Tuesday, 23 May 2017


If the bomber was British,
then this picture shows British values

I thought it would be football. The national religion, Association Football has come a long way, and an attack on a Premier League Stadium would garner dream publicity for the ISIS PR machine, a whole office of which is occupied by Western non-Muslims. But it turns out to be pop music. I imagine security is tighter at Old Trafford and Maine Road. I hadn’t heard of Ariana Grande – I’m 56, for Christ’s sake – but I don’t imagine she is worth as much as the combined City and United squads. You have to look after the talent, including shielding them from the more intrusive members of the press. Although it seems the publication they may have to fear most is not some squalid red-top. It might be the Koran.

One of the most depressing aspects of this latest chapter in what Sadiq Khan might call the everyday life of a big city is the media and political cycle immediately afterwards. Hashtags. Vigils. Vigils with candles. Vigils without candles. Rainbow avatars. Instructions to stand together, pray for Manchester, and carry on as normal. Outrage at Katie Hopkins’s and Tommy Robinson’s Tweets. Return fire as some journo or small-time politico jokes about the attack, or otherwise makes light of it. Blame Islam! Don’t blame Islam! You’re an idiot! No, you’re an idiot!

There are only two important questions, as I see it, following every major attack such as this one. Firstly, was the perpetrator an immigrant? Secondly, is this the tipping-point?

The Islam question is almost becoming secondary. Islam is surely woven into all of this carnage, and the politicians who tell you that this has nothing to do with Islam are simply trying to humiliate you by telling you something both you and they know to be untrue.

The next phase of return fire tends to be the question as to why this latest casino is not being condemned by the Muslim community. Given the fanaticism of some Muslim communities, it may not be quite as simple to denounce your co-religionists as those of us without religion find it to condemn our fellows.

Warnings against Islamophobia will follow as surely as summer follows spring. There will be a few incidents, some real, some hoaxes, which will exercise and agitate the myriad Muslim groups as well as their fellow-travellers in the SJW industry.

Then the media reviewing will begin, and the same stale list of clich├ęs will once again parade like leprous catwalk models. An attack on British values will be claimed, without the claimant considering that very young girls in doubtless sexualized clothing paying a fortune to see a shallow pop star is not the greatest advertisement for British values. Bland, anodyne pleas for community cohesion will go up like the bleating of spring lambs. The blame will be laid at various non-Muslim doorsteps. Trump’s wars. The far-Right. Not enough Muslim actors on TV – I did not invent that last one. Everyone will be blamed but the vicious anarcho-tyrannists who are using Islam and Muslims to further their authoritarian aims.

And the end result is that they now run our lives using their shock-troops to enforce power randomly, without coherent pattern or form. I’ve been at the scene of a major bomb-blast, one of the most infamous in British history. It is terrifying. It is terroristic. After this latest, there will be more security, you will be less free. There will be some police persecution of people who merely write their opinions online. They will be less free. Increasingly, parents will spare themselves a night of stress by not allowing their children to attend these events. They will be less free. Perhaps once the mighty pop music industry begins to take a hit, you might see some progress, but it will be progress insofar as it will be more intimidating-looking policemen carrying out more body searches is progress. The police won’t dare to touch young black men to check if they have a knife, but they will look through your little daughter’s make-up bag at a pop concert. And never forget that pop stars like immigration, or say they do.

The excellent Diana West makes a point of the high standard you would expect from such a writer. She says that we in the West are effectively all now moderate Muslims. There is much in this. Think of how Islam impacts on your life, if you live in the UK. If you live in a city, you will see and hear mosques. Increasingly, Muslim men pray in the street. In Sweden, girls are not leaving home unaccompanied, in Germany none would dare attend an event alone, in Paris there are no-go zones for women. This is all shariah-compliancy. And you are co-erced into respecting all of this, and under no circumstances are you to criticise it. You are moderate Muslims. You might not go to mosque, but your children increasingly are.

Sadiq Khan is a very devious Muslim who may well one day be Prime Minister. He has said that Londoners ‘will see more police officers on the streets’ today. Paradoxically, where this should comfort, it simply causes more distress. As we wait to discover whether the latest suicide bomber was ‘known to the authorities’ those same authorities swarm our streets uselessly, like extras in some science-fiction movie.

Trump has already been attacked by the Liberal-Left for referring to the terrorists as ‘evil losers’. I would criticise his choice of phrase also, but for different reasons. In what sense are the terrorists ‘losing’? I haven’t seen Theresa May’s response, but it isn’t really necessary, is it? A scrabble of vacuous nonsense with a lightly-secreted warning against tarnishing her beloved Brand Islam.

As for any notional tipping-point, what might it look like? Ordinary people don’t have many options bar violence, and the Islam-friendly police ‘services’ will be primed for that. A war on the streets between Muslims and kufr? Again, the police will only be allowed to protect one side.

No, after the dust settles it really will be business as usual. There will be Muslims who despise the actions of this latest martyr because things are already going so well. The media will still be in their ivory towers, beaming out at the peasants. The Left will be planning their next march for free Queer Studies degrees. The election will come and go, and the political class will be the victors.

And a few families will have an empty place at table, if they were ever in the habit of such a quaint ritual as the evening meal.

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