Tuesday, 4 July 2017


F-f-f-f-fourth estate!

If Trump achieves nothing else, by the end of this, when the tide recedes, he will have validated scoffing at political correctness and enlarged the space of what can be discussed.

Ann Coulter, In Trump We Trust

Sometimes it is almost possible to feel sorry for the media. During last year’s US Presidential election, 93% of the US media’s coverage concerning Donald Trump was negative. This more or less matched the polling that trumpeted – so to speak – a Clinton landslide. The MSM fawned over Clinton almost to the extent that they fellated Obama. The occasional dissenter who claimed that the apple-cart might be overturned were laughed at, quite literally. Ann Coulter must be enjoying watching and re-watching the howls of derisive laughter that met her pronouncement that Trump would wear the crown when she made that claim on some vacuous US talk show, if that is not a tautology. For the north American media, the campaign was a sideshow, the result a foregone conclusion.

Then Trump won.

As what is now known as Trump Derangement Syndrome took hold of the media, Hollywood, and the US political class on both sides of the – actually non-existent – divide, something interesting began to happen. Old Traumavillians will know that it is my firm belief that the Liberal-Left-Progressives who infest and currently control the West exhibit a psychopathology which qualifies them, in my view, for a diagnosis of mental illness. After Trump won the Presidency, this madness began to emerge and metastasize. Now, the only people who can’t see the madness of the Left are the Left themselves.

As I have written many times before, the Left run the West. They super-saturate the media. They have made academia occupied territory. They sit in every public-sector post across Europe. They effectively censor entertainment. Most importantly, they make up the political class. The constant white noise of their whining about a largely mythical ‘far-Right’ is just secular taqiyya. Their Gramscian long march through the institutions is almost complete. Incipit Trump.

This was not supposed to happen. It was not in the playbook. Trump gets in and, not only does he begin doing, or attempting to do, everything he said he would do on the campaign trail, he shows a contempt for the MSM which is as refreshing as a draft of fresh cool air on a muggy day. He has connected with ordinary people via social media, and left the formerly pampered courtiers of the legacy media looking like a hound dog with a face full of porcupine quills.

And it is wonderful.

The smugness of the MSM is one of the hardest things for Right-wing people to tolerate. The joyous mood of the BBC when some statist such as France’s Hollande is elected (how did that work out for you, France?) as opposed to the funereal atmosphere when an all-too-rare nationalist success or Brexit-style political event occurs is galling for those of us on the Right.

Every aspect of modern Western life clearly deleterious to the white, working- and middle-class, indigenous, tax-paying populations of Europe and north America is cheered to the very echo by the MSM, with the BBC proudly strutting and twirling its baton at the head of the parade. Mass immigration, identity politics, minority privilege, Islam, homosexuality, human rights, globalism, miscegenation and the Left’s latest toy, transgenderism, are all openly celebrated or solemnly venerated, while the once-prevalent social and cultural norms, as well as anything remotely connected with Christianity, are jeered, mocked, scolded and criticised. The media control the flow of this malinformation.

Then Trump.

Tweeting his way around the press corps in the manner of a soccer player bending a free kick past a wall of players and into the net was a stroke of genius which, like most strokes of genius, was as simple as picking cotton. And, if anyone thought simply poking jibes at the MSM via Tweets was the end of the story, think again.

The Trump WWF Tweet in which The Donald takes out a wrestler labelled as CNN was a masterpiece. The media themselves, of course, are now outraged. They have lost their effete, black, Muslim president, who worried about the ‘optics’ of golfing through some disaster or other, and are now having to watch a real man at work. I have just read – and have not confirmed it – that US news rooms are having to hire extra security staff after Trump’s ‘anti-press incitement’. Why would anyone want to kill journalists? Right now, we like you just the way you are.

Let us be in no doubt; Barack Hussein Obama was a pimp. He pimped for Islam. He pimped for black criminals. He pimped for Soros. He pimped for Alinsky. The man – although his wife is more mannish – couldn’t let a John go past without taking his money and arranging for him to get fucked. He did everything that disgusts real men about pimps; he lived from the earnings of immorality. And the very worst thing about Obama? He dressed that immorality up as its polar opposite.

Now Trump is here and, instead of comfortable press junkets at the White House, where media catamites were able to lob softball questions about tractor production to a president adored for his colouring, the press are having to scrabble about for tid-bits tossed from the royal table as Trump shows genuine audacity of hope by communicating directly with the great unwashed. And boy are the media mad.

The past few months have seen a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in which it is clearly Trump murdered on the Ides of March, a video by some rap chimp in which Trump is shot in effigy, and a talentless bitch of a ‘comedienne’ apparently holding up the President’s bloodied and severed head. This in addition to the usual panoply of death-Tweets and pictures of Trump with cross-hairs superimposed on his skull. Oh, and a Bernie Sanders fan shot a Republican in the head to general Leftist and media approbation.

Then Trump’s smackdown.

The media went predictably haywire. This, they said, is going to end up getting a journalist killed. (Despite what I wrote above, why stop at one?) The media narrative has been composite. Trump is psychologically unfit to be President, the man is clearly insane. This is, of course, pure psychological projection made by those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump is a racist and a misogynist. I thought all white Western men were racist and misogynist. No? That is what the Left tell us every day. That, then, is like saying Trump is a Western man. Hardly a syllogistic triumph. Trump is a thug and a boor, a line held by many of my now ex-friends – themselves not free of thuggishness and boorishnesss, I seem to recall – on social media. Now you are on to something. Perhaps, instead of swimming upstream, Trump epitomises the zeitgeist. Western culture, after all, is scarcely Hellenic in nature.

You see, when ‘Western culture’ is mentioned nowadays, the speaker is hardly referring to Beethoven and Bach, Turner and Tintoretto, Conrad and Kafka. They are, and have no choice but to be, talking about Love Island, Jay-Z, Glastonbury, Miley Cyrus, training shoes, Tracy Emin, Coldplay, The Daily Show, television, films based on comic books, slutwalks, Ta-Nehisi Coates, facial piercings, programmes about motor cars, Harry Potter, shopping centres or malls, gay pride, professional sport and politicians wearing pink pussy hats. Culture is thuggish and boorish, racist and misogynist, and deeply boring. It is also in the advanced stages of psychosis. Even by the standards of the media’s own critique of Trump, the man is supremely qualified to be the leader of what could still rally, on this Independence Day, to be the strongest nation in the world.

So, bring on the wrestling Tweets and the pussy-grabbing comments. Bring on the spelling mistakes and the contempt. I want a thug and a boor in charge because thuggishness and boorishness is what many ordinary men do.

The MSM are scared now. They are scared that no one wants what they are selling anymore. And all because one man took them on and, in so doing, redefined the Pansy Left term ‘Presidential’. Have you ever laughed with a politician before, rather than at them? I hadn’t before the wrestling Tweet.

I propose a new word to describe Donald Trump’s presidential style; Swaggerdocio. An amalgam of swagger and the Italian braggadocio, it is intended to describe the new style. And don’t say you don’t disapprove. What would you rather, Chris Martin or Alice Cooper? Beware Pansy Left, look out media catamites. Flaws compris, warts and all, real men are back in charge.

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