Sunday, 9 April 2017


Cultural enrichment, and you had better agree

Peter Whittle, the deputy leader of troubled British political party UKIP, has used Twitter to describe a Swedish plan to rehabilitate ISIS fighters as ‘cultural suicide’. The proposal includes measures to offer the incoming jihadists employment, housing, education and financial support. The much-maligned Twitter is actually a very democratic tool whereby it is possible for the little people at least to communicate directly with the elites and, in the case of Mr. Whittle, I begged to differ. What is happening in Sweden, and across Europe, is not suicide. It is murder.

For although it is the political elites who import Islam, it is not they who are mown down by vehicles as they shop. It is not they who are beaten, raped and stabbed on the streets of their home towns. It is not they who are forced to removed nativity scenes and national flags. It is not they whose children are forced to attend mosques on school trips. It is not suicide. It is murder.

The elites do not live an unguarded, unprotected life. The elites mostly prefer motorcades and security guards. They do not live in the areas which will soon become infested with new mosques and the air where they live will never be blighted with the call to prayer. They do not have to walk through garbage on the streets where they prefer to live. They are not jostled and jeered and insulted by low-IQ Maghrebians on their way to work. In short, they are insulated from the terrible dysfunction they have imported.

As for culture, there is increasingly not much to kill. Western culture revolves around television, sports and the purchase of expensive toys and nick-nacks. But the day-to-day culture of ordinary people, the non-elites, the little people, is being deliberately eroded. Your local swimming has to have a gender segregated day. Your children eat meat from animals slaughtered in a horrific way without you even knowing it. You have to wade through women whose faces are obscured to stop men wanting to rape them. And if your teenage daughters wants to avoid being gang-raped, she must go out with an escort, or better still stay in the home, in fine, shariah-compliant style.

And if you wish to comment on this negatively, to criticise the culture of the incoming hordes or point out that they do not really belong in your country, the country your ancestors built, think twice. If you are a migrant rapist, you will have to try particularly hard to receive a prison sentence. If you do, you will join your fellows and be utterly respected by the prison staff, enjoying a far better life and diet in a Western jail than that offered living freely in your own failed country. But if you are a non-Muslim who exercises free speech in a manner labelled by the elites as ‘wrong opinion’, you may be joining the rapist in the big house.

So, murder, Mr. Whittle. Not suicide. The little people, afraid to speak out and bullied and harassed by both the thought police and the actual police are not committing cultural suicide. They are being culturally murdered. The next person to die under the wheels of a careering truck driven by a homicidal Muslim will not have killed herself. She will have been killed.

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