Tuesday, 16 May 2017


The angry foreigner,
looking neither angry nor foreign

Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t…

Shakespeare, Hamlet

I am but mad north-north west.

When the wind is southerly,

I know a hawk from a handsaw.


There is a dissident Right. It exists. It is, as the young people say, a thing. Partly Alt. Right, partly Alt. Lite, partly old-school nationalism, partly old-fashioned Conservatism, it exists primarily because it knows who its common enemy is. It may well be doomed, because it exists largely online, and the elites and their foot-soldiers will be marching up the stairs to take that away from you very, very soon. Virtual space is very much like St. Augustine’s description of where memories reside. A place which is as yet no place. We must use it well, and while we can.

When it comes to this dissident Right, you are either in or you are out. As far as I am concerned, if you are politically engaged and you are not of this movement, as loose as it is, then you are my enemy and you need to keep away from me. The Left are the enemy now. Former goat-herders from the Hindu Kush, or Syrian tailors, or Iraqi guys who scrub the rust off petrol cans are never going to be my enemy because I don’t fucking know any. The people I will fight – and I will, by any means necessary – are the north London, Manhattan, Berlin, Gothenburg, Parisian Liberal-Left who want to destroy the white male west just because they are annoyed, petulant, and keenly aware of their inferiority. They are like a legion of Yoko Onos without their Lennon. They can’t sing, but they want a job in the band. And I have met them and I have seen their faces and I have heard what they have to say. And they are the enemy.

But my people, if such they are, are guilty too, and the mistake seems to me so blindingly obvious that I wonder if I too may have made a mistaken allegiance. I will give you an example.

I have recently taken to watching videos by a Swede who goes by the handle of The Angry Foreigner. You can find him easily enough. I rarely link. If you are already reading this, you are probably not lazy. Except for the police officer who is reading this, who almost certainly is. At least, intellectually lazy. But with a nice pension pot to look forward to as a reward for lying.

The Angry Foreigner is a Swede. He emigrated to Sweden as a young boy from Bosnia, to escape the seemingly endless internecine warfare in that area of the world. He is erudite, sarcastic and funny. He highlights, with impeccable journalistic context and sources, the toxic and deleterious effect that Muslim immigration has had on Sweden. However, and this is very much my point, he keeps describing the importation of an antagonistic alien race as ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, and ‘insane’, and various other terms describing the mentally unhinged.

If you believe that the modern phalanx of governments across the Western world are importing Islam because they are acting from a misguided sense of humanitarianism, and that they cannot see the potential threat to their own cultures and nation-states, and that this represents a level of mental imbalance and not cold cunning, you are a part of the problem and nowhere close to being a part of the solution.

Get this straight in your heads. If you are white, indigenous Europeans, your governments despise you. They wish two things upon you, such is their dissatisfaction with your very existence and success. Firstly, they wish to goad and humiliate you. Ideally, for them, white individuals will lose patience and begin openly to criticize immigration, and even to take to the streets, thus allowing the police to do something other than diversity training and transgender recruitment programs, and persecute you. See the case of Tommy Robinson, below and passim.

Secondly, and as a more long-term program, they wish to replace you. The rate at which Muslims have been shunted into countries whose infrastructure is already creaking and groaning will have several effects. Wealthier European whites will leave, taking their money and potential taxes with them. The infrastructural creaking will get louder. Secondly, the demographics of countries will change, first at a micro-level, but increasingly at a macro-level. Parts of European countries are already Islamised, and this will continue. Thirdly, and as an essential component of anarcho-tyranny, small-scale civil skirmishes will be allowed to take place. These low-level, localized conflicts will gradually link arms. Again, this will allow the police to realise their dream of acting like Brownshirts or the Stern Gang, as well as further allowing governments to accuse whites of racism.

The possibility that this well-co-ordinated regime of malevolent social engineering is just some manifestation of the law of unintended consequences attendant on bureaucratic dumpkopfs is just not feasible. Governments, and the sinister gauleiters of the EU, know to a nicety where their immigration policies are leading.

In addition, George Soros’s ground troops – aka NGOs – are ably assisting the nihilistic influx of immigrants who neither wish to or are able to integrate into what remains of Western society. And Soros may be a brutal and malevolent man, but he and his people are far from stupid.

The Angry Foreigner is erudite and intelligent. He has something of the stand-up comedian about him, and is certainly more naturally amusing then Marcus Brigstocke and the rest of the Leftist sock-puppets who pass for comedians in the UK. His English is impeccable, as is the English of most young Swedes. It is far more competent than the English you will hear spoken in most parts of London.

What I don’t understand is his insistence that immigration policy in Sweden is somehow the result of incompetence. As I have written many times, this is not incompetence. This is what a certain type of competence looks like.

And, whitey, it is not a competence that wishes you well. Soon it will be time either to pack up or put up. You will either be required to have bigger balls, or you will lose them entirely.

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