Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Time may be up, inshallah

I instinctively dislike Piers Morgan, but his televised smackdown of odious Muslim fifth columnist Sadiq Khan has raised him in my estimation. Together with his female sidekick, on some media squawk-box or other, they sat the little chap down and proceeded to show him up for what he is. And what is he?

First and foremost, he is a Muslim. His allegiance is to the ummah. His past is starting to seep out now, despite the best efforts of his media cronies to keep the skeletons from rattling in the closet. He has shared platforms with terrorists and their enablers. He has spoken at segregated events. As a lawyer – just like Blair was a lawyer – he defended terrorists. Now he is Mayor of London, although you would think he was some kind of Minister with a portfolio of his choosing.

He scuttled off on a little jaunt to north America – funded by the taxpayer, of course – prior to the US Presidential election, and shamelessly shilled for Clinton. He has now got into a Twitter war with Donald Trump. There has, so far, been only one winner, and here’s a clue; it’s not the one the media are telling you it is. In a moment of genius, Trump has challenged Khan to an IQ test. Again, only one winner, although for genetic rather than cultural reasons. In a petulant display, like a child with a wobbly lower lip, Khan has requested Parliament cancel Trump’s state visit. This is good, as the enraged little imp will start to realise the limits to his influence. Muslims think they can get their own way in any area of British life. They can’t. Not yet, anyway.

Khan famously said that terrorism was ‘part and parcel’ of life in a big city but, sadly, Tokyo, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and a host of other Muslim-free cities did not get the memo. Terror, and sociopathic behaviour in general, is part and parcel of living alongside Muslims. The only thing Khan would have against Muslim murderers in London is that things were going so well without the mayhem. The demographics will do the job without the butchery.

Sadiq Khan has said that he would do ‘anything to cut stop and search’. The police duly cut that salutary practice, and there was an orgy of knife killings. Now, it wasn’t Muslims getting cut, merely black boys, so it wasn’t of that much interest to little Sadiq, may even have been part of the plan. In fact, he thinks the greatest danger facing London – and indeed the world - is global warming.

His tack on whatever breakfast show he was on was that police cuts had led to London Bridge. What utter bollocks on stilts. Islam and its provisional wing led to London Bridge, aided and abetted by the likes of Khan and his Muslim brothers. Morgan, of course, is a journalist, and could not utter the dreaded JIM words – jihad, Islam, Muslim – but he made Khan look like what he is, a petulant little fool.

Morgan asked Khan how many of the 400 returning jihadis who have settled on London for their benefit handouts, although not quite phrased as I have phrased it, have their whereabouts known to the 'police'. Khan got that look they get when they don’t know but want to look authoritative. About half, he stuttered. That means 200 crazed lunatics willing to kill for martyrdom are now in my city of birth, living as anonymously as a Serbian waiter with an old mate from Kosovo working in Soho. Will they be training as doctors or civil engineers, I wonder. Or perhaps they will do volunteer work at a local animal shelter, looking after stray dogs. Or maybe they will be registering for a degree in Queer Studies. Or perhaps some other interest will occupy their time. I suspect London will be hearing from some of them soon enough.

The latest false narrative from the metropolitan L├╝genpresse is that financial cuts to the police made by the Evil Tory Scum™ are responsible for the carnage on Saturday at London Bridge. This is certainly the line Khan was trying to evade Morgan’s questions with. Morgan destroyed Khan, just drove him into the ground like a tent-peg. Journalists speaking truth to power. Whatever next? Perhaps the tide is starting to turn.

As I have said time and time again, none of this is government incompetence. It is what a certain type of competence looks like. Anarcho-tyranny, as I view it, has two initial stages backed up by a support network. The first stage is the importation of dysfunction, and Islam is the perfect choice. It features a murderous creed, ready-made internecine warfare, powerful anti-Semitism and a bespoke untouchability arranged in advance by people such as Khan and his ilk.

The second stage is goading the public. That this is happening is self-evident. Every time there is a coin toss between Muslims and kufr, it’s heads they win, tails we lose. Every time. Every time there is another butcher’s shop in some boozer, the police flap about and arrest a dozen or so people – see Manchester and London Bridge – and then release them all without charge. That actually both goads the locals and kicks the wasp-nest of the urban ummah, as if that needed another boot. Every time some Mohammedan goes nuts, it turns out he was known to police. They are pushing British people and, as I have said many and oft, they must be amazed it hasn’t started in the streets yet. That is real British resilience, not tea-candles, Imagine and a rainbow avatar.

I can’t see any other explanation. If either May or Corbyn was serious about seizing a mandate, they would have done a Trump. Intern the 23,000 jihadis they claim are here. Moratorium on Mohammedan immigration for one year. Full investigation of every mosque. Deport criminals to country of origin. Investigation of Ofsted for allowing Islamic influence in schools. Go through the food industry with a fine-toothed comb looking for halal practices. Keep your burka and your Koran. We actually like them because they remind us we are superior.

Can you see either politician leading this week’s penalty shoot-out between two pub teams ever attacking Islam like Wilders, Le Pen, Petry, Orban, Trump? Of course not.

One factor in the make-up of the political power structures which the election of Donald Trump brought into fierce relief, like a cracked riverbed emerging from a drying tributary, was that no one is that bothered if their nominal party loses a big election. They are still at the trough, win or lose. And so neither May nor Corbyn really want this one. The only winner, as with France recently, will be Islam.

Morgan is to be cheered to the very echo. Instead of the lickspittle courtesanship usually afforded by kufr hacks to Muslims, he took Khan to task. Perhaps the fourth estate may yet have a say in the fate of the people suffering because of the fifth column.

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