Thursday, 13 April 2017


A superhero of colour

Readers are tired of Marvel Comics aka Diversity Comics, sales prove. From Muslim superheroes, to male superheroes turned female, white superheroes turned black, straight superheroes turned gay etc. And retailers are relaying their complaints to Marvel from readers, but a Marvel exec thinks readers are just ‘turning their noses up at it’. No. Readers want stories, good stories, great stories, entertaining stories, they don’t want their favourite characters turned inside out in order to make Leftists at Marvel signal to the world that they’re not racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc.

Bosch Fawstin, cartoonist and apostate from Islam

It is one of my favourite memories of childhood. On Saturday morning, I would get up very early, often in darkness, and ride my bike round to Frank’s papershop. There. I would fill a heavy canvas sack with newspapers and race off to complete my round. Paper rounds paid surprisingly good money then. The ticket for my first gig - £2.50 to see Led Zeppelin at Earl’s Court – was funded by delivering newspapers. By the time I got home, my mate who covered the round with my road in it had delivered Dad’s and Mum’s papers, and two extra items, for me.

Marvel Comics Weekly and Spider Man Comics Weekly were black-and-white re-runs of colour Marvel originals. I would have a quick bowl of cereal and the first of the day’s endless cups of sweet instant coffee, and go back to bed for a damned good read. There I am, a little boy in bed, utterly absorbed in the latest adventures and tight corners and fights involving his fictional cartoon heroes.

The Hulk. Daredevil. Thor. The Avengers. The X-Men. Spiderman. Iron Man. All film franchises now, of course, but then the most absorbing read for a young boy yet to embark on his science-fiction guzzling career. The storylines had a moral core, such as Peter Parker’s guilt at having to make his sweet little Aunt May doubt her sanity rather than be petrified at learning his identity. I would say that comic books prepared a boy for manhood at least in an advisory capacity.

Not any more. As the opening quote makes clear, Marvel Comics is now just another department in the Leftist plan to make abnormality normal. The great god of diversity demands sacrifices, and is a jealous god. White superheroes – or green, in the case of The Incredible Hulk – are simply not acceptable anymore. Nor are straight ones, or ones whose gender is biological rather than whimsical. I was made dimly aware some months ago that Iron Man, the alter-ego of Tony Stark, was now to be a young black girl. I tried to avoid reading any more about this tiresome obsession because I knew it would only make me angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

What is most irritating about this prevalent trend in entertainment is the way that the Marvel executive dismisses this in an underhand way, implying that white people are racist, or sexist, or homophobic, or Islamophobic, simply because they are not buying the crap his company has chosen to peddle. Some of us, of course, are racist, sexist, homophobic – although I’m sitting that one out – and Islamophobic, and don’t see these as being bad things, provided no violent action comes from those attitudes. But virtue-signalling requires bad people as the leather strop on which they whet the blade of their righteousness.

The same thing is happening in Hollywood. After a slew of films informing white people how bad they are, and black how good and innocent and hard-done-by they are, attention has now been turned to giving a few black actors parts which would previously have gone to white people, and all simply to make a few white people who work for Jews feel better about their day. The producers of the next of the interminable Star Wars saga are openly gleeful about the fact that there will be no white people at all in the film unless, of course, they are villains.

Incidentally, I always find it mildly worrying to discover that people still read comic books and watch their offshoot movies when they are well into their thirties and even forties. One of my main problems with the Alt. Right has to do with this. One minute there is an erudite discussion of Evola, Heidegger or Gramsci, the next a new Batman movie has come out, and everyone is running around like kitten batting a ping-pong ball across a parquet floor. But I digress.

It is immensely pleasurable to learn that Marvel, as well as Hollywood, is suffering sales drops brought about entirely by its slavish obsession with social engineering. The most risible aspect of gay superheroes, black James Bonds, transgender Dr Whos and whatever other crappy little virtuous semaphores the Leftist culture gauleiters can come up with is that they are mostly white men with no interest in or compassion for the victim groups they are trying to promote. If you really wanted to help blacks, policing Detroit and putting it under white control would do immeasurably more than making 007 Nigerian.

No, this is just another brick in the wall of cultural change enforced from above. The hidden persuaders – to steal the title of Vance Packard’s 1957 book on advertising – don’t really care for blacks or gays or transgender folk or any other of their identitarian squeaky toys. What they care about is controlling what white people – particularly haram white men, women being halal – think and are able to say about these ideological game reserves.

And if white people are not buying, then they may learn the lesson the hard way, because it is still white people who have the money.

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