Thursday, 2 February 2017


You have white privilege!!!!


Blacks nourish and take pride in an intense, combative racial consciousness. It is only a matter of time before this gives rise to an explicitly white racial consciousness.

Jared Taylor, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century

This ain’t rock ‘n’ roll. This is genocide.

David Bowie, Diamond Dogs

Following on from the thread of my last postcard, in a piece of continuity that is – as you have correctly noted – brilliant, I’m beginning to wonder whether the decline and fall of the West 2.0 is not only developing into a wonderful piece of theatre, but also, if that is the case, whether we would not be best advised to take our seats and adjust our opera glasses. The chorus of aggrieved women alone who are having what must, clinically, be described as breakdowns, would serve as the Bacchae, and you can tattoo that on your arm, so true is it. But hysteria is not confined to the political Left…

The new kids on the block, the young Turks of the Alt Right, are getting themselves into a lather about ‘white genocide’. Now, I know what they mean. It does look an awful lot as though the elites are attempting to scrub the white man from the picture, in the same way as Stalin had his pre-Photoshop experts retouch photographs to remove images of non-people who had crossed Uncle Joe. And they are using the usual suspects in politics, academia and the bizarre fantasy worlds of social justice and feminism to do their dirty work for them. Academia is abuzz with Ice Whitey Studies and suchlike. White privilege is the flavor of the decade for the Left and blacks. There are talks, seminar courses, degree courses, articles and blog posts everywhere whose topic is how it is time to replace white folk with… well, with what?

White genocide is not happening, and for a number of reasons. Firstly, whites are not being slaughtered wholesale, which is the meaning of ‘genocide’ still, even in these times of shifting semantics. The West is not Zimbabwe or some other pissant ‘black-run’ failed country. The Armenians or Rwandans would have something to say about describing a few Liberal college professors and their gormless Leftist students, plus the chimpout brigade at Black Lives Matter, as carrying out genocide. Whatever happened to Black Lives Matter, incidentally? Did the basketball season start?

Secondly, who does anyone think will replace the white man following this supposed genocide? The black man? Good luck with that. And I am not sitting here writing this swathed in a bedsheet and wearing a cone-head. White supremacism is not something basement Nazis support at torchlit night parades. It is self-evident, like gravity. White men built history, and must now maintain it in the face of the many-headed hydra of Liberalism. This is partly what Trump signifies. The enemies of white men are not predominantly black men, or even Muslims, but other white men and, in particular, Liberal white women.

The answer is, I suspect, white secession and separatism. This is already happening in places like New Hampshire, but it is also happening on a natural scale with the phenomenon of white flight, wherein white people move away from where black people live and live somewhere where other white people live. Obama tried, naturally, to put a stop to this with his Affordable Housing Act, otherwise known as bussing in dysfunction, but hopefully Trump will have strangled that vine by now.

Liberals, who see racism in the very patterns of the air, view white flight as racist, as though trying to protect your family from what Paul Kersey calls ‘Black-run America’ were somehow reprehensible, but as a phenomenon it will surely catch across Europe soon like a bush-fire. Germans are already beginning to move to Hungary. Eastern Europe seems the only sane white portion of the globe left. Liberals do not find themselves quite as popular in Estonian universities as they do at Berkeley.

The white man’s burden never went away, it just changed its clothing to something more ridiculous and began speaking in ebonics and hipster slang. I wish I could find the essay from a collection recounting white teachers’ experiences in predominantly black high schools. At one point, a white woman teacher asks a particularly exasperating black ‘student’ what he thought would happen if whites left town and left blacks to their own devices. The kid smirked and replied; We screwed. But if white flight becomes white fight, the black/Liberal alliance may be screwed in more ways than one. Again, I am not cheerleading. But a friend of mine and I agreed a decade ago that, if genuine Conservatives did not begin having mature debate about immigration, black dysfunction, Islam and radical Leftism, the nutters would eventually kick-start the debate themselves, with a strong emphasis on the kicking. Then white flight may become the least of Liberal snowflakes’ concerns…

Speaking of white flight, you may be aware that Richard Spencer, self-styled ‘leader of the Alt Right’, was punched in the face by an ‘Antifa’ last week. You may even have seen the video. It was described as a ‘sucker punch’, but it wasn’t. A sucker punch is one that is set up, like Reggie Kray’s ‘cigarette punch’. Spencer was just assaulted by an assailant who then ran away. Spencer himself walked away, rather sensibly and undramatically. For how much longer will white people walk away from black and white Liberal provocation? To dust off one of my favourite quotes – surprisingly from the otherwise useless John Major – concerning the response of an Englishman to having his foot stepped on. Step on my foot once, I’ll apologise. Step on my foot twice, I’ll apologise. Step on my foot a third time, I’ll knock you down.

If whites, by whom I mean at the moment the organised Right, but whose numbers will swell if a depression hits, decide they have had their feet stepped on for a third time, it will be worth pulling up a deckchair, cracking a cold one, and watching the show. This ain’t white genocide, this is rock ‘n’ roll.

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