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Best-seller, much to the chagrin of the Pansy Left

If you have made your way to this weblog, you will almost certainly know the name Tommy Robinson. Born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, Tommy famously led the EDL, left, went through a short dalliance with the Quilliam Foundation, and more recently took up the reins of PEGIDA UK. If you need to know more, as an editor once told me, that is what Google is for.

Tommy is an English heretic. He regularly commits the greatest sin against the modern Western religion of ‘multiculturalism’; he criticises Islam. Multiculturalism is, of course, a weasel word. The anarcho-tyrannical elites are not interested in introducing any other culture than Islam, and that at a toxic and destabilising rate. Tommy saw what happened to his home town of Luton. Unlike the politically coerced – which is who the politically correct are – he could not refrain from speaking out. After all, as I remember hearing in the 1970s, Britain is a free country. Isn’t it?

Gentle reader, it is not. Robinson has been hounded and harassed by the police, his family have been intimidated, his children made to cry, all by the officers whose job it is to protect the public. He has been called Islamophobic – another weasel word, invented by the Muslim Brotherhood – so many times he must hear the echo in his sleep.

I became interested in him some time ago – I’ve shaken hands with his cousin, Kev Carroll – and mulled over the idea of writing a book on him. I let his PA, Helen Gower, know of my intentions, and gave her my number. A short while later, he phoned me and we had a 20-minute conversation about Islam and his own tribulations. And trials.

I was fired by my employers soon afterwards. The reasons given were flimsy, and I am just paranoid enough to suspect that the police might have alerted the company I worked for of the call Tommy made to me. It is the type of thing that fits a modern Britain in which the police have long been both politicised and ordered to defend Islam.

Robinson has been a de facto political prisoner. Given a ridiculously long sentence for minor offences, he was placed in a jail with a high Muslim population. He freely told me that the police wanted him to die in prison, and I believe him. He was later imprisoned for defending himself against a Somali who tried to throw boiling water and sugar over him.

Now, his book is riding high the in Amazon’s sales charts, and this has triggered the usual suspects. One in particular - @Mike_P_Williams – seems particularly exercised, calling Tommy ‘illiterate’. He has not, of course, read the book, but the modern Leftist doesn’t require that. Tommy offered to discuss the matter with him over coffee. Williams – who has to be expensively educated, to look at his mugshot on Twitter – airily declined, as he was ‘too busy’. He describes himself as a ‘content provider’. Sure. He writes for Buzzfeed. That is like a graffiti artist calling himself a ‘content provider’.

I urge you to read Enemy of the State. My review, written at the time of the book’s first publication, can be found here. If you are hampered by the false conscience the British state has foisted on you, shake it off. Tommy Robinson and EDL were in part responsible for uncovering the greatest scandal the British deep state has tried to hush up this century, that being the Rotherham – and other towns – child-grooming scandal (see Peter McLoughlin’s East Meat). Tommy Robinson has a rolling legal fund to keep buoyant. You would do well to spend your money reading the truth.

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