Friday, 24 March 2017


Islamist terrorism is a great sales pitch, but I’m not buying. The script is too good, the actors too polished, the lines too obviously rehearsed. Also, the plot has some serious flaws.
The UK ‘intelligence services’ insist that there are thousands of potential jihadis in Britain. They could strike at any time and vigilance is vital along with, of course, massive surveillance.
When one does finally attack on Westminster bridge, it takes him weeks of preparation, maps, synchronisation with a web of accomplices, and an intricately wired explosive device. Oh, wait. No, it doesn’t. It takes a rental car.
This is a point I have made before. If I returned to England tomorrow and sauntered down to an ATM for a few grand, I could have a couple of guns and ammunition by the end of the week. I know how to do that and which contacts would set the ball rolling. Once tooled up, I could pop along to a shopping centre of my choice on a busy Saturday and I bet I could get a kill list in double figures before I got mine. Are the UK intelligence people really trying to tell me these crazed and covert jihadis couldn’t do the same? Or would it be patiently explained to me that this is just white privilege in action?
A car, of course, is easier to obtain than a gun. It would count me out of martyrdom as I don’t drive but, again, am I really expected to believe that these psychotics would not strike every hour of the day and every day of the week if authorised?
And authorization may be the key to what stinks about the Westminster attack. Islamic attacks in the UK are starting to look very apportioned. One every now and again just to keep people afraid and allow the media to froth about diversity being strength and the danger of the far-Right. The police get more powers. Politicians get to preen their moral feathers. And the little people come incrementally under government control. And, of course, the maternity wards of inner-city hospitals increasingly reverberate with the cries of new-born Muslim babies. The frog slowly boils but will not leave the pan.
It is quite possible that there is an Islamic chain of command working in collusion with the British version of the state. I can quite easily see London’s mayor signing this one off and telling the boys to take it easy for a few months. This is how anarcho-tyranny works.

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