Saturday, 22 April 2017


Oui, Madame

The first round of the French elections has already begun, as the old French colonies cast their vote in the most vital Gallic ballot in my lifetime. The British General Election is a bagatelle by comparison. In the UK, the choice is between one set of Socialists led by an ex-IRA supporter and another led by a posh girl. There will be no change in the management of decline except, as reported in a previous postcard, the rate of that decline will increase under Labour, an outcome greatly to be desired. Apart from the attendant media bunting of one colour or another, it will be, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

In France, however, Marine Le Pen addresses something no other leading politician in Europe would dare to touch; Muslim immigration. She may campaign against ‘radical Islamism’, but it is clear that she wants to rid France of Islam in toto. She may be France’s, and Western Europe's, last chance to do so.

As with Brexit and Trump, the full force of the French deep state will be in collusion with the media to stop her. Islamic immigration is possibly the most vital component in the destabilizing of Europe so earnestly sought by its elites and the sinister éminences grises that lurk behind them. No upstart nationalist must be allowed to stop it.

What Le Pen’s economic strategies will be I have no idea, and the media could not care less. They will focus on racism and xenophobia, the twin evils of the modern world but evils which must be amplified and applied, if only temporarily, if the greatest threat to what remains of Western civilization is to be defeated as it was at the gates of Vienna.

Then, of course, in 1683, Islam came with the sword. Now it arrives with a smartphone and new training shoes, and this is a clue to the problem posed by modern Islam. The problem is not Islam in and of itself. Islam is actually the most ultra-conservative political ideology currently in existence. It is when Muslims are shown the Ali Baba’s cave of the West, with its trinkets and freedoms, its internet and blonde girls not wearing very much, that the trouble begins.

I used to spend a lot of time in France. In fact, under the curious convolutions of Napoleonic land law, I own one eighth of a house in northern Provençe, the house of my late father. It is the most beautiful area. There is, or was, little crime. On an early visit, my father spent some time conversing with an old man who could not have looked more French if he had been sent by central casting. When I asked my father about him, he told me that the man was a cousin of Pagnol, the famous French author who wrote, among other novels, Manon des Sources.

My father and I would visit Nyons market, with its billowing fragrances and street jazz. While I was stocking up on French soap – incomparable – we would see Muslims, the pieds nuds or sans papiers. But there was no antagonism, or none that I saw. Is it any wonder that the locals would like to keep it that way, particularly if they have seen the dissident videos of the anarchy in Paris, the videos the MSM won’t show you? The southern French are proud and haughty, sometimes to the point of arrogance, and they wish to make sure that that part of the country remains their country.

It is also Le Pen country and, when I say that, it is country that voted for her father, the rather more dubious Jean Marie. This election will be much like Brexit and the USA in that it will be between rural France and the metropolitans. Above my father’s property is a house owned by a Parisian. When my father - un rosbif - first moved there, because he was married to a local French woman, heavy snow was removed from the drive of his house by the local snow-plough on instruction from the mayor. They have never extended this courtesy to the gentleman from Paris. There is a saying in the south; Seuls les Parisiens aiment les Parisiens. Only Parisians like Parisians. The relationship between the south of France and the north – particularly Paris – mirrors the traditional antagonism in the UK, although with the poles reversed.

So the election will pit rural Frenchmen and women against their Liberal antagonists. So far, so divisive. This is happening across the West. It is already leading to violence in the USA, and will soon do so in the UK. In France, however, there is another element. At 7.5%, the Muslim population is the highest of any European country. Here, more than anywhere else, the Left has imported its very own demographic voting bloc. This is an important part of the long game Islam is playing, one for which – as I have written before – they are metaphysically prepared while the godless West is not.

The Islamic invasion of Europe is actually two-pronged, and terrorism is a minor feature. I say this not to demean the victims of terrorist attacks, but to lay out the sketch of a strategy so far proving successful. Firstly, as Mark Steyn long ago pointed out, Islam is out-breeding its host body in Europe. In this sense, Muslims are not trying to screw us, they are trying – and succeeding – to out-screw us. Birth rates among the European countries are notoriously below the replacement rate of 2.1 per couple. Add Islam into the mix, however, and things look rosier - if you are simply a fan of numbers. Or a Muslim. Or a Left-wing oikophobe.

Secondly, the de facto invasion. Migrant numbers are not going to lessen, and any politician who tells you they are is lying to you. Of course, the elites and their media catamites greatly desire this, and brand any objection to it as ‘populism’. Look at the infantile and fanatical reaction to Trump’s ascendancy. Sweden and Germany have both actively encouraged miscegenation between Muslim immigrants and indigenous women. Actually, I wouldn’t blame the ladies if they did dump Sven or Jurgen for Achmed or Mohammed. Which would you prefer sex with, a virile Muslim or a Queer Studies graduate in a pink pussy hat?

I don’t think Le Pen will win. I don’t think she can win. But then I said that about Brexit and Trump, and was gloriously wrong. I have some horse-racing tips, if you’re interested. But this I do believe. If she loses out this time around, what will happen to France in the interim between now and the next presidential election will guarantee her a future landslide. Vive La France!

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  1. les pieds nus, not "les pieds nuds"!
    And yes, people from the Provinces do not like "les parigots". Not at all. no siree.