Friday, 19 May 2017


Was that the truth you just spoke, sir?

Soon we will be needing our jails for political prisoners.

Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

Here is the news. In the United States, a bear has been observed defecating in a wooded area north of Oregon. In Vatican City in Italy, the Pope has given an interview in which he professes to be of the Catholic faith. And in the United Kingdom, Tommy Robinson has been arrested.

I have written about Tommy – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – many times before. I have also mentioned myself being mysteriously fired from a job a few weeks after receiving a phone call from the man himself. This time, he has been arrested for the alleged crime of ‘attempted journalism’. If that is actually an imprisonable offence, most of the British media should be in the clink.

This is beyond pathetic. It’s now dangerous. It is not creeping Islamism that should concern us here, but the rise of the British police state. Robinson has been harassed for years now by the shariah-compliant police in the UK, and they will not stop until he is dead. Lacking convenient access to the gallows, the judicial system will simply incarcerate him in a Muslim-dominated prison – as most UK prisons are, unless they are run by blacks – until a Mohammedan does the job for them. He told me he expects to die in prison. He is a truly brave man. All the while he is trying to expose Muslim rape gangs, the police are trying equally hard to entice mentally ill ‘transgender’ people to join their ranks. This is a disgusting world, mired in the excrement of cowardice and appeasement.

In a coincidental piece of timing, the BBC is airing a drama concerning something Tommy’s EDL – you know, the fascists – were instrumental in exposing. The scandal of the Muslim grooming gangs has been expertly detailed in Peter McLoughlin’s book Easy Meat. If you wish to read it, my review of the book is here.

The BBC drama, however, makes no mention of the fact that the paedophile rapists were, in almost each and every case, Muslims. Judge Gerald Clifford, who sentenced the men portrayed in the upcoming drama, stated in his summing-up that the paedophile rapists had treated the girls they abused ‘as though they were worthless and beyond respect’. He added that ‘One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.’ (Italics added).

However, the BBC have other ideas. The writer of the series, Nicole Taylor, stated that ‘there was no religious basis for this’. Apparently, we now have to have our opinions de judice delivered by BBC scribblers rather than the judiciary, if the opinions of the latter are not to the taste of Guardian readers. She also claimed that she ‘didn’t want to give (the English Defence League) an opportunity’. That would be the same English Defence League who, under the leadership of Tommy Robinson, were instrumental in exposing the Muslim rape gangs in the first place. McLoughlin is detailed and level-headed on this in his book and he has never been sued or prosecuted for one word he published. Did Nicole Taylor read it? Probably not.

The BBC has long disgusted me. This is simply a new twist on an old manoeuvre. They make the series, and it looks as though they are facing up to some tough, meat-hook realities. But they are not. The rapists were Muslims, but the problem will be presented as one of male sexual aggression and patriarchy. These paedophiles were Muslims. But the BBC says that the religion of the men was irrelevant, a mere coincidental aside, petty marginalia. Let’s examine the possibility that they are right.

Recall, if you will, the scandals that ran through the Catholic church in relation to paedophilia. Of course, the BBC at the time mentioned the fact that the priests responsible for the abuse were Catholic at every possible opportunity. Religion was, for them, clearly a factor in this sordid tale. What does this imply? Presumably, that there is some sort of genetic or cultural predisposition among Catholics to want to interfere sexually with young boys. But what does being a Catholic priest guarantee you? A greatly enhanced level of immunity from investigation. So, perhaps it is not the case that Catholic priests have a disposition to abuse children because they are Catholic, but that they sought out their position as Catholic priests because they wanted to abuse children, and were cunning enough to realise that the priesthood would protect their sordid hungers.

So, with our Muslim paedophiles, is it a genetic, cultural or ideological predisposition that motivates the rape gangs? Or have they simply chosen to act out their disgusting desires because they have realised that Britain at present makes them untouchable? Yes and no. A cursory reading of the Koran, and a smattering of imams’ comments on these matters will tell you all you need to know about Muslim attitudes to kufr girls. You may now add this to the Muslim realisation that they will not be bothered by the police, as the police are too busy investigating Katie Hopkins’s latest Tweet. Muslims can get away with what they do because the police won’t fucking touch them.

They’ll touch Tommy Robinson, though. This time, for the ‘crime’ of recording some Muslim paedophiles outside a court room, they arrested him at 4.30 in the morning. When the police pay a visit to our Mohammedan cousins, they do so at a respectable hour, never during Ramadan, never using police dogs – dogs are unclean in Islam – and they have even removed their shoes to raid mosques. So, where are we?

I’ll tell you where. If you watch the video of Tommy’s banned speech at a York University freedom of speech event, towards the end you will see an obnoxious little prick dressed as a policeman. He and his cronies are in the process of throwing Robinson out of a Cambridge pub where he had been watching football on the TV with his wife and young family. Pay special attention to this little bastard. His sneering, bullying body-language speaks of naked authoritarianism. He makes Tommy’s little girls cry. He is aware that he cannot be stopped.

If he was dealing with young blacks or, even more so, Muslims, the tone would have been one of deference and apology. What this all adds up to is that, if you are a white dissident in the UK, you are in real fucking trouble. The modern copper wants to be an authoritarian bully-boy, or bully-girl, or bully-transgender or queer or Dragon-person or whatever. They can’t do that with blacks, or women, or gays, or Muslims. So, straight white boy, they are going to do it to you. You are going to get the fucking lot.

They don’t believe in what they are doing, the police. But they are going to do it anyway. They disgust me. They disgust me because they took the chocolate bar, they willfully ignored their duty to serve and protect the people in favour of bullying the people who represent the least threat to society. And, of course, they are now being sent after those who tell the truth.

I don’t think it will be long now.

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  1. Interestingly in a court of law one swears to "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" but when I questioned some little brown nosing prosecutor for actually lying in a court of law I was told to 'shut up'. I refused totally and requested the miserable little creature be arrested fror telling porkies in a court of law! The court was cleared mfor 20 minutes whilst they tried to sort it all out - but the fact was, quite simply, that they would have easily allowed a lie to prejudice the courts findings..... because they think they are untouchable!