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In the end, it is not the “Clash of Civilisations” that we must fear, but the collapse of the social and political system following the implosion of our financial, economic, and monetary mechanisms.

Piero San Giorgio, Survive the Economic Collapse

The good news is that only in such a catastrophic situation, with their backs against the wall, will Europeans think the ‘unthinkable’ and take those measures that in ordinary circumstances would be inconceivable. System collapse, ethnic civil war, and social breakdown – dire as these catastrophes will be – are the sole means by which Europeans will be forced to act. ‘To construct a new home,’ Faye argues in Why We Fight, ‘it’s necessary that the old one collapse.’

Michael O’Meara, Guillaume Faye and the Battle of Europe

Old hands here, the few veterans of Traumaville, will know that it is my firm belief that The Overload is coming. The Overload will be a comprehensive financial and social collapse across Europe and the north Americas. Preppers may yet turn out to be the modern-day equivalent of guru-followers huddled on a mountainside waiting for the Rapture while their leader prepares his story in case it doesn’t happen, but I believe it will. It will not seem like collapse, because the media – now proven to be the enemy – will attempt to pass it off as a series of localised problems which can be fixed by their beloved Big Government. But it won’t be, and round-the-clock celebrity TV, sportsball, ethnic quota drama and fake news will not disguise what is coming. But what will happen between now and The Overload? What will happen – what is already happening - will be, I think, anarcho-tyranny.

Anarcho-tyranny as a concept is attributed to Samuel T. Francis, and was news to me until a couple of months ago. Now, this is the age of Wiki-journalism, and the MSM is apparently full of erudition and knowledge about various topics and people simply harvested from the internet. With this in mind, I’ll skip the potted biog of the Conservative ex-journalist Taylor - you can do that - and we’ll dive in at the deep end with a representative sample of his thinking;

“What we have in this country today, then, is both anarchy (the failure of the state to enforce the laws) and, at the same time, tyranny – the enforcement of laws by the state for oppressive purposes; the criminalisation of the law-abiding and innocent through exorbitant taxation, bureaucratic regulation, the invasion of privacy, and the engineering of social institutions, such as the family and local schools; the imposition of thought control through 'sensitivity training' and multiculturalist curricula, 'hate crime' laws, gun-control laws that punish or disarm otherwise law-abiding citizens but have no impact on violent criminals who get guns illegally, and a vast labyrinth of other measures. In a word, anarcho-tyranny.”

Once you realise that the chaos bedevilling Europe is not the result of government incompetence or a misplaced and unrealistic humanitarianism, but a coolly logical program of instituted dysfunction, a fully intended consequence, then anarcho-tyranny becomes a master-key to the future of the West. These are formative notes, to be expanded in future postcards from Traumaville – a true anarcho-tyrannical state - but it seems to me that there are broad strategies featured which go some way to defining anarcho-tyranny as it is being practiced in the West. This, then, is the skeleton of the anarcho-tyrannist’s playbook:

·        Import dysfunction. And if it is dysfunction you want, Islam’s your man. This is not simply because of the demonstrably inimical attitudes, beliefs and practices Islam as a whole maintains regarding the West, but also because to import Islam is also to import its various internecine squabbles. The importation – among many potential beneficial citizens - of tens of thousands of violent, anti-Western, extremist, criminal young men is intended to disrupt and fracture the society into which they are introduced.

·        Goad the indigenous populace. This is being done in many ways in Europe. The forced relocation of hundreds of migrants in previously ethnically representative areas. Disproportionate judicial sentencing for migrant criminals compared with indigenous criminals, especially those involved in anti-migrant ‘hate crime’. The Islamisation of the education of schoolchildren. Special dispensation for Muslims: Segregated swimming at public baths, removal of nativity scenes, cultural dominance in the workplace, allowing visible signals such as the burka etc. The elites’ only surprise must be that the natives are not more restless than they are.

·        Weaken educational standards. This has been going on for far longer than any ‘migrant crisis’. The subversion of Western education is demonstrable, as classical subjects and teaching methods are rejected as ethnocentric, and faddish and ephemeral replacements are approved both as politically correct, identitarian improvements, and intellectually worthless. A well-educated populace is far more difficult to anarcho-tyrannise.

·        Weaponise culture. This is the adult cognate of the above. Culture must be altered from being the celebration of the artistic and intellectual achievements taken from the history of the white ethnies, and replaced with a comprehensive trash culture. Cultural relativism, a sub-set of the cultural Marxism born out of the Frankfurt School, will ensure that it is emphasised that Jay-Z is as valid artistically as Bach, Tracy Emin as Turner, and J K Rowling as Conrad. Television must be used to promote miscegenation, diversity and lack of – and therefore desirability of – social justice, as well as the new psycho-sexual bizarreries described below. Television must also be used to divert the citizens from world affairs. Do not study Iran. Instead, become exercised – as we in the media are – over a television presenter of a programme about motor-cars who has made a comment deemed homophobic. Culture, as a way of affecting men adversely and thereby weakening them, should and must also be feminised and homosexualised.

·        Stratify the police. This is a more complex operation, as two police forces are required. One will be neutered. They will be burdened with time-wasting paperwork, and set tasks concerned with hate speech on social media rather than burglary. They will be expert in the non-knowledge of diversity and racism, and utterly incapacitated in terms of response to real-world criminality. Their ability to prosecute will be severely curtailed, and this impotence will be boosted by the legal profession, which will be well-versed in the art of keeping its clients from prison, or even attending court. The second police force will be highly visible, and attired and armed in a way modelled on cartoons and movies such as Judge Dredd and Robocop. Their high visibility will not be to discourage terrorism or criminality, but to send a message to the law-abiding indigenous ethny that they are serving under new masters.

·        Normalise the denial of biological fact. The imposition of the whole LGBTQ ideology on the West has a central role. It creates a whole new slew of crimes, although it will be the indigenous ethny who will be persecuted rather than members of a culture for whom homophobia and misogyny are the norm. The introduction of sexually deviant and non-existent gender variants to schoolchildren will further aid the confusion and subversion of education noted above. Also, the homosexualisation of culture noted above will be normalised by early exposure to deviant strains of what is otherwise a perfectly healthy sexual state which just happens to prefer its own. By usurping biology from its throne as monarch of the human world and replacing it with an upstart anarch, the anarcho-tyrannist open up a world of distracting possibilities to lead the populace ever further from the truth. It must be enjoyable, too, for the elite plantation boss to have a policeman in a high position, who joined the police to right wrongs, spend his time ensuring transgender quotas in his riot squad, or ensuring that police policy reflects the needs of young men who self-identify as dragons.

·        Massively boost management. Management, as it exists in the contemporary West, is the biggest impediment to progress while masquerading as necessary and vital that the anarcho-tyrannist can use undetected. Most managers exist to produce workload rather than reduce or streamline it. Management is an exercise in coercing capable underlings into dissipating in work duplication, meaningless training, pointless formal exercises, endless meetings with no clear aim, a barrage of emails intended to further erode the work-day, and many other tricksy ploys intended both to foil the good worker and justify their own highly paid existence. The anarcho-tyrannist needs as much bad management as she can financially muster.

As my studies progress, I’ll try to round out this series of sketches. But for now, I believe it will do to study this phenomenon and, as I have said before, think twice before commenting on a feature on the net, or even writing your own. If you are tempted to begin a sentence dealing with Islam in Europe, for example, with the words ‘When will the government realise…’, ‘When will Merkel understand…’, ‘When will the politicians wake up…’, then think again. They realise. They understand. They are awake. It is you who sleep.

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