Thursday, 20 April 2017


Not as stupid as they look

So, Continuity Cameron – aka Theresa May - has ordered a snap election, and we would do well to separate the various imminent lies from one another, for there will be precious little in the way of truth in the coming weeks. If you believe politicians are public servants working honestly for their people, the people who pay their generous wages and expenses, you ought not to be allowed to use scissors.
The main lie, of course, will be that May and her so-called Conservative Party wish to implement Brexit with a mandate. She, and they, of course wish no such thing. I imagine May was as horrified as Cameron and his fag Osborne when the democratic will of the people was somehow allowed to have its way. The whole point of neo-Socialism – and the ‘Tory’ party are neo-Socialists – is to remove power from the little people, not to listen to their wishes. As for Brexit, there are too many of the political class in the UK relying on the EU for their pension pot. Why else would as empty a man as Nick Clegg argue so powerfully for it? He is scarcely going to write a book in his dotage. It will not provide him with either the adulation or the income he so desperately requires, quite apart from the fact that no sentient person would buy it.
But, as for this election, May and her entourage of PR people, image-makers, focus-group gurus, wonks, SpAds and other taxpayer-funded liars will be fully expected to win, and this will spell disaster. Curiously, and paradoxically, it requires an even bigger disaster to save the UK, which is why I will be praying for an unlikely win for Corbyn and his raggle-taggle army of identitarian idiots.
Now, be in absolutely no doubt as to the potential differences between a ‘Conservative’ government and a Labour one after June 9. These differences are wholly a question of degree. With either party in power, these will be the results:
·        Increasing taxes.
·        Increasing public sector spending.
·        Increasing foreign aid.
·        Increasing immigration, almost all of it Muslim.
·        Increasing national debt.
·        Increasing structural deficit.
·        Increasing obstruction to Britain’s decision to leave the EU.
·        Increasing surveillance of ordinary people.
·        Increasing antagonism towards Trump’s presidency.
·        Increasing politicisation of the police via which less police time is spent investigating and prosecuting actual crime, and concomitantly more time on investigation of so-called ‘hate crimes’ on social media and other examples of state-imposed Wrongthink.
·        Increasing weakening of educational standards.
In short, it will be business as usual whoever wins, but with one important difference. The difference has to with what has notoriously been termed ‘managing decline’.
I believe Corbyn is secretly thrilled with Continuity Cameron’s decision. If ever there was a poisoned chalice disguised as a General Election, this is it. The UK may look like a wonderful, new, shiny toy, with a chest-puffing economy and stocks and shares booming – another set of instituted falsehoods – and a bright fiscal future. It is not. If ever a can were kicked down the road and made to look as though it were a game of Association Football, the UK is it.
The only solution is for Labour to gain power. The UK needs to collapse in order to continue. As the American general said in Vietnam; sometimes it is necessary to destroy a village in order to save it.
Financial collapse is waiting in the wings and is to be hastened as much as possible. Only when the UK is officially broke will it see what it can and cannot afford. What it cannot afford includes: Scotland, the NHS, welfare, foreign aid, a public sector at the current rate, government at the current size, and Islam.
Social collapse will lead to the retrieval of local power by local people. The increasing ghettoization of inner cities will lead to inter-ethnic conflict, particularly between Muslims and blacks, which will enable whites to achieve a localised version of secession.
A Corbyn government could not fail to bring about financial ruin. This is just the time for hyper-Keynesian economics in order to bring about the end. Most importantly, Diane Abbott would become Home Secretary. This would, incidentally, enrage the Muslims Corbyn has tried to placate by allowing his party to maintain a simmering level of anti-Semitism. It is a truth seldom spoken that blacks and Muslims do not like one another. Blacks resent the fact that they had the victim-status game all sewn up until Islam came along. Now they whine about how multiculturalism has failed, mainly because the free stuff is drying up at the well-spring. Home Secretary Abbott – just savour that phrase - would also be in charge of the police, which would mean a total end to the policing of blacks, which in turn would lead to anarchy.
Abbott is a rather dim-witted racist who is a spectacular argument against the de facto positive affirmation which functions throughout British politics, academia and the public sector in general. For her, everything reduces to race. The fact that her ideological allies believe race to be a social construct does not matter, as it never does to black people when the argument, specious as it is, does not accrue extra benefits for them. She has stated publicly that the problem with immigration is not immigrants but white people.
But she is just one of many positives for the hasty down-tumbling Great Britain so urgently requires. Once, as Guillaume Faye writes, we wake up and all the magic has gone, then history will begin in earnest. Whether or not the country can hoist itself up by its bootstraps remains to be seen, but it cannot go on the way it is now.
Every phoenix needs its ashes from which to rise, and ashes is what a Labour victory would surely provide. So; vote early, vote often, and vote Corbyn.

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