Thursday, 8 June 2017


Bring it

Don’t push me

‘Cos I’m close to the edge.

I’m trying not to lose my head.

Grandmaster Flash, The Message

The new party army

Come marching right up the stairs.

The Clash, English Civil War

It is tedious picking through the rags and bones of the statements made by the political class, particularly after a Muslim military attack on civilians, but occasionally there is a ruby in the dust. Jeremy Corbyn, the unfancied contender for the post of Grand Poobah of Great Britain today, apparently voted to allow returning ISIS fighters entry into the UK. His reasoning struck me as important. ‘It is not,’ he said, ‘a crime to have a political opinion’. That, of course, depends very much on who you are.

If you criticise Islam, it very much is a crime for you to have a political opinion. Just ask Tommy Robinson or Tim Burton of Liberty GB. Perhaps Mr. Corbyn meant that it is not a crime to have a political opinion if you are brown, or believe that women should have their clitorises cut away from them so they can never have sexual pleasure, or wish to lop the heads from Jews.

In fact, not only is it a crime to have the wrong political opinion in the UK, it is edging towards a criminal offence not to display the right one. It certainly leads to professional disgrace in some cases. The country is heading towards North Koreanisation, in which displays of Righthink will be just as mandatory as the manic glee which accompanies Kim Jong-Un as he smells the flowers or inspects a nuclear missile.

I imagine the UK political class is as drop-jawed as Muslim revanchists. What the hell, they must all be thinking, do we have to do to get a rise out these people? Stiff upper lip? These people’s entire nervous systems have gone into advanced rictus. We blow up children and they have a love-in the next fucking week with talentless sluts saying love is the answer. We massacre people like halal cattle, as they sit drinking in expensive bars in the centre of London, half a mile from the office of the Muslim mayor, and they have a bit of a rally where they say they will stand together. Well, we can see you’re standing together. Football fans stand together. Tube passengers stand together. It doesn’t mean anything. Sadiq Khan is now standing with fucking Orlando. The man can stand in so many places he repeals the very laws of physics.

If anyone still believes that this lattice-work of attacks and ritual slaughter is not being orchestrated from the highest level, you need your bumps felt. The UK government, I believe, is relying on some major street clashes this summer. It provides welcome relief from the impending economic Ragnarok, it keeps the citizens of Traumaville good and scared, and it allows the Leftist narrative that all white people – particularly men, who will be doing much of the fighting – are racist, to gather speed and momentum. But is this a dangerous tiger to try to ride?

I have spoken to several north Americans who assure me that there really is, in the USA, a whole army of good ol’ boys, preppers, rednecks, cowboys, bikers, vets, and general gun nuts who were saying ‘bring it’ when Barack Hussain Obama was kang. We don’t really think of there being an equivalent in the UK, being British, but I assure you they exist. I have drunk in some very low-rent hostels, and there is an army out there, a drunken, amphetamine-crazed, tattooed, shaven-headed, scarred militia who the street-fighters of London ISIS would think twice about taking on. I have, at the time of writing, received an email from a good friend in London, an observant and thoughtful journalist, stationed far from Nutterville, saying that he and a friend did a tour of London pubs and heard some very, very angry talk indeed. How long?

I suspect vigilantism is already occurring, and is either being hit so hard by the politicised wing of the police, or hidden so thoroughly by the protectionist media – protectionist concerning Brand Islam, that is – that we are not catching its scent. The state has already made clear that there are far longer jail sentences available for those who insult Islam than for those who rape and assault schoolchildren. Where does that tendency end? With street-fighting, is my guess. There is, however, a key question concerning which the elites must be crossing their fingers behind their backs. The police and army. Who will they side with?

I noticed recently a very clever ruse by the political class. It passed under the MSM radar, as far as I can tell, but it is one of the dots that need joining. The new plan is that every police officer will have to have a degree. That’s right. Now, what does that mean? They are not going to be reading difficult stuff like engineering or history or mathematics or philosophy or physics. They will realise that you can pop along to your latest safe-space-infested intellectual chicken-farm, hang about for three years, whack up an unpayable debt, and get a degree in Black Studies or Queer Studies or Kill Whitey studies, or anything else that’s really, really easy.

Now, not only does that give the government debt-slaves – it’s fucking expensive to get a degree now – but it fulfils another important function. Firstly, it makes sure that any new police recruit will have a head full of multi-cultural pieties: Islam good, always. Blacks good, especially if Islam. Women good unless Islam. Gays good unless Islam. Right-wingers very, very bad. Fascists worst. Right-wingers always and in every case fascists. There is no theoretical limit to the Rubik’s Cube of indoctrination with which you can train your police force, not to arrest and charge criminals, but to investigate and pester wrong-thinkers.

Of course, they will have to put the degree system through the regulator of race-norming. To get into Harvard, you can be black and score 450 SAT points less than a white and still get in. Expect a bigger point spread with any UK police force exam. But until this ideological gassing of new recruits becomes a reality, there is still the vestigial remnants of the old crew, the coppers.

The government had better hope they don’t turn coat when the inevitable happens, and it’s pub vs. mosque.

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