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All Rhodes lead to this

It is odd that American education, which has traditionally been perceived as pragmatic and utilitarian – sometimes to a fault – now considers a pristine environment to be a high-priority goal. One often hears that the problem with the younger generation is that ‘it has not read the minutes of the last meeting,’ meaning it has no real sense of history. I suspect students would benefit from a greater knowledge of history, but they would benefit at least as much from a balanced interpretation of contemporary affairs and from a pedagogical approach less laden with moralistic pronouncements.

Herbert I. London, Why Are They Lying to Our Children? (Published in 1984)

As E D Hirsch says, Romantic anti-intellectualism is a luxury of the merchant class that the poor cannot afford. ‘The unfairness of an anti-bookish… approach lies in its assumption that knowledge can be equally withheld from the children of merchants and the children of peasants to achieve the same results’, he writes.

Toby Young, Prisoners of the Blob: Why Most Education Experts are Wrong About Nearly Everything

Western education is moving quickly, but its destination has nothing to do with education in the genuine, real-worldly sense of the word. When Tony Blair made his famous 1997 speech promising that the priority of his government would be ‘Education! Education! Education!’, he was not lying. His and every other government since his have made UK education its priority, but not – as the young people say – in a nice way. In terms of Western education seen as a channel for the wisdom of ages to flow into the new wine vessels of the young and impressionable, something wicked this way comes. I am sorry for the mixed metaphor followed by a Shakespeare quote, but sorrier still for the coming generations who will not know what these sentences mean.

That the Left both control education and have used its debasement at their hands to further their globalist, multiculturalist agenda is not now seriously in doubt to any but the Left themselves, and their curious secular version of taqiyya, the Koranic injunction allowing Muslims to lie for the cause of Islam. Curiously, taqiyya is Shia in origin, and Leftists tend to prefer Sunni Muslims, who hate the white West more than their post-schism co-religionists. But the Left controls education, and it does not want your children to grow up smart. It can even be argued that the Left don’t want your children to grow up at all.

Two features seem to collaborate to illustrate the importance the Left place on education and the necessity of putting a halt to it. The first I saw in Breitbart, and as such it amplifies a statement made by some Leftist halfwit into a national scandal, but it happened none the less, else Breitbart would be in the courts. The second I was dimly aware of, having written about the phenomenon which has just hit London when it was still in its American imago, 18 or so months ago.

Exhibit A, me learned friends, which makes you a threatened species. As noted, this is from a Breitbart article, but Breitbart are irritating the Pansy Left because they keep publishing things that they can’t be sued for, which is how we define the truth nowadays. This is from an article in possibly the UK’s most respected education publication;

‘“Lies” were responsible for the electoral success of Donald Trump and Brexit, and the role of teachers is to push students towards “progressive rebellion”, according to a piece in this week’s TES.

Writing in the weekly magazine for educators, which was formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement, Oliver Beach called victories for populism at the ballot box last year “frightening” and said teachers must counter the “post-truth” climate from which he claims they resulted.’

‘Post-truth’ is, philosophically speaking, a fascinating concept, and we will return to it at a later date. I assume that, if you are reading this and are not a British police officer, then the above needs no explanation or, as the young people say, ‘deconstruction’.

Of course, intellectually speaking, this man is a spastic, and I use the word advisedly in its Ancient Greek meaning, from spasmos, meaning ‘to shake uncontrollably’. This is, as we know, symptomatic of the Left. They consider a storm of inchoate rage to be some sort of noble neo-Romantic rebellion, instead of the mewling and puking of intellectual underachievers it actually is. Of course, Oliver Beach is stuffed to the gills with the milk of white hatred;

‘The world “[doesn’t] need more Donald Trumps, Nigel Farages or Marine Le Pens”, the former educator wrote. Instead, he concludes, teachers should prime children to become “Martin Luther Kings, Harvey Milks and Rosa Parks”.’

No more white politicians, thank you very much, we need a new generation of blacks and homosexuals. We wish our young people to aspire to thesis plagiarism, screwing white whores and calling it ‘fucking for god’, having promiscuous sex that does not run the risk of leading to unwanted white babies, and being able to sit down on a bus. If you have children in school, remember that Oliver Beach is waiting at the gate.

By the time your little intellectually denuded bearers of the standard of white guilt reach the university – or ‘uni’, as they will henceforth call it – they will encounter a more sophisticated version of the aggressive indoctrination championed by the TES. The difference will be that they will now be running things, the little Rosa Parks and Harvey Milks. And future Deans, if any can be found, had better beware. If your charges are not happy with their environment, out the door you will go.

The Higher Education and Research Bill reaches committee stage at The House of Lords on Monday. Now, the Lords used to be an effective system of checks and balances before it was stuffed with Blair and Cameron’s cronies and donors. Who knows what they will do, and why? But if they fail to defeat this piece of vain jugglery and humbug, the effect will be disastrous for what remains of the university system as a centre for free thinking and enquiry.

Effectively, student satisfaction would become the gold standard by which a university receives its fundings. That means that instead of a professional, objective analysis of the intellectual well-being of a university, the future of UK higher education will be placed in the hands off millennial snowflakes, pathetic, stunted creatures frightened to think and censorious of those who do. We have all seen the shrieking harpies – and they are mostly women – haranguing their elders and betters over their perceived shortcomings, faults woven from the whole cloth of delusion and fake history, and decorated at the margins with neo-Rousseauist worship of non-whites and their culture. They will be running the show if this bill passes.

The globalist, Progressivist, multiculturalist, anti-white Left has long been trying to cripple education. The over-arching impetus is that if different strands of history have combined to produce the white man as history’s victor, then that history is at fault and must be replaced by a new narrative. Add to this the false academic boosting of non-whites – except for Asians and some Muslims – and you have a brave new world that has no smart white folk in it to spoil utopia.

One day in the future, a degree will not be the requirement for employment. The workplace and its overlords will wise up. Firstly, this will be because employers will have no use for experts on patriarchal narrative who won’t do any work until they feel safe in their environment. And I’m not talking about hard hats and goggles and high-visibility jackets. I’m talking about micro-aggressions, perceived slights – which will include any criticism – delusional sexual harassment, gender neutral toilets, appropriate language and a whole panoply of time-wasting distractions that will not get things done. Secondly, employers will look to those who are capable, and that is those who are the autodidacts, those who have taught themselves. I’m going to deal with self-education at greater length (Traumavillians gasp in delight and appreciation, and both hug one another) so we’ll leave it there. But for now it is enough to say that education is becoming ever-more worthless as the parameters of what can be taught shrink and contract. How long before that stream of ignorance finds its way into the wider waters of the real world?

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