Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Soros and Davros. Separated at birth?

The time is out of joint…

Shakespeare, Hamlet

You would think such a day would tremble to begin…

Thomas Harris, Hannibal

Anarcho-tyranny is a program which, if it doesn’t actually exist, behaves exactly as though it does. This may be a clumsy attempt to reduce the strategies involved, but here is a suggested ten-point plan by which the elites, in conjunction with their useful idiots on the Left, promote anarcho-tyranny in the West:

·        Import and maintain dysfunction.

·        Goad the indigenous populace.

·        Weaken educational standards.

·        Weaponise culture.

·        Subvert the function of the police.

·        Normalise the denial of biological fact.

·        Massively boost management.

·        Maximise surveillance.

·        Control the media.

·        Deny all of the above.

These are in no particular order, although some are more obviously connected than others. The connections are just as important as the points taken separately. As Aristotle wrote in the Metaphysics, the wise man sees cause and effect. A brief overview of each point, then.

Import and maintain dysfunction. This is happening most obviously in Europe. Muslims, in particular from the Maghreb, are being shipped into Western Europe in an obvious ploy to destabilise the indigenous culture. With African populations about to starburst, there is no theoretical upper limit to the invasion. Muslims are perfect for the elites, as their culture – Islam – is utterly inimical to what remain of Western values. Immediate friction will therefore result. This connects the importing of dysfunction directly with the second category below.

As for the maintenance of dysfunction, this is achieved by hyper-complication. The massive growth in Tolley’s Tax Guide under UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a perfect example of this. Hyper-complication also functions through needless regulation, excessive bureaucracy and, as we shall see below, a totally unwarranted expansion of management, particularly in the public sector.

Goad the indigenous population. This is done in a number of ways. Fear of bombing, stabbings, vehicular attack and general anti-social behaviour keeps the populace frightened and wary, as well as questioning what they have done to deserve this. Islam is the ideal tool for this approach to anarcho-tyranny. Taxi drivers who refuse to take guide dogs, supermarket assistants who refuse to sell pork or alcohol, preferential treatment for Muslims requiring healthcare, welfare and education are all tried and trusted ways to irritate the host peoples. The ongoing war on Christmas, enforced school visits to mosques on pain of a racism record for refusal to attend, special dispensations at swimming pools and preferential employment opportunities are some of many expedients. A tension is built up between immigrants and natives, and this is further exacerbated by vastly differing custodial and judicial attitudes to immigrant crime.

Weaken educational standards. This is one of those statements one takes to be self-evident. Education has been possibly the most socially engineered area of society in my lifetime, certainly in the UK. The role of the family and home life in teaching behaviour and accepted social norms has now been taken over to disastrous effect by politicised schools, while education of genuine worth has been constantly downgraded at the same time as grades have been artificially upgraded. Parents who attempt to make up this educative deficiency by home-schooling have many obstacles placed in their way. Home-schooling is illegal in Germany. With higher education, the ethnic cleansing of the syllabus and curriculum ensures that political correctness dominates instead of genuine study. Also, the recent emphasis on a university as an ideological environment rather than a place of learning distracts students from the onerous task of actually studying. Finally, the replacement of the classical disciplines – again, likely because of the implicit links to white races – has led to the introduction of largely meaningless degrees requiring nothing other than pre-conceived ideas and strong and unswerving opinion.

Weaponise culture. It is a well-known fact that if a person has any affiliations not approved by the political Left, they will not at any point be working for the BBC or many British newspapers, and will indeed find it difficult to get any work at all in the culture industries. As for programming, we have recently seen a suggestion that awards are withheld from productions that do not feature sufficiently multicultural casts, a transsexual storyline in one of Britain’s dreadful soap operas, and the usual gaggle of distressed and petulant actors hooting and braying about Donald Trump. Culture in the UK is a weapon of the state, and television is its avatar. Television teaches you two things. Firstly, it teaches you how to watch television. It informs you of the little mental flips you need to perform to tell an advert from a drama from the news. Secondly, it teaches you that you should and ought to watch television. To do otherwise can leave time one one’s hands, and the devil makes work for idle hands…

Subvert the function of the police. This is complex but essential to anarcho-tyranny, as the police are the provisional wing of elite power. The police will arrest, broadly speaking, who they are told to arrest by Downing Street, and the operatives selecting the targets are driven by political agendas. It is now, surely, common knowledge to all but the ignorant and the Left – who are wilfully ignorant – that Western policing is increasingly concerning itself with non-violent crime, and spending more time trawling social media for thought crime and what a German Minister called ‘wrong opinion’ than in attempting to shut down injurious acts. Rainbow-coloured police cars to encourage the reporting of LGBT-phobic crime. Policemen standing with a Muslim, grinning inanely and making the one-fingered ISIS sign. An advert by West Yorkshire Police for recruits featuring a Muslima in a hijab. All of these are essential to the dismantling of police authority.

As an example of how policing has been stymied, the regimen of the average rookie police officer is summed up by a pseudonymous policeman – PC David Copperfield – in his book Wasting Police Time;

“The signs were there on my first day at training school. I joined the job in my late 20s, a married man with a mortgage to pay and several years working in industry behind me. I finished on the Friday afternoon and turned up at police headquarters on the following Monday morning wearing my old work boots and with the oil and dirt from the factory still ingrained in my hands.

