Monday, 8 May 2017


The gentlemen to this chap's right look oddly unimpressed

Well, France, it looks like goodbye rather than au revoir. The conventional wisdom on the Right and Alt. Right is that five years of Macron will come so close to destroying France that Le Pen will stroll into power in 2022. I’m not so sure.

It was too much to expect a Brexit/Trump/Le Pen hat-trick. The globalists are too strong for that. But while the Brexit debate centred around the state’s so-called Project Fear, and the American election further exposed the globalist, Leftist media and deep state propaganda machine, the French election was breathtaking in its level of bias.

The BBC will, of course, be in estrus about Macron. They collectively orgasmed when Hollande won last time around, and he was an utter failure even by European standards. Has any other politician ever had a 4% approval rating? But if Socialism wins, the BBC are a happy bunch of quasi-Communists. I’ve met people who worked for the BBC. They have a sort of existential aroma about them, like entering a bedroom in which a beer-drinking man has farted repeatedly over a long period of time. You feel you need a scalding shower after talking to them.

Jeremy Corbyn has Tweeted his delight that Macron defeated Le Pen’s ‘politics of hate’, seemingly unaware that his second-in-command hates white people, although that is not counted as hatred for reasons discussed in the post below. With this one Tweet, Corbyn shows the total, hypocritical idiocy of the Left.

Another curio in the endless Curiosity Shoppe of Leftist clownthink is that they are supposed to hate globalist bankers, yet they all wet their knickers when France elects one. Like Bertie Wooster, one simply shakes one’s head and passes on.

A further aspect of Macron’s rise to power seems curious until you look beneath the surface, as one always must in these treacherous times. It seems to be common knowledge in France that he is gay. What is odd is that he has covered up this fact, even going so far as to marry a woman who looks like Iggy Pop after a failed facelift. And yet, in the Left-Liberal-dominated times, why would anyone hide the fact that they are gay? I worked with a homosexual in my last job. He was as gay as a yellow feather-duster, and yet pretended otherwise. He used to feign, through frostily gritted teeth, that he was lovestruck over a female estate agent who often visited our place of work. It was about as convincing as Hillary Clinton in leather at a dyke conference. That actually happened, by the way. And then he would literally sigh when some classy guy walked past.

But, surely, these must be the most auspicious times to be what we used to call, as children, a wooly-woofter since Socrates and his Greek chums invented bumming in the first place. Gay Pride events are more or less compulsory, gays fill the TV schedules, and woe betide the politician who wafts even the vaguest scent of homophobia. Old Traumavillians, of course, know full well that I despise homophobia, which actually exists whereas Islamophobia and anti-black racism generally do not, and is widely practiced by both Muslims and blacks. My colourful language is humour, that endangered species. But to return to my point. Like the cleaner I used to work with, why does Macron feel the need to hide his sexuality? Then the shekel dropped…

He needs the Muslim bloc vote. The best way to haemorrhage Mohammedan votes is to cozy up to the gay community. And, of course, he is going to be reinforcing that bloc, claiming to wish to import 200,000 more immigrants per year for the duration of his tenure. They will not be Buddhists, Amish or Zoroastrians.

And here is the unintended consequence for that particular little demographic manoeuvre. As I had to explain patiently to a gay guy on Facebook – now a bouncy castle for Leftist dullards – Muslims really don’t like homosexuality. He had stated that Chechnya was rounding up gays and putting them in camps, appropriately enough. It seemed that, like a lot of Americans I meet, he had the vague idea that the USSR still exists, and that Putin was at the bottom, so to speak, of this gay gulag. I pointed out to him that, in fact, Putin had fought Chechnya and, more importantly, that country is 95% Muslim. I went on to inform him of Muslim homophobia, but he seemed keen to tell me about how white Christians in the USA, apparently, lynch gays. I then appraised him of the shariah no-go zones of London, where he and his boyfriend would likely be beaten up if they hold hands therein. He continued to resist the obvious truth.

I was in Paris at the end of November, 2015, two weeks after the Bataclan massacre. I met my girlfriend for the first time on the Eurostar, and she tells me something I knew anyway. She thought I looked gay. And, gentle reader, looking at photos of that week, I did indeed look as camp as Christmas. Linen suit, checked waistcoat, highly polished brogue boots, clipped moustache, Nazi haircut. Yup, camp as a row of boy scout tents.

Travelling from Gare du Nord to my Air BnB, I inadvertently wandered into a Muslim area. I was, in half an hour, aggressively denied entrance to a bar, ripped off blatantly in another, and further scammed by a Muslima taxi driver. At least women can still drive there, if they are Mohammedan.

What really lingers in the memory, apart from the smell of Muslim parts of Paris, are the open looks of hostility I received from Muslims I passed in the street. Let me tell you something. Muslims really, really don’t like homosexuals. Now there is a closeted gay guy in power who wants to import more of them, it is going to get very nasty for Pierre et Pierre in the city of love.

Curiously, the gay guy I used to work with went to Paris four times a year. He was actually very cultured. I imagine him sitting at an effete Parisian café, reading Proust in the original and sipping coffee from a dainty little cup. As the next five years roll slowly by, his range of options as a boulevardier will gradually dwindle. Gay Paree. For now.

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