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Never mind the burglary, sir.
What was that Tweet again?

One of the most curious trends running through the comments sections of social media is the apparent belief that the Western political elites are somehow stupid. The internet has, of course, given the illusion of expertise to many who do not have that precious commodity. Wikipedia seems to make a journalist of anyone. But how many comments have you read, following a good or bad piece on one of the many dissident, Right or Alt. Right sites that now exist, that start along these lines?

When will the government realise…

How can politicians be so stupid…

When will leaders wake up…

If you are one such commenter, I have news for you. Governments realise. Politicians are not stupid. Our leaders are awake. It is you who sleep.

Western governments employ dozens, even hundreds, of men and women whose job it is to lie to you. In the UK, they are called by various specious names: ‘Spin doctors’, ‘policy advisers’, ‘wonks’, ‘special advisers’ or ‘SpAds’. But they are liars, and we should call things as they are. Their job, and it is a job you are paying for, is to make things which are bad for you appear to be good for you.

One thing they are not is stupid. They have sold you myths and lies and falsehoods. They have sold you the myth that multiculturalism is good for your country. They have sold you the lie that Islam is a religion of peace. They have sold you the falsehood that immigration is necessary to save your country’s economy. And you, or people you know and live with and work with, bought it.

The immigration into Europe of tens of thousands of Muslim men is not an act of humanitarianism. It is not compassionate. It is not an economic necessity, and it has nothing to do with some ideal of the family of man, a phrase which is probably now illegal under linguistic gender guidelines. The importation of these men, whose religion is exactly opposed to the ideals on which Western civilization was built, is the first act in a globalist program. This program is ultimately concerned with control, and the initial means of imposing this control is called anarcho-tyranny.

The phrase originates with American columnist and palaeoconservative Samuel T. Francis. Francis held unorthodox views on race, immigration and miscenegation which, of course, made him a racist and a reactionary to the Liberal-Left. He was a prolific writer, but the paragraph which most concerns us is here;

What we have in this country today, then, is both anarchy (the failure of the state to enforce the laws) and, at the same time, tyranny – the enforcement of laws by the state for oppressive purposes; the criminalisation of the law-abiding and innocent through exorbitant taxation, bureaucratic regulation, the invasion of privacy, and the engineering of social institutions, such as the family and local schools; the imposition of thought control through "sensitivity training" and multiculturalist curricula, "hate crime" laws, gun-control laws that punish or disarm otherwise law-abiding citizens but have no impact on violent criminals who get guns illegally, and a vast labyrinth of other measures. In a word, anarcho-tyranny.’

Anarcho-tyranny does not explain everything taking place in the West, but it is an excellent starting-point, and the paragraph quoted above will ring true to anyone who has followed events in Europe. Events, that is, which tend not to be covered in the mainstream media.

We see this at work today across Europe. Rape a woman in Sweden as an immigrant, and the legal administration will contort itself to keep you from prison or deportation. Post a Tweet questioning the benefits of immigration, and you may be investigated by the police. A man can sexually molest a woman, or any number of women, and his culture will operate as a Get Out of Jail Free card. Leave a bacon sandwich outside a mosque, and you may die in jail.

Surveillance is a key element of anarcho-tyranny, but it is not those you might expect who are the target of surveillance. And the usual suspects in the media rush to defend it. Thus, after the Westminster Bridge atrocity, we read Max Hastings in The Daily Mail informing us that having our telephones tapped is good for us because it is a necessary part of anti-terrorist intelligence work. But you can’t stop a terrorist who is not stupid enough to broadcast his intentions over the phone. Meanwhile, yours is still being tapped. And you would be well advised to mind what you say concerning the likely religion of such a terrorist.

The political facilitator of anarcho-tyranny, its first cause, is the importation of dysfunction. Islam fits the bill perfectly here. Importing tens of thousands of Buddhists or Seventh-Day Adventists just would not have the desired effect. What the elites needed was tens of thousands of angry, testosterone-fuelled young men, greedy for Western freedoms and easily riled when these do not measure up to what they have told to expect. In a sense, and I use the phrase knowing its relevance to UK Islam, Europe has been grooming Islam for years for its current role.

The next phase of the long game the elites are playing, using us as pawns, is to use the imported dysfunction to goad the indigenous populace. This is so obviously in operation it scarcely needs pointing out. In almost every conflict of interests in the UK, for example, in which the demands of Muslims come up against the customs and preferences of British people, it is Muslims who gain concessions. This has nothing to do with making our new guests feel at home, or even helping them to assimilate, and everything to do with pushing a section of British society to a point of intolerance. And then the state will pounce.

Anarcho-tyranny is here to stay. This is a war, and you would do well to recognise the enemy combatants. Its shock troops are the police and the increasingly violent Antifa, two sides of the same coin. Its foot-soldiers are the Somalians lurking in your local shopping centre. Its commanders are the British version of the American deep state. And its target, gentle reader, is you.

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