Friday, 10 March 2017


Well, it's time for a bit of re-branding, something both my readers will think long overdue. I have been attempting to cobble together essays for a few years now, and it is time consuming. Furthermore and added to which, my pirate version of Word has just decided to up sticks and leave. Here in Central America, it may be some time before I can get a bona fide version.
Postcards from Traumaville, lately Escape from Traumaville, was always intended partly for my own pleasure, partly to express political dissent without the tiresome prop of anonymity, and partly to allow my political thought and beliefs to evolve. I achieved all these aims, and now it is time to change the format to smaller entries, written more often.
I don't pretend to understand the modern world fully, but I have an idea of where it is going, at least I believe I have. Viewed through the dark glass of the media, it is actually clear to me that we are in a type of looking-glass world, where the truth is usually the opposite to the media's portrayal.
Totalitarianism is coming, that much seems certain. The EU is a totalitarian project, and globalisation has gone from being a catchy advert for worldwide free trade to being the secret aim of the elites. Who needs the Illuminati or The Elders of Zion when you have this crowd in power?
The Left, of course, actively pursue totalitarianism. Why would you worry about threats to freedom of speech when yours will remain free? It is not speech, or writing, that is being threatened, merely what one German politician recently called 'wrong opinion.''
The internet, in its current and relatively Libertarian version, may well not be around very long. When creatures such as Obama start talking about 'curating' truth, you know that things are going to be changing. Politicians in the UK, even a decade or so ago, used to love talking about how internet-savvy they were. The worldwide web. It had such a global, egalitarian ring to it. Now the political class rarely advertises the 'net, and you find it being subtly demonised. This is why, for example, you read about the latest murderous Mohammedan being 'radicalized online', never by, say, reading the Koran. The political elites don't mind you using the net for shopping, sportsball and porn, or their tiresome pre-fabricated press releases, but they don't want you to use it to educate yourself.
Anyway, Traumaville really will be postcards from now on. I am planning a book on anarcho-tyranny, which I hope to write when the rainy season arrives here in September.
The political landscape, which I thought may experience a joyous new dawn with Brexit and Trump, has in fact become profoundly depressing for Right-wing people such as myself. The Left has come out of its cave, all horns and scales, and it is just too powerful for the people I would champion - aka the people - and it is too pervasive, even if it is unrepresentative of the worldview of the little people. This is one of the reasons the little people are being, democratically speaking, dispossessed.
So, postcards it is. Traumaville Wish you weren't here?

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  1. Good luck with the book, Mark.

    Open Office has a good word processor, very similar to an older Word, and can be downloaded and running in minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. Course, you may know that already.