Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Who killed PC Keith Palmer?

The London funeral of PC Keith Palmer, an officer knifed to death by a psychotic Muslim outside the UK Parliament, was on the lavish scale of a state occasion. Hundreds, even thousands, of fellow officers lined the streets. There were motorcycle escorts. His body was laid to rest at Southwark cathedral. It was supposed to be a poignant spectacle to inform the little people that the important thing is not Islamic terrorism, but love and compassion. I imagine it cost a lot of money. The expense incurred could, however, have been spared for the outlay of a single loaded gun, for PC Palmer was unarmed when he died.

An interesting Tweet surfaced on Twitter from an ex-policeman yesterday. I won’t identify the gentleman, because he may be breaking some security protocol or other, but he claimed that PC Palmer’s detail was at one time an armed one, but that his gun had been taken away as some MPs found the presence of guns at Westminster to be ‘oppressive’.

Armed policemen have been seen in the UK at cathedrals and shopping centres, airports and sports events. This, of course, is only oppressive to the little folk, and as a large part of the aim of contemporary government is to do just that, it presents no problem whatsoever for the elites. Do you feel slightly scared when you are out shopping with your young family? Then all is as is should be.

But Westminster is different, for it brings in tourists in numbers that cathedrals do not. Even though it would seem appropriate to have the centre of UK politics protected by armed officers, it has been suggested that this distasteful presence might deter the Japanese and their cameras.

As I have written before, Twitter is not simply a finger-pointing, fake news-riddled, spat-based frat-house. It is a democratic enabler too, a leveller the like of which the little people have not had before and may not have for long. I note that the prediction of its demise is viewed gleefully by the media. They don’t really like anything which gives the pygmies a voice. As far as MPs are concerned - and the media are simply courtiers to politicians - we are supposed to listen to them, not to talk back.

Andre Walker is a New York journalist and UK-based lobby correspondent. I put it to him, via Twitter, that he might be in the perfect position to verify, or otherwise, the claim made by the ex-policeman. Mr. Walker kindly directed me to his piece in the Observer here.

The feature is informative in many ways, and worth your time. He also has a piece here on the connection between immigration and terrorism. (And I did predict that journalists would begin to question the norms concerning Islam, but it would just take longer than the Alt. Right and the dissident ‘net). Mr. Walker also informed me that he was ‘Trying to work out who left Palmer unarmed and unsupported but it is not yet clear and may never be clear.’

If MPs, or an MP, were the instigators of the disarming of PC Palmer, then they effectively killed him. It would be very interesting to know which MPs were involved, if any. Were any of them Muslim, for example? Much work goes into protecting Brand Islam, and the associations people might make if they see armed police may lead to unacceptable dot-joining and wrongthink.

Of course, the British state also killed PC Palmer long before his actual death. Khalid Masood, the Mohammedan who committed the hate crime – to use the trendy vernacular appropriately for once – had several convictions for knife felonies. Several convictions. Do you remember that ‘three strikes’ nonsense under Blair? A knife means life? All that? If I had several convictions for knife felonies, and found myself at liberty, I would assume that the British judicial system was either mad or bad. Certainly, for the career violent criminal, it is not dangerous to know.

Now, of course, security at Parliament and other key locations has been ‘beefed up’, if militant vegetarians have not have that phrase banned to protect their safe space. But PC Palmer is still dead, and he always will be. And all for the great god of tourism.

What do the elites think will happen to tourism when every London street has barriers and tank traps, when you are patted down airport-style at the London Eye, when there are armed soldiers outside every café and bar, as I saw in Paris? Talking of Paris, would you want to see the Eiffel Tower now that it has an eight-foot glass wall around it? Me neither.

And, of course, quite apart from violent Muslim attacks, there are other problems for tourism brought about by British Islam. There seems to be some Muslim demonstration every week in London now, with all the extra policing costs Islam invariably brings in its wake. And the Islamic killer was, we are assured, one of many the authorities are trying simultaneously both to appease and keep at bay. I had no idea there could be a pack of lone wolves.

Guns outside the mother of all parliaments may be ‘oppressive’, but they are not as oppressive as being dead. PC Keith Palmer was killed by complicity, complicity between the UK political elite, the Pansy Left with their distaste for guns, the incompetence and acquiescence of the Metropolitan police and, of course, our old friend Islam.

He never stood a chance.

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