Monday, 20 March 2017


The Netherlands recently held a referendum on whether they wished for more Islam or less. They chose more. Prime Minister Rutte was able to use the tried and trusted political stratagem of triangulation to maintain power, using the presence of Geert Wilders to enable him to lie about taking a tougher stance on immigration and, now that he has won, it will be business as usual. Muslims across Europe will be hard put to control their mirth.

I don’t agree with everything Wilders says. He wants to ban the Koran, for example. Once you start banning books, you are on a very slippery slope at the end of which is full, Soviet-style censorship. The Koran is a dull read, certainly, but that is no reason to disallow its publication. Better to let everyone read it in order to understand that it is not a very good book.

Whether or not Wilders’ own tome, Marked for Death, is any good is not a subject on which I am able to comment, never having read it. It is not available in translation on Amazon – does no one speak both Dutch and English? Wilders does – and even years ago when I naively believed the famous London bookshop Foyles could and would order any book for you, I got a glare of outright animosity from the sales assistant I spoke to about the book.

But Wilders is right in essence. There is no ‘radical Islam’. Islam is radical in and of itself. The media lie that a few hotheads have somehow hijacked Islam and used their own perverse version to justify slaughter and carnage is fallacious, as all lies are and must be. We are not and should not be at war with some abstraction called ‘radical Islam’. We are and should be at war with Islam. During World War 2, we were not at war with the Nazis, we were at war with Germany, whose ruling party were the Nazis. So it is with Islam.

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