Sunday, 23 April 2017


The eyes have it

I have lost count of the number of times I have read that one or other European nation is considering banning the burka. Now, the burka itself seems to be the full-piece body-bag that Muslim men insist their many wives wear, with a lit for the eyes like some psychotic London post-box, and which feminists claim empowers those same women. It also, of course, serves to cover up the result of a good smack in the mouth, but that is a subject for another fine day.

Takuan Seiyo, that rogue essayist from whom we hear all too little in these treacherous times, reminds us that there are several versions of the Islamic veil. We should refuse, he says, to learn the names of any of them.

There is, of course, nothing in the Koran concerning veiling women. This is a pure by-product of Wahhabism, the ever-moveable feast known as the Hadith, the wily old men who manipulate post-Mohammedan Islam, and a gullible and conniving West.

But never let a government ban anything. There be dragons. This is one of my bones of contention with Geert Wilders, who wishes to ban the Koran. Do you defeat an enemy by banning its texts? You do not. I refer you to the triumph of Christianity over the mighty Roman Empire. Make of a text samizdat, and you merely amplify its effects.

As for the burka, this is the reddest of herrings. As with all the false-flag operations the Western elites mount against an increasingly savvy public, it is not in any way aimed at Islam. Once burkas are banned, crucifixes will follow in short order.

UKIP, that failing one-man show turned three-ring circus, are the latest to follow this tired trope. Bizarrely, they state that they wish to ban both the burka and shariah law. Paul Nuttall may not be the best pilot of the UKIP ship if his knowledge of the legal constitution of the UK is so feeble. Shariah law already is banned in the UK by virtue of the fact that Britain already has a legal system, thank you very much.

France, Belgium and Bulgaria have already banned the burka, which of course puts them far more at risk from enraged Muslims than countries which have not. Mohammedans have enough imagined slights to deal with without giving them actual ones to rage about. Muslim women will, of course, be commanded by their menfolk to wear this wretched garment in these countries. The police will be deployed and either made to look like the impotent fools they are or become embroiled in tense stand-offs. Either way, Islam will cost all these countries more than it already does in police time. You will have noted that Islam, whatever else you wish to say about it, does not come cheap.

There is an amusing tale told in my little part of Costa Rica. A Muslim couple holidayed here some years ago. The woman wore the full burka, despite it regularly being over 90˚ here. A couple of years later, another couple arrived with the woman similarly attired. A local shop-keeper remarked that it was nice that people liked the place enough to return. It was a different Muslima, of course, but the shopkeeper assumed it was the same woman, the one with the kooky fashion sense.

I do not wish to see the burka banned. As noted, I feel uneasy when governments start banning things that don’t kill people. However, everyone has heard the ridiculous stories of Muslim women refusing to show their faces in court, and even one who refused to do so for a passport check at the airport. What should happen in these cases is immediate imprisonment for contempt of court until such time as the woman decides to show her undoubtedly pleasant features, and detention in a small airless office for the airport Muslima pending same. And the most important imperative of these tiresome transactions is that the court staff and passport controllers show no respect either to Islam or to the woman herself. The message will be clear. If you wish to dress this way, fine. But if your choice obstructs us in the course of our professional duty, we will make things as difficult as you like.

One of the most pathetic aspects of creeping Islamisation in the UK is the respect paid to it. Policemen taking off their shoes to raid mosques. No dawn raids during Ramadan. No police dogs because Muslims don’t like them. Police officers should kick down the doors of mosques wearing their biggest shit-kicking boots, and make pre-dawn raids during Ramadan, accompanied by their toughest crew of German Shepherds and, if possible, all munching on bacon sandwiches. The slogan when dealing with Islam should be; No respect? Then, no respect.

The burka also serves a purpose in the wider cultural war currently being waged. When feminists decry that the burka is empowering to women, and turn it into some symbolic beatitude, they make themselves increasingly ridiculous in the eyes of ordinary people, which means their power wanes further.

Most importantly, though, when I see women in burkas, it reminds me of one over-arching concept. Western civilization, with all its decadence and decline, all its trash and trauma, all its atomisation and animosity, is still vastly superior to this peasant culture. Of course, when one strolls the boulevards of south London and sees tattooed, fat, white sluts with facial piercings, one sometimes sorely wishes for compulsory burkas all round, but freedom, if it means anything at all, means freedom to look like a slattern.

So, keep the burka. Just stop letting people into your countries who may wish to wear them. Or, rather, people whose menfolk order them to wear them. It is an ugly garment entirely appropriate for an ugly ideology. I would rather not have seen the face of a Muslima I once opened a supermarket door for. She would have struggled to do it herself, what with a baby buggy and shopping but, as she passed me by in my temporary capacity as multicultural bell-boy, she gave me such a glare of naked contempt anyone would have assumed I had spat in her face. Keep the burka. It reminds me of what I like, and what I dislike.

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