overall movement, however, I don't support. Your perception of the Chessboard is spot on.