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The chicks with dicks issue

Who Can I Be Now?

Title of a David Bowie boxed set

Dude looks like a lady.


I like to laugh. It is a legacy from my late father. He was a very funny man who loved to laugh and loved to make others laugh. It is one of the very few things I miss about London, my small coterie of friends with whom I could sit in a pub and roar with laughter. Here, it is mostly Americans who, like Germans, mistake a sense of humour for laughing loudly at their own attempted jokes.

So it is that I find myself grazing on the parched arable of Twitter on the lookout for humorous exchanges and, wherever possible, trying to provide a smile for others. I managed this feat with the following Tweet;

‘Ladies night tonight at the club. I’m swapping gender for free drinks. Tomorrow, I’ll just swap back. Result!’

I know. I missed my calling as a stand-up comic. It stirred up a pleasurable amount of mirth among my Twitter chums, but afterwards a deeper relevance seemed to want to pull on my coat about something…

It is difficult to know just where to begin with transgenderism and its various offshoots, sprouting as they are like mushrooms in a dewy dawn. So, let us look at some antecedents. We are told by the Left - and we will be guided Virgil-like by them here - that race is a social construct. Thus, Rachel Dolazel and Shaun King, two white people with white parents, can elect to be black and we must accept that they are.

So, it’s basically swapsies. This ability to trade in one identity for another, of course, has as its precedent the ability of individuals to convert to another religion from their previous set of beliefs. This at least has the merit of being feasible in the real world, the one we live in despite being told we do not. The highest profile type of conversion, in the West, is from Christianity to Islam.

Now, I have often thought of reciting the shahada, one of the five Islamic pillars of faith, and the stating of which converts the speaker into one of the Islamic faith. Should I ever have to tangle with the UK police, it would be better to have them treat me as a Muslim. This is a simple truth that simply cannot be denied. The UK police are as petrified of having to deal with Muslims as they are of having to deal with young black men. It is a potential career-finisher.

But wait. Surely if I recite the shahada and also self-identify as black, it’s a double-whammy! Plod wouldn’t touch you with a shitty stick! And hang on a sec, a black Muslim woman would be as untouchable as the love-child of a Hindu dalit and Elliot Ness! That, as football commentators say, is the hat-trick!

Why not? If men can now compete with women on the sporting field, if men can now use women’s toilets because they claim to be one themselves, if whites can be blacks and blacks can be Chinese and Aborigines can become Ashkenazi Jews, why can’t I become Fatima M’Bumbo al-coholic?

This is the rabbit hole down which the Left are forcing the West, and the wonderland into which it leads is surely symptomatic of the irreversible decline of that West. There is a poignant moment in the iconic film Withnail & I in which drug-dealer Danny describes the end of the 1960s – as Woodstock was eclipsed by Altamont – as follows; “They’re selling hippy wigs in Woolworth’s.” Funny and sad at the same time, we have gone one better in 2017.

A British police force is issuing new headgear to their officers and PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers). A nod towards terrorism and rocketing knife crime, perhaps? Let’s ask a spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police Force;

‘Not only will the new bump caps offer a better level of protection, the new headgear means that no longer will male and female officers be issued different headgear with varying safety ratings simply on the basis of gender.

Engagement has also shown that having to choose gender-based headgear is a barrier to the non-binary transgender community joining the police force.’

You can imagine the secret thoughts of the writer of that last sentence as being something along the lines of; Fuck right off out of it. I imagine a lot of people in authority - coppers, politicians, journalists, employers, teachers - are having to guard their secret thoughts about transgenderism in order to protect their livelihoods. And they have the new Left to thank for that.

If everything is a social construct, as the academic Leftist screwheads claim (but don’t believe), then anyone can be anything. There is no theoretical limit point to what you can become. Added to this, particularly for the young, there is the bonus that it brings you attention and may even – gasp! – get you into the Valhalla of reality television.

An interesting flashpoint will come when politicians are forced to recite the transgender version of the shahada, and state that they fully support the belief that women can become men and men women. This is not going to fly with the Muslim voting bloc, no mater how much taqiyya the likes of Sadiq Khan throw into the mix. Muslims understand when other Muslims lie to the kufr. It is for the cause. But when non-Muslims start defending transsexuals, expect sparks to fly.

Of course, it gives celebrities something to bleat about in their self-righteous hot-tub of virtue. Talentless punk Emma Watson is already whining about gender-neutral roles. And, because she is famous for playing someone in the film rendition of a crap series of children’s novels, the Liberal media echo chamber will sit up and pant at her driveling outpourings. Where will it all end? Because it will end.

A mad world, my masters. Or mistresses, whichever you self-identify as.

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