Three days later, we were still talking about prejudice and discrimination; burglars had to wait while we set about changing the racist, homophobic and male-dominated world in which we lived… Nobody seemed very interested in telling us how to investigate crimes, or about the actual criminals themselves.” (Location 396)

The justice secretary at the time – I forget his name, but they are all interchangeable – at first called the book as fictional as Dickens, then was forced to row back and admit its accuracy.

Normalise the denial of biological fact. By encouraging even young children to question their biological gender, more confusion and distraction are sown throughout society. Transgender toilets are a novel element in the goading of the populace noted above. There now supposedly dozens of genders, and people can also ‘self-identify’ as being a different colour from that which they actually are. You can even be ‘Otherkin’, a phrase I urge you to look up if your mood is in need of a lift. Note that the elites use the fact that the Left see absolutely no argument against taking a position simply because that position cannot be, cannot exist anywhere in the world. Truth, objectivity and the realm of facts are all moveable feasts to Progressives, malleable and available for use in the war of rage against ordinary people.

Massively boost management. This move works in conjunction with the maintenance of hyper-bureaucratic dysfunction requiring ever-more government. Modern British management bases its practice on fixed, static models rather than organic growth of natural talent. It specialises in demanding that non-management underlings duplicate their workload by echoing it in pointless reports. It is obsessed with useless training schemes poorly taught. In particular, it is obsessed with diversity training and, with new genders, cultures and immigrants in plentiful supply, there will be no shortage of these non-courses. Management consultancy, in particular, is an effective ruse for preventing efficiency. I worked with a board of directors all of whom were consultants. One of them described his job as ‘training people to get through interviews’. What is wrong with simply being interviewed, without having been primed in such a way that the interviewer has no idea of your genuine range of ability? Management comes in the guise of efficiency and expertise. Beneath this disguise is the crippling of talent, the complication of simple process, and the sheer wasting of time which could be more usefully employed.

Maximise surveillance. Surveillance is, of course, not at Orwellian proportions quite yet, but the big difference is that, in Orwell’s prophetic novel, everyone is under genuine surveillance. That is not really the case in the West, where terrorists can often strike after having been on intelligence radars for some time, while those with problematic opinions expressed on social media may not escape so easily. What a German minister recently called ‘wrong opinion’ is more to the taste of the police now than chasing down boys with knives. It is, of course, a lot easier to arrest and intimidate white middle-class people who have a bone to pick with immigration policy than it is to tangle with feuding Armenian and Turkish gangs in Wood Green.

Control the media. To control the media, it is not necessary to own it. But the parameters of what can be reported and what can be said about what is reported should be strictly controlled and regulated to ensure that no dissident journalism makes it into the MSM. So we discover now that David Cameron attempted to have Paul Dacre of The Daily Mail fired from his job for having too strong a tone in favour of Brexit. The Leftist-Progressive-Globalist bias of the BBC scarcely needs to be pointed out, but even supposedly Right-of-centre outlets push the same agenda, albeit in a ‘soft’ way. This relates to the ‘soft despotism’ of de Toqueville, under which the populace is being controlled but is not aware of the control. Orwell’s 1984 is, of course, a key text to understanding thought control of the masses.

Deny all of the above. In particular, go after those who point out the Emperor’s lack of attire on social media. The bosses of Facebook, Twitter and so on will help you, because you have made them feel they are playing at the heart of the geo-political game. Denial is also part of the new Great Game, like those card games in which one is forced to lie – and always rather enjoys it – in order to win the hand. And it bears pointing out that we are only playing dummy hands at the moment. I don’t believe the competition has started yet.

Anarcho-tyranny can only work in a society whose members have been duly prepared. Citizens should be atomised and left with no transcendent cultural options. They must be de-educated, so that even the common sense which is the birth-right of all is replaced with anti-natural – and mostly anti-white – propaganda, misinformation intended to ward off the possibility, which governments dread, that citizens may, for example, use the internet to educate themselves. The paths to wisdom must be closed down and, once they are, anarcho-tyranny looks not so much like the machinations of a totalitarian despot, but the benevolent helping hand of a caring state.

It must, of course, be phenomenally enjoyable to be able to play this kind of game for the rich, powerful, and the connected. The model of playing God is not apt. It is more like an assemblage of the Ancient Greek gods, constantly deceiving one another and men – and women. Yes, I’m looking at you, Leda – in their pursuit of order from chaos. And, just as we still read the Greek drama, history and philosophy in which these Greek gods play their cosmic and often malevolent sports games, so too we enjoy it. We like the anarchy, the reckless use of power, the shape-shifting. As for the contemporary version,  I’m actually starting to enjoy it myself.


  1. Nobody ever seems to comment on your blog so here is one.I enjoy reading it ,it is a good blog ,keep on blogging.The Soros/Davros comparison was very clever.Your take on the modern world is very good.The late Roman Empire only with more sophisticated technology.Even the trans gender thing is basically turning boys into eunuchs and catamites for the wealthy which is what they did back then too.

  2. There's trizillion comments...we just write them in invisible ink to escape the thought-polis...