Saturday, 6 May 2017


Your next Home Secretary?
Good luck with that

Much will have been written about Diane Abbott’s interview with Nick Ferrari. The curious thing that struck me on listening and re-listening to it is that I strongly suspect she was drunk. Not smashed, mind, but almost certainly a couple in, or perhaps still toasted from the night before. Allegedly, she goes missing from time to time with ‘migraine’. I’ve never heard it called that before. Those who know me well will attest that I know whereof I speak, and there was a definite set of indicators which spoke powerfully of an intense lobbying effort from what a friend of mine calls ‘Dame Boozy-Woozy’.

Now, Ferrari’s show used to run between 7am and, I think, 10am, Monday to Friday, and I assume it still does. I have spoken to Ferrari on three occasions. My mother has engaged the great man so many times that they are on first-name terms. He is an amiable man, able to laugh at himself – unlike his colleague James O’Brien, a public school-educated Marxist – and a wily and able radio interviewer.

If you have not yet heard the interview, treat yourself. Abbott treats mathematics with all the dexterity of a chimp with a Rubik’s Cube. She does not know what she is saying, and papers can clearly be heard rustling as she fumbles for a way out. Watch it on YouTube, because Ferrari’s face is a treat, a visual symphony of disbelief. He is thinking what every British person is, or ought to be, thinking; If Labour win, this creature will be Home Secretary.

Abbott is a career racist and, if you would like to be employed in a similar position, white people need not apply. There is no money in it for us as we do the work anyway on a voluntary basis. It’s a little like the gag about dogs.

Q: What does a dog do on his day off?

A: Well, he doesn’t sleep. That’s his job.

There is no money in racism for whites. Well, except the ones who are black stooges. But, for someone like Abbott, it could take you all the way to one of the land’s highest offices. And money? You got it, ma bitch!

The picture that heads this piece is a painting of Abbott. It cost, apparently, over ten thousand pounds. I wonder if you can guess who paid for that. Her comments on race are, I would imagine, familiar to most of you. She has claimed – and this is in the public domain – that the problem with the UK is not immigration, it is white people. Of course, these comments cannot be deemed racist, as Abbott is black, and blacks cannot be racist, as they lack power. Thus spake the Left. Should she become Home Secretary, and thus gain power, would her comments then become racist? It is a conundrum worthy of Zeno.

If she were Home Secretary, would it be the first time in British history that a Prime Minister had previously fucked his Home Secretary? Apparently, Corbyn used to parade Abbott in front of his friends in a sort of tribal virtue-signalling ritual. I’ve known white guys like that. Look at me. I’ve got a black girlfriend. Have you any idea how good that makes me? I personally have had several black girlfriends and it does not make me good – no power on earth could do that – but it made me aware of one thing. With each and every one of them, if I closed my eyes while they were talking, they sounded white.

Diane Abbott is against grammar schools and, indeed, any kind of selective education. Except, perforce, for her own child, who goes to an expensive private school masquerading as a comprehensive. She defended her choice of the ten thousand pounds a year school – you could buy a painting for that - by stating that ‘West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children’. Unless there is an Islington wine bar – she likes the odd bot. of something sensational, allegedly – called The Wall, I fail to see what she means.

Abbott, who as stated would be Home Secretary if Labour win the upcoming general election, is the worst type of race-baiter. She immediately assumed that the Croydon attack on a Kurdish immigrant was the work of whites. If it was, and there were certainly whites involved, they were whites actively participating in the black experience. She went very quiet when the first photographs of black suspects appeared. She is a known acquaintance of a Mr. Lee Jasper, a race-baiter who once stated that the reason young black men are disproportionately represented in gun crime figures in London is due to – wait for it, wait for it – white racism. Abbott herself said, in a throwaway line on the Ferrari interview, that it was a shame young men felt they needed to carry knives to protect themselves. This is the kind of horse-shit that leads to the deaths of the young black men she claims to champion.

It is easy to be glib about Abbott, but there is deeper import here. She is a talentless, bigoted, careerist race-baiter with no more ability than the kind of black council time-wasters that have made my mother’s life a misery in the past, and whose careers have been boosted by their racist appointment. The problem is this. Black people are being given jobs, at the highest level, which many of them are not up to. If you feel you need some token blacks on your Shadow Cabinet, like they used to do in 70s BBC dramas, why not try Dr. Tony Sewell? More or less called an Uncle Tom, or house nigger, by the London blackerati and the whites who adore them, Sewell was cast into the wilderness for saying controversial things such as that blacks need to take on a level of responsibility for their destinies instead of blaming Whitey. But no. Instead, we get Abbott.

There is a General Election looming in the UK which the party fallaciously calling themselves Conservative look set to win. A talented, two-fisted, capable opposition is necessary for the functioning of any government. The office of Home Secretary is one of the highest in the land, and its shadow is concomitantly important. It should not be given to a moron simply because she is a black woman. Labour needs to look further than Islington harpies and Guardian readership. This woman is a fool, and the UK already has far too many of those.

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