Friday, 9 June 2017


The writing is still on the wall

It is a curious feeling to be politically conservative and to despise the British party that bears that name. I started as a Leftist, as many of us do, before we actually know about life, human nature and politics. As a student, I believed in fairness and equality. I believed the rich exploited the poor. I hated Christianity. I believed that young people should be running government, not the old farts. I knew that people were not to blame for their actions, but social conditions and their environment bore the blame. The African students on my campus were so colourful. How could you not want more of them around? Then, at least politically, I grew up.

Fairness is something each individual either chooses to exercise towards others, or does not. It is not a gift of government, and government cannot create it with other people’s money. Equality is a myth, and a harmful one. People are not born equal. Differences in gender – of which there are two – race, IQ and other factors are real, and they have real effects in a world which is real. Gibbering about equality cannot expunge reality like a board eraser. Christian values, once divorced from the metaphysical side of belief, can be a balm to poorer members of society. Young people could help us all by keeping their fucking mouths shut until they have read some books. Real books, not Harry Potter and Chomsky. Individuals are responsible for their actions, not someone or something else.

It is not difficult to be conservative, but it is difficult to watch people claiming that title act exactly like the socialists I so despise. May and her cronies are nothing more than the political class, as described so perfectly in Peter Oborne’s book – ten years young! – The Triumph of the Political Class. They despise democracy. They have nothing but contempt for ordinary white people. Brown people, of course, they adore, and can’t cram their photo opportunities with enough of them, as if being surrounded by non-whites were some great good in and of itself. They are a race entire.

So, who are these faux fréres, these bad brothers, these false friends, these sheep in wolves’ clothing? Well, basically they are a type of socialist who has been given a makeover by the PR people, the branding people, the smoke-and-mirrors guys and gals and in-betweens, the people who deal with what Obama called the ‘optics’. They are Left-wing, but they think that by telling you they are conservative, you will just buy it.

Theresa May would not have been recognizable as a Tory in 1957, 1967, or even 1977. These are some of the defining characteristics of British Conservatism:

·        Low taxes. The theory here is simple; allow people to keep a good deal of their income, and they will spend it wisely. They will spend it, and this will keep the economy warm, but they will not waste it on vanity projects and bureaucracy. Have you noticed how a housewife of the old school does not need a manager? Everyone else, apparently, does.

·        Small government. Was it AJP Taylor who said that, prior to WWI, the only government worker you encountered was the postman? You can’t fucking move for them now. More than half the workforce draws a paycheck subbed by the taxpayer. And if you have worked in the public sector – I worked in four different positions for the NHS – the waste would, probably literally, make you weep. Again, management is the enemy.

·        Low and controlled immigration. Now, if you are one of those Lefties who send up the cry ‘we are a nation of immigrants!’, you would be right. Many nations are, including the USA, the most successful multi-ethnic nation on earth – for now. But it is the mix, the elements of hybridisation – as any rose-grower or dog-breeder knows – that determines the outcome. Somalis have an average IQ of 69, Germans of 100, and a Collie dog has been measured at 49. This is going to become a phenomenal problem which no true conservative would let happen.

·        Moral agency. Put simply, and in bold contradistinction to the views of noted thinker Russell Brand, addiction is not an illness. Violent crime is not a sickness cause by poverty. People’s actions are not the programmed results of their social surroundings. People have free will, within limits. I cannot decide to fly down to the shop, I am not free to do that. But I can decide whether or not to punch someone, stick a syringe full of heroin in my arm, or play deafening reggae music at 2am. This is a conservative viewpoint, that the individual choice.

·        Fiscal responsibility. I’m not sure where to start with this one. The UK’s foreign aid budget, the public sector bill, interest on the national debt, all of these factors make the UK effectively broke. And yet there is no need for a country which once had an agricultural base – which Tories despise now but used to originate from – a manufacturing base, and the greatest artistic culture the world has ever seen to need to borrow. And yet borrow the UK does, and how. The debt is 86% of GDP. France’s is 87%, and its economy is on the at risk list. If the UK were a business, it would be anathema to sensible investment.

So now the election is over, and the UK joins Belgium and the Netherlands in not having an actual government. The Left are, as is their wont, screaming and crying and threatening riots. The ‘Right’ are – rightly in my view – wondering why the DUP are now the targets for ire due to their alleged anti-gay, anti-women, pro-terrorist stance. Islam is still okay, though.

I was going to end by asking what happened to my country, but it hasn’t been mine for years. I’m not talking about immigration. I don’t care what fucking colour people are, as long as they respect the rules of decent society. We didn’t give it away to immigrants, we gave it away to the political elites, self-styled ultra-management, technocrats, careerist fanatics.

I’ve never been British, and I stopped being English some time ago. Good trip, my friends. Good trip.

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