Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Hold on tight inside!

“I only came back to this craphouse to find out who did it.”

Get Carter, film of the book Jack’s Return Home

“London Calling.

Yes, I was there too.”

The Clash

I fly to London tomorrow. I’ve been away from the city of my birth for 14 months. I suspect it has changed. It’s curious seeing the old place on the news sites. I lived near Westminster Bridge, and later near Borough Market. I often drank in the pub outside which one of the worst slaughters took place. I was born close to Finsbury Park, scene of Sunday’s murder. Someone tried to kill a policeman at Paddington Station yesterday. I used to moor around the corner when I had a narrow boat on the canal. There was a stabbing at Oval station. I’ve been to the Oval to watch test cricket. I know London.

Except I don’t.

I always had a love/hate relationship with the smoke, as we used to call it. Going up the smoke. It was never sin city, but it had a taste of naughtiness about it. I was born in Stoke Newington, but my family moved out to the suburbs when I was a small boy. When I left college in 1979 and got a job, I could afford to go up the smoke. See The Clash. See The UK Subs. Later, see Joy Division and Adam and the Antz, when they were good, before all the Prince Charming nonsense.

I used to look forward to visiting the city of my birth. I’m not looking forward to it this time. I won’t bore you with my anarcho-tyranny theories. If you have been here before, you already know what they are. The deliberate importation of a belligerent Muslim population is going through the form with epic dispatch. Expect more tit-for-tat attacks this summer.

The simmering pot is coming to the boil, I think. I wonder if it is a tiger the UK government can ride. Bear in mind that this is a weak government, led by a woman feeble even by the standards of the political class. I think Britain’s deep state – which I believe exists – has ear-marked Corbyn as the heir apparent. And, of course, that means Abbott will be the most powerful woman in the country. This is not going to get any better any time soon. I also think that is a good thing, for reasons mentioned in a previous episode..

Civil conflict will be interesting, if that doesn’t seem a heartless thing to write. Muslims versus infidels in the streets will force the police to show their hand and, reading the cards over their shoulder, it seems obvious with whom they will side. I have a firm belief that Islam has been introduced into the Western European way of life to subvert it, warp it, and perhaps ultimately destroy it. It may sound extreme, but I believe that governments, wishing for a docile populace, are worried by the thought of an educated populace, and IT has given the great unscrubbed all the elements of higher learning without the inconvenience of attending academic centres that now pass for institutes of higher learning, but are in fact indoctrination stations intended to create cultural robotic Marxists who owe the state money. Islam, of course, is not known for its Nobel Prize podium appearances. That would be Jewry.

If ordinary folk were to turn off the TV in the middle of Sherlock, put down the X-Box controller, give IKEA a miss just for a weekend, buy what they needed from the supermarket rather than the crap advertised to them and for which their impertinent and unruly children whine, ignore football, ditch the newspapers with their lies and celebrities, and start educating themselves, well. You know what would happen.

Education, I mean self-education, is the best way you can spend your time. You should be reading a book a week. A real book, not 50 Shades of Harry Potter. Watch movies, ones that were either made before about 1980, or that didn’t originate in Hollywood. Look beyond Katy Perry for musical sustenance.

Don’t waste your life watching television. Think more. I don’t mean meditation or new age astral bollocks or Neuro Linguistic Programming or reading a fucking Bill Bryson book. I mean read. And get your kids to read, if you have them. They will be being indoctrinated at school, and it is your responsibility to correct that.

In the meantime, as the UK goes inelegantly to hell, you might find yourself better prepared if you hone your mental skills, sharpen a habit of thinking dulled by an edge blunted by what passes for culture. If there is a collapse, you may have to think on your feet to protect you and your family. Never forget that the most advanced countries are still only a few days from anarchy if the food and the money run out.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy the unedifying spectacle of radical Islam twitching the marionette-strings of its useful idiots on the Left. Now that they have the white ‘terrorist’ for whom they have been praying – a man who will almost certainly be murdered in prison pour encourager les autres – they have switched tactics, and starting using the tabloid phrase ‘hate preachers’ to describe Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and even the mild-mannered and erudite Douglas Murray. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

And there is in the UK, I gather, a heatwave. All I’m looking forward to is seeing family and friends, going to the Kent coast, cruising the music shops in Denmark Street, fish and chips and some pale ale. Maybe a couple of essential paperbacks from charity shops. England doesn’t have anything else to offer me anymore. Soon I will be leaving for good.

What went wrong? Is it as simple as Orwell’s famous claim that England was a family with the wrong members in control? If it is, those patriarchs are becoming matriarchs, feminised men or actual women, if they still exist. It’s not the old Establishment that bother us any more, George, it’s the new breed. And, old son, they are Socialists.  Although I suspect Orwell would be appalled by what the Left have become.

So I am not looking forward to my return home, largely because I couldn’t, in all conscience, call it my home.

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