Saturday, 11 March 2017


The supporters of English rugby have been criticised for singing 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' as the unofficial anthem of the English team. There has been some convoluted reason given by the Pansy Left media, a reason connected with slavery and colonialism, as most Leftist arguments are this year. Curiously, I thought the mis-named Jerusalem - actually a section from the long Blake poem Milton - was the alternative national anthem for rugby. The Lefties will doubtless come for Blake soon.
The Left like nothing more than to patronise black people in order to continue to gain political beach-heads and redoubts. They don't actually like black people, just the ones who act like white people and the ones who are a bit naughty and produce a sort of erotic yearning in some white men and women. Rappers and what have you.
There is no point whatsoever in your looking at the history of this song. It is not the cultural phenomenon being banned that concerns and exercises the modern Left. It is the banning itself and, more, the act of banning.
Whatever we call the contemporary Left, their aims and desires reduce to control. Each and every day, there will be another small incursion into what white people can and can't do, say, sing, wear and so on.
They will be coming for something you like to do, and soon.

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