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Hold up, guys! Those about to die don't look diverse enough.
Can we get a token black?

A few weeks ago, after the Westminster terrorist attack in which a Muslim killed five people, including a policeman who was unarmed due to MPs’ concerns about guns spoiling tourist photos, a journalist made the strangest comment.

George Eaton is the political editor of The New Statesman, a Left-wing magazine, and he took to Twitter to announce the following;

A snapshot of London’s magnificent diversity in those injured: French, Romanian, Korean, German, Irish, Chinese, US, Italian, Greek.

I read it and read it again. I knew that it nauseated me, but I couldn’t quite understand exactly why, and I am ruthless when it comes to tracking and identifying my motives and beliefs and the reasons for those beliefs, the springs and cogs and levers of the unconscious mind. This is not always a good thing, incidentally, for reasons which hark back to Socrates’ visit to the oracle at Delphi, and are a subject for another day.

I imagined the relatives of the dead and maimed reading the Tweet, and their tears suddenly drying as they bravely smiled at the news that people from lots of different countries had been killed or injured. What was Eaton trying to say? London is a diverse city, ethnically and culturally speaking. Using an Islamic attack to make that point seemed unnecessary.

Katie Forster, a journalist for the far-Left newspaper The Independent, soon followed suit. To be fair to her, sub-editors tend to write headlines, but her copy about the attacks ran under the following banner;

Londoners celebrate city’s diversity in face of right-wing response to Westminster terror attack.

Londoners, it goes without saying, did no such thing. But for creatures such as Forster, a couple of Tweets from people who think Owen Jones is the voice of reason represents an entire city. Forster at least includes, in her rainbow inventory of those killed or crippled by Muslims, the 12 Britons hospitalised by Muslim Khalid Masood, which Eaton did not think noteworthy. But the rest of her article is an attack on a supposed ‘far-Right’ response to the atrocity. As is often the case, this reduced to quoting Nigel Farage, mentioning Katie Hopkins, and writing the following;

However, some far-right commentators cited London’s cultural diversity as a reason for the attack.

Paul Joseph Watson, a writer for right-wing website Infowars, said: “London is probably the most ‘diverse’ city in the world and look what happened. Is diversity still our strength?” in a tweet.

It is poor journalism, and The Independent is in serious financial trouble, but the trend is unmistakably present. The fact that dead people killed by an Islamic terrorist come from different countries is, apparently, a good thing. It would have been bad if they had all been white and British. Except, for the likes of Forster and Eaton, they would have been thrilled, especially if all the dead were straight white men.

So, piss-poor journalism. But, in circulation terms – ABC figures as they are called in Britain - only a handful of people read The Independent and New Statesman, which I believe Private Eye refers to as the Staggers. It’s not as though some high-profile public servant had said the same thing, the head of the Metropolitan police, say. Oh. Wait.

Cressida Dick is the head of the Met. I would imagine that being a lesbian woman had nothing to do with her appointment, and she beat off, so to speak, many alpha males to get the job purely on merit, and the desire to arrest criminals of whatever ethnic background. She has this to say about London’s latest date with Islamic carnage;

It’s desperately sad and poignant but among those who died is someone who’s British, there are French, Australian, Canadian, Spanish. In terms of our witnesses that we’ve spoken to so far, out of the 300-odd people, there are about 20 different countries of origin. And the London British population comes from all kinds of backgrounds and every kind of faith and ethnicity.

Where are we with all this? Who the fucking hell are these people? The emphasis this supposed public servant makes is not on the fact that Muslims directly inspired by their holy book – which the BBC even refers to as the ‘holy Koran’ - slaughter people out having a good time. The emphasis is not on the Muslims who were filmed in a subway dancing and celebrating the pig-roast at London Bridge. The emphasis is not on the fact that 400 jihadis – by the admission of the Muslim London mayor – are at large in the metropolis, and are untraceable. No, the emphasis is that the dead people, if you photographed them together in the morgue, would be a gruesome re-enactment of the United Colours of Benetton ads from the 1980s. Well, guys, you’re dead, but you’re diverse!

Well, I have news. London is about to stop being so diverse, because people from other countries are going to stop going there. Islam will destroy tourism and relocation. Oh, Muslims will still go there, of course, because there will be no Brexit and no end to Schengen. Don’t believe there will be. I’m talking about people from civilised countries.

When I was living in London, I liked the French quarter, I regularly ate in Chinatown, I liked the Serbian church my bandmates took me to, I drank in Golders Green and I drank a fuck of a lot in Earl’s Court, or little Oz as it was known. My granddad lived in Polish-dominated Ealing his whole life. But I avoided the black areas and I avoided the Muslim areas, because they were violent, racist shitholes.

Diversity is not some great good in and of itself. Islam does not make a city better, it makes it worse. If I were a Tower Hamlets jihadi, I would be laughing my arse off at the idea that the victims were ‘diverse’. Not to them they aren’t. A kufr is a kufr, bruv. Don’t matter which infidel part of the dar al harb they come from, innit.

Diversity is not strength, neither is it weakness. But allow Muslims to dominate parts of your city, and you will find out what a single culture and uniform values are all about.

All the colours of the rainbow. And all dead.

